Does the age of marriage?

One of the most discussed topics on wedding forums today is the theme: "When it comes to the ideal age for marriage?".

Now more and more young people are inclined towhat the best option is the so-called "civil marriage", which implies a life together to formalize the relationship. It gives you the opportunity to test himself in the role of a family man, compare multiple partners and ultimately choose the best option. But in this case to be feared, not to notice one of the only marriage which would bring you happiness and understanding.

In the past, the age of marriage in many waysIt determines the position of the future husband: if he achieved success in life, build a career, held as a person. Whereas in respect of the bride used entirely different standards. She was supposed to be innocent, fresh, look at the world with wide eyes and in all obey their elders. The average age of marriage of girls was 15-17 years. In this case, it is totally dependent on her husband. Unfortunately, most of such marriages can not be called happy. However, nowadays there are many supporters of this option.

In today's world there is no established framework for determining the average age of marriage. It is believed that each couple must make its decision on the conclusion of marriage.

  • So in 16-20 years easily and are serious decisionsactions. Girls and boys have not ponder the consequences of their actions. This is the age when love and lust is accepted by young people for the real sense. Of course, you need to check your feelings, try to determine their severity. But in these years we can conclude a marriage that will be your reliable bulwark in the rest of his life.
  • In 20-30 years the person evaluates himself more soberly. Basically, at this age he had already graduated and began to build his career. He has experience in dealing with different people. But this time of unlimited possibilities, and sometimes do not want to hamper the knot, and the duty to care for his wife and children.
  • A man over 30 years old has an excellent luggageknowledge and is well aware that what he wants from life. And it would seem that here it is, the ideal age for marriage. However, in the life of the people of this age it is difficult to compromise and adjust their lives to the desires of the partner. So it goes slowly getting used to another person.

What is it that we have not found the average age of marriage, which would be the ideal choice?

Far from it! Just meeting in the life of a single, order your favorite and most loved one - it is a miracle that can happen to us at any age. Conquer our hearts and minds, regardless of the number of years that we have lived, and from our experience in love affairs. It's a miracle that happened to us at a time that would be ideal for such a meeting. And no matter how much it would be your age, go boldly to meet his good fortune, love and be loved!

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