When is it better to marry?

receives couples who, referring Very clever foradvice of astrologers, ask when getting married or when to marry, because the right choice of wedding day is a very important role in the life of the bride and groom. We have in mind that to date, about two-thirds of marriages break up. Moreover, this situation applies to most countries of the world. Although the date of the wedding day and is not a complete guarantee of carefree family life, but at least by a successful date, you increase or decrease the possibility of creating a successful marriage.

Horoscope wedding day has an impact on the forthcoming attitude of the bride and groom. wedding date selected by year, month, day and time of the alleged marriage.

Today's newlyweds argue that the organizationwedding in a leap year - previously secured her marriage failure. Studies have shown that in these years of conflict increases, mortality, and in general, for many, they are very heavy in the world. However, referring to the history, we can see a very different picture. In fact, once in four years, weddings were not held, not venturing celebratory feast in honor of weddings, but this does not mean that the beloved had no rights to the wedding. The most interesting - to woo the girl walked, as a leap year is the year of all brides who could choose a husband. Moreover, according to some historical accounts, the bride can not refuse to courtship. Further, to believe, to be the year of widows and widowers replaced him a year. In some cases, people associate them with the periods of wars, which are fairly deep entrenched in people's minds, but it is not necessary to focus on the events of ancient times.

Regarding the choice of the month for the wedding, the mostMay is unfortunate, but many do not know why. This is due to the fact that most of the agricultural work is carried out, and sign, respectively, went to a village in May. To love "does not interfere" engaged in ground works for a good harvest in the autumn, spring is considered a bad time for weddings. Therefore, they have played more often in September or October, after the harvest was. If we take into consideration that we live in a remote from the time period, it turns out that we should not blindly follow the national signs, but you have to decide for themselves when to marry.

If we talk about the days of the week, the more unsuccessfulfor registration of relationships it is Tuesday, as he brings in married life quarrels and spats. Also unfortunate is the day on Thursday, which ignites the ongoing dismantling of who is more important in the family. And in families, they married on this day, often manifest jealousy and infidelity. Not the most auspicious day Wednesday, as it lays the rational cool relations, and Saturday, which brings happiness mostly those who are able to sacrifice for the sake of the family career and personal life. Often prisoners on Saturday marriages are long-lasting, though not entirely cloudless. Monday laid the emotional connection between the couple on a fairly subtle level. Relationships obtained difficult, depending on your mood changes, weather fluctuations and other details. The most ideal days are Friday and Sunday, as Friday - the day of lovers, and Sunday - the day of the sun.

Pondering decide when to marry, rememberthat a successful choice for a wedding is not enough to gain happiness in married life. The relationship must be present mutual love and harmony in spiritual and sexual life. Only in this case the marriage will certainly be successful, in which day you would not have concluded.

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