Choose a day for a wedding

After the usual enamored couplebecome a bride and groom, the first thing should be to think - it's your wedding day. I wish that he was not only suitable for the young and their guests, but also carried a any symbolic meaning. In addition, the wedding date will have to coordinate with the master of ceremonies, photographers, venue for banquets and various rental services. Only after determining the exact date of the wedding, you can start preparing for this wonderful holiday.

The first thing that comes to mind - to appoint a daywedding so that it was important for the groom and the bride. This version - a guarantee that none of the prospective spouses subsequently forget the memorable date and be sure to congratulate your soul mate. This may be the anniversary (one month, two, three, six months from the date of) love, start relationships, first kiss, or engagement. If the future spouses have a friend of the couple who is happily married, decide on your wedding day easier: use case and assign a celebration on the anniversary of the beginning of their married life. Whatever you say, and the wedding - is the case, should not be neglected when a happy coincidence.

Fans of astrology and numerology, perhaps,More will like the second option: the wedding day can be determined by a special formula that takes into account the birthdays of both future spouses, the date of their acquaintance, and other factors. Proponents of this method of calculation most favorable wedding day claim that the strict observance of all rules guarantee a happy marriage.

The third option - simply beautiful date, for example,August 8 this year (08.08.2008), or September 9 next (09.09.2009). However, in this case it is very likely that other couples decide to designate the start of family relations on the same date, which means that it may be difficult to lease a cafe or rental of wedding dresses that can ruin the long-awaited wedding day.

Best friends and girlfriends, I think, will beenthusiastic about the idea to marry in the same day. By selecting this option, it should be noted that the more couples join this initiative, the more difficult it will be to determine the overall wedding day. But true friends will always find a compromise, is not it?

Just in case, be sure to think about"Substitute" date, after a carefully planned and approved by all the wedding day can be "busy" in the registry office the registration of the other pairs. Do not be upset, if you get it wrong. The most important thing that the aisle are two who love each other a person who is one hundred percent confident in his choice. That is the key to your happiness and well-being. So go ahead to apply!

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