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According to most of his contemporaries, marriagesThey are just in heaven, under the arch of bright planets and stars. In life, everything happens not by chance, everything has a reason and everything has a consequence. Not surprising then, that a lot of young couples who want to get married for the tips turn to astrologers.

With the help of an astrologer, you can just pickyear, month, day, and time of day for your wedding. But, nevertheless, it should be remembered that the wedding date is no guarantee of a long happy life. Date Picker can only be one way or another, will increase the likelihood of creating a happy marriage.

But, nevertheless, many couples are warymany points related to the wedding date. The most common perception that play a wedding in a leap year is prohibited, although there are facts and that in the old leap year was a year of brides who had the right to choose for yourself a husband.

Also on the national signs is considered that the datewedding should not fall in the month of May. "Marry in May - a lifetime promaetes" all the familiar sign but if you dig a little deeper, then there is nothing wrong in May. Just in the old days in May - this time work in the field, so the weddings are often celebrated in the autumn harvesting.

When choosing a wedding date you should pay attention to the day of the week on which crouches your wedding. After all, every one of them carries a certain energy. So…

Monday - the day of the Moon. It will bring the family an uneasy relationship.

Tuesday - the day of Mars. He will bring in a lot of family squabbles and quarrels.

Wednesday - the day of MercuryIt brings the family cool relations.

Thursday - the day of JupiterTo bring into the house of disputes over who's boss.

Friday - the day of Venus. It will bring to the family harmony and love. One of the most suitable days for a wedding.

Saturday - the day of Saturn. He will bring happiness to the family, if you are willing to sacrifice career for family.

Sunday - the day of the Sun. It will bring joy to the family, will be a source of inspiration for all.

Astrologers also do not recommend to get married induring certain periods of time when the world begin their return journey. The return journey of Venus promises a quick cooling of feelings couples. Return trip Mercury promises deprivation of power events. A couple will be accompanied by confusion in married life.

Also, when choosing a wedding date should payattention to the lunar calendar. According to astrologers, it is best to marry the young rising moon. It is also a favorable period for marriage is Luna, a member of the zodiac signs such as Taurus, Cancer, Libra.

Do not recommend to choose a wedding date to these lunar days: the 9th, 12th, 15th, 19th, 20th 23th, 29th.

The most ideal of marriage are those lunar days: 3rd, 6th, 17th, 24th, 27th.

It should also be wary of the lunar eclipse, it promises a lot of trouble marriage, divorce and fraught.

All these and many other nuances that can identify a professional astrologer somehow be able to help you in choosing the wedding date and perhaps avoid a lot of unpleasant moments in life.

But do not forget that well chosen wedding date is not yet a success of your individual marriage.

The key to a long happy married lifeis mutual love, harmony and balance in all spheres of life of the young couple. Only in this case can certainly be assured that the marriage will be successful, no matter what year, month, day, or the wedding.

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