Gifts for wedding anniversary: ​​what to choose?

Wedding anniversary - a beautiful holiday, whichto give gifts. Usually spouses give things associated with the name of the anniversary and its value. Such gifts will delight the couple and become a peculiar symbol of years of living together. Want to know what gifts giving on a particular wedding anniversary? Then read on.

  • Calico wedding (1 year): clothing, not necessarily calico (paired t-shirts, pajamas, bathrobes, etc.); blankets, bed linen, towels, curtains, napkins, or paintings, embroidered with a cross.
  • Present for the cotton wedding
  • Paper Wedding (2 years): albums, notebooks, books, paintings and others.
  • Leather wedding (3 years): purse, leather gifts and notepads, photo album for the leather cover, a picture of the skin, etc..
  • Linen wedding (4 years): Product linen (towels, tablecloths, sheets, blankets, etc.), As well as linen shirts, shirts, etc..
  • Present at the wedding linen
  • Wooden Wedding (5 years): wooden items (box, wall panels made of wood, the picture in a wooden frame, photo frame, painted tray and others.); gifts with humor - two large wooden spoons, rolling pin with funny inscriptions and others.
  • Cast iron wedding (6 years): zinc-plated ware, kitchen items and kits (spoons, forks, etc.).
  • Copper wool or wedding (7 years): candlesticks, trays, copper horseshoe, dishes, etc., as well as woolen products (fresh, mittens, shawls, scarves, blankets, etc.)..
  • Tin Wedding (8 years): kitchen ware, candle holders, jewelry boxes, the beautiful jars for storing spices, pans, dishes, pots, trays and others.
  • Faience wedding (9 years): crockery, tea sets, souvenir plates.
  • Ware in a gift to the anniversary of earthenware
  • Tin or pink wedding (10 years): candlesticks, figurines, holders for bottles, glasses sets, flower vase and roses.
  • A steel wedding (11 years): steel gifts, cutlery, set of skewers for questioning, photo frame, etc.
  • Nickel or silk wedding (12 years): candlesticks, dishes, trays, boxes, picture frames, etc., as well as silk scarves, handkerchiefs, tablecloths, napkins, etc...
  • Present for the nickel wedding
  • Landysheva or lacy wedding (13 years): lace tablecloth, napkins, bed linen, lace, tableware and home furnishings with lilies of the valley.
  • Agate wedding (14 years) for women - necklaces, pins, bracelets and rings with agate; for men - cuff links agate, cigar box, etc., as well as jewelry box, figurine, etc..
  • Present at the wedding agate
  • The glass or crystal wedding (15 years): glassware, crystal glasses, figurines, boxes, etc..
  • Turquoise wedding (18 years): things inlaid turquoise (jewelry, figurines, etc.).
  • Porcelain wedding (20 years): porcelain set, vase, figurine, box, name plates and others.
  • Silver wedding (25 years): for women - silver chains, rings and bracelets; for men - silver cufflinks, tie clip and key ring; as well as silver spoons, figurines, candlesticks, glasses, etc.
  • Pearl wedding (30 years): for women - necklaces, rings, pendants and any other ornaments made of pearls; for men - cuff links and tie clip with mother of pearl; painting of a pearl or a casket, decorated with pearls, as well as figurines, candlesticks or utensils with mother of pearl.
  • Present for the pearl wedding
  • Coral or linen wedding (35 years): souvenirs or jewelry made of coral, a picture of the sea and cliffs, as well as items of clothing and household items: tablecloths, napkins, etc.
  • Ruby wedding (40 years): ruby ​​jewelry (necklaces, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.), Boxes and statues with red stones, any gifts of red color.
  • Sapphire wedding (45 years): Jewelry with sapphire stones or with sky-blue and blue products (tablecloths, blankets, etc.) And decorative items (vases, figurines, etc.).
  • Golden wedding (50 years): gold plated souvenirs, figurines, candlesticks, vases with gold, as well as animal figures, such as swans - the symbol of loyalty and love.
  • Present for the golden wedding

We have given only a few options for gifts forevery wedding anniversary, even more ideas of gifts for you will find here. The main thing when choosing a gift, note the value of the wedding anniversary, then you do not only useful, but also a symbolic gift that just have to spouses soul.

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