We draw up the route of the wedding walk

His city - its traditions. And each couple has their favorite and iconic place - a place of love, first date, first kiss, first confession ... For now the couple will look at the world and their city with new eyes - the eyes of love and happiness! And to fill every moment of it driven only symbolic meaning.

Tribute to ancestor worship - a very good tradition,which still adhered to our grandparents. Equally popular and historic centers - architectural monuments and urban sculptures, museums and theaters, embankments and bridges, parks and gardens ... Indescribable beauty, important to take into account the time of year and the weather, perhaps for the winter period provide several stops in enclosed spaces, for example, go a museum or an exhibition. You can agree in advance with the administration and, for example, ask to acquaint the entire company with a wedding ceremony in Russia. The main thing is not to do everything at the last moment.

Each pair itself is a script and photovideo sessions and wedding walk route. The main task - to turn it into a memorable and nothing on similar action. After all, it's your wedding, why should it be like someone!

If time permits, we can all fairnow go out of town, on nature. The issue of transport is now solved quite simply - if you want you can order and a bus or any other vehicle to the wedding. In any case a good idea to provide for themselves and snacks and drinks. And you can arrange a banquet on the spot.

The carriages, sleighs, trolleys, children's railways, and even trams - today everything is possible, and even a trip on the river hometown! ..

Wedding walk on air - on a helicopter orplane, parachute jump or dive into the water to the envy of the citizens and guests. Experiment! Surely the administration of parks and depots, museums and theaters will be happy to meet you and your wedding will walk in the city's history as the most original and unique!

Theatrical wedding walk, contests,gorgeous wedding type, in the course of the action, the search for happiness, or anything else that treasures movement landmark route via mini-puzzles or clues? Why not! ? Very romantic and true, especially when painting from before the banquet is very, very time consuming, and bored so you can insure. By the way, a very good option when both registration and feast scheduled for the evening. Then walk the route of the wedding, you can write a script abduction and bride price. The main thing - do not overdo it and do not get tired - in fact there is still a hike to the registry office for the official ceremony and the evening continued with congratulations guests.

Wonderful wedding walk ends at homenewlyweds, or rather his parents. Or at a restaurant or cafe threshold, where a feast is organized. Meet Suite, as it should be - a loaf, and on the evening is a different scenario, but this is a completely different story.

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