Children at the wedding: joy or unnecessary problems

When planning a wedding, the presence on itChildren should be very good to think about. Kids can get bored pretty quickly this adult holiday. Wedding - is one of those activities that children can not understand. Moreover, the presence of children at the wedding and restricts certain responsibility on the organizers. But at the same time, the fascination that emit charming young dancers, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Here are some simple tips that would help organize the children's part of the wedding ceremony in the right way.

First of all, it is important to correctly configure themselveschildren. Children can feel unwanted and abandoned. And that did not happen, they should instill that this day is so special, because they are present, because they are also very important for the holiday. Children also should clearly define their role in the celebration when they dance, where they can relax and have fun (just as they can entertain toastmaster), who rang the bell, etc.

Next is to take care of an adjacent banquetlounge room where parents could leave their children and go on to celebrate the holiday without undue anxiety. Children's room so it was a good idea to equip the tables with sweets. Various board games, video games, colorful books, coloring books, crayons - a mandatory attribute of any child's room. You can find someone who would perform the role of the nurse. Then the children could arrange various competitions, quizzes with prizes.

However, at the same time it is not necessary to give children loud and fragile toy. Failed exploded firecracker bursting balloon or can spoil a lot of nerves marking adult.

And no matter what, Children are flowers of lifeAnd once a beautiful flower or even a wedding is not spoiled.

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