Wedding Season: when to get married

In addition to natural factors, there are plenty of things that can affect your holiday in every season.


Warmth, beauty and perfect weather - not for nothing is the most popular summer wedding season. Summer opens up opportunities newlyweds.


  • In this wedding season bride can appear in all its glory. Whichever model is chosen bride, whether open back, deep neckline, bared arms - in the summer you can safely experiment.
  • Wedding and celebration in the open air - what could be more romantic? This option is possible only in summer.
  • Summer wedding season is quite practical, as regards the festive table: lower prices of fruit will help to diversify your cocktail fruit platter.
  • Only in the summer you can enjoy your wedding a walk around the city, drowning in the greenery and freshness of parks and waterfronts.
  • Honeymoon in the summer wedding season will allow you to relax on the sea, or take a trip, accompanied by good weather.


  • Summer wedding season is so popularwishing to join the fate of the knot, because of the rise of prices of services and orders, it becomes difficult to find a suitable banquet hall, leading to the wedding or rent a limousine for hire.
  • All the memorable places of the city are full of the bride and groom.
  • This wedding season, more and beautiful holiday season, so those you plan to invite to the feast may be on vacation outside the city.


Deciding to combine in the fall, it is necessary to give preference to September or early October to late autumn is not presented on your holiday surprises in the form of rain and dampness.


  • Warm autumn before the bride, as well as in the summer, open opportunities in the choice of attire.
  • Declining prices for wedding services.
  • Ends holiday season and all of your loved ones will be fully assembled to attend the festival.


  • Late autumn season full of rain and slush. In addition, the end of October is already beginning to be cold.


Winter - the traditional wedding season in Russia. Fresh cold air, fabulously beautiful trees and parks covered with sparkling snow ...


  • Winter wedding season is not so popular as the summer, so all services are subject to a discount, and to the registrar no queue.
  • In winter, the showrooms are updated range of wedding dresses, discount model with fur capes, the bride is not froze during the walk.


  • Walking in a winter wedding season can bringa lot of trouble. If there will be a thaw, a beautiful winter landscape will turn into a kind of dirty snowbanks and slush: either you take a picture or take a stroll.
  • Due to the slippery roads, streets may be crowded, as the prospect of a few hours to stand in a traffic jam, late for his own signature, was not encouraging.
  • In the winter increases the risk of catching a cold.
  • On the flowers, fruits and vegetables sharp prices rise, and if the wedding will take place closer to the New Year, about discounts you can and do forget.


When choosing the spring wedding season as a time of your birth family, well worth weigh the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Price stability, the lack of excitement and queues in the registry office.
  • Walking among the reviving nature and the young fresh green city.


  • It will be difficult to consider wedding table menu, if there are those who hold fast among the invitees.
  • Collections dresses in bridal salons have not been updated between winter and summer.

Ultimately, what time of year you would choose as their wedding season, the main thing that you will fully feel comfortable and happy.

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