How much does a wedding

Wedding - The most beautiful event in the life of the newlyweds,the most romantic and joyful holiday. To a lot of hassle wedding not limit the determination of price or quality, and save time, pre-read the approximate prices established on wedding expenses.

So, you have decided on the number of invitees. First, think about the cards or postcards for guests who will be complimentary. If you decide to order them in a special cabin that provides such services, it will cost you approximately $ 0.5 per share. From the number of visitors also depends on the number of transport that you have rented. Cars will cost about $ 20 per hour, minibuses - $ 20, a large bus - $ 30 per hour rental. Limousine that young chosen as the main vehicle wedding cortege - a classic the most important and romantic event in the life of the newlyweds. The price of it will vary between $ 40-50 per hour. Anyone agree that the limousine - a solemn, elegant and affordable. Car Decoration will cost about $ 20 each (for more details about the wedding car look.

With regard to the decor premises selected forcelebrations, the composition of the colors, for example, would cost in the region of $ 40, the composition of balloons - is also about in this limit, and room, decorated in the style of a traditional retro require costs in the amount of $ 30 (see also all about holiday decoration balloons ).

Whatever the solemn ceremony was notwedding that will cost you about $ 120 in the area, good bride and groom is perfect, as a rule, the attention of your guests will soon be switched on the festive table. To your triumph has left an unforgettable impression on your guests, see the approximate prices for wedding party: in the preparation of the menu per person is calculated in the range of 15-20 $, one kilogram of a good wedding cake costs about $ 10-15, a loaf and keep within the limits of this .

To all the wonderful moments of your mosthappy life event warms the soul for many years in advance and think of video and photography. For the professional photographer will have to pay about $ 200 for a wedding video with a professional video editing and processing - approximately $ 150-250.

And, of course, the entertainment part of the program. White doves, as they say, "for luck", is estimated at $ 10-20, toastmaster, entertaining you and your guests - $ 200, at the order of live music guided by the price of $ 300, discos - $ 200. Wedding fireworks or fireworks cost about $ 250.

Do not forget that some of the money should be in store for contingencies. For example, when walking on the memorable places to newlyweds often fit children and read poetry with the wishes of the bride and groom. At the same groom should not skimp and, as it should, to thank the children.

Here you have calculated the approximate cost of the wedding, and, finally, note that even the smallest nuances decide pretty much. I wish you happiness and romance, dear love!

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