Select the month for weddings

Signs, traditions, superstitions, horoscopes ... oh how difficult all taken into account when it comes to their own wedding day! What a month for the marriage better?

January - to early widowhood. I did not know what guided ancestors, claiming such omen ... Today, people are sure that the January family - a pledge of strong and calm family. Are you afraid of the monotony of such a prospect? You can, of course, play an Italian family with screaming and smashing crockery - most importantly, do not overdo it. And learn how to better decorate your life, and make the people of the new belief - in January are born creative family.

Mr. - February accord in the family bears, peace,Shower unity. Although now why do not our contemporaries expect from him no good. Quarrels, complex "lapping" especially in the first few years can be a real challenge fortress bonds of Hymen. But then passed through the confusion and squabbling couple waiting for a peaceful and quiet domestic happiness. Comfort and peace. So after the wedding day of patience here will not prevent both.

Live away from the parental home promisedUnion concluded in March. And in the post Great not crowned (or crowns) Honeymoon church. The current fashion to explain the variability of weather in the house (quietly, then violently) - change of the March weather (ie rain, the snow, the sun, then cloudy day). That expressive natures are advised to go to the registry office in this month.

The April drop - portends stablehappiness, were confident ancestors. His contemporaries also claim that the stronghold for the young family will present a sincere love. And drops and weather change is not worth paying attention to.

May - the word "toil" we were convinced severalGenerations ago, brides and grooms. And to change this marriage. Today to replace the belief of the nineteenth century, it was different. For example, the belief that this is the best month for a wedding - and a strong and happy family life.

But all recognized the best month for weddings -June. Sweet life will be said in the old days. The main measure in everything! What else is there to add? Understanding and respect - that is to be built than any marriage. And, of course, the harmony of family relations is guaranteed.

Harmony and peace with a touch of sadness - it is about July. Contemporaries less romantic in this regard. Here it is important that the golden mean, about which so much is spoken, and which is so desired by all the family. And after all it is necessary to understand that the family (with a capital letter) - above all. The rest, as they say, will follow.

August - best to choose those who want to bethe perfect husband or wife is not only beloved (beloved), but also a true friend. According to the modern interpretation - this month - an examination of loyalty and sincerity of feelings. Whether you believe in signs or not, but heed the advice is: do not assign marriage during fasting.

The best month for weddings - September. From olden times weddings in Russia. Reliable family, peace and harmony in the family - what do you need for happiness? ! Loyalty and quiet. Idyll, in a word.

But October has been the ancestors of not very goodaccount. The difficult life of a family promised. Although for those who are confident in their feelings, who are willing to bravely endure all the hardships and go to a bright family happiness, we can recommend to appoint the date of the celebration and to some of the October days.

And it is better to opt for November. The best month for a wedding and you will not find. Wealth and family happiness - what else could you ask for in a safe haven called "marriage with a loved one"? ! Without passions can and can not do, but a good, good final will always be at any of the stories. Just like in a fairy tale.

In fact, during fasts marriages are not entered into the church.

In December and early January, there is one of them - a post Christmas. Although the trend of the modern world - quite a loyal - cold, they say, are not afraid of the future family life.

Set a date for the celebration, still not worth itremember that you yourself make any month - the best month for a wedding. And despite all the legends and signs to create a strong and happy family, which are not afraid of any storms and minor squabbles. And on the horizon is always good weather. In any season!

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