Choosing a wedding date - the key to a happy family life beginning

Numerology - The study of numbers and their influence on your life -magic numbers, so it is also called. This science and compiled on the basis of its numerological destiny maps will help you understand why things happened this way and not otherwise, to warn against missteps, find your way to a happy life. Rooted in ancient times, numerology and is not studied until the end. Take advantage of the accumulated knowledge of generations, count your lucky number. Calculation of the date of your birth will help to make the right choice of wedding date, which will give a good start of your new life together. Listen to national signs, Because the people - wise!

Some figures are of particular importance fornational, religious traditions of our people, and other peoples of the world. For example, a mysterious, covered with legends, noted in folklore, the number 7. "Guardian of the Universe", guarding the seven planets, the "symbol of success" - what only epithets did not deserve this number over the centuries of its existence. The number seven is often mentioned in the Bible: the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues, the seven days of creation and the seven troubles of the Egyptian - can be a long list of references to the mysterious number. It is a general belief in this lucky number, and sometimes leads to the choice of wedding date for most newlyweds.

Even more popular has the magicnumber 7 July. Lovers, which is characteristic of superstition, trying to hold the wedding on this day. The organizers of the wedding in one voice say, that not one of these days is not so much wanting to marry as a 07. 07. Orders for the day are taken in advance. Truly a magical combination of numbers, you can open the door to a new happy life. With its choice of wedding date of July 7 if you are serious about numerology. And most importantly believe in is a lucky number, because the thought is material.

07.07 not only a lucky number in the year. If you are looking to reinforce your union the best one for your wedding date, refer to the people involved in this science of numerology as a professional. Their coordinates can be found on our wedding portal.

It is not necessary to rely only on the lucky date, calculated with the help of astrologers, or choose your own. Remember that will develop or not your family life will depend on you.

The ideal number can not guarantee hundred percent familyhappiness. It you build yourself on mutual trust, understanding and respect for each other. Patience and love carried through the years - this is your guarantee of a happy marriage. If you believe in feelings, any day that happens is a major event in your life will be a happy choice of wedding date is just for you!

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