Wedding veil

Bride with beautiful snow-white veil on her headIt looks mysterious, beautiful and aristocratic. This image of the bride will be the perfect accompaniment to a vintage style wedding. Veil suit different face shapes and will be an excellent complement to any style wedding dresses. What are the varieties of this retro accessory? What wedding hairstyle is best suited for mesh? How to fix it on your head?

Style wedding veil

Wedding veil fully or partially hidesunder a transparent mesh (cloth), the girl's face and makes the image of the bride elegant, stylish and unique. This part of the image have to be in harmony with the other components - a dress and hairstyle of the bride. Spider veins on the head perfectly with the dress of a light fabric, decorated with lace.

This accessory is perfect for dressthe bride without excessive decoration in the form of ruffles, frills, embroidery flowers or a pantsuit. Simple wedding bride dress perfectly complement the wedding veil, richly decorated with rhinestones or pearls. Sophistication and charm of this accessory will make the image of the bride thorough and complete. If the bride's wedding dress is decorated with many elements of the decor, to create a harmonious way just need to put on the head of the bride veil unadorned.

English style

English veil is a mesh,which covers the forehead, eyes, and can reach the tip of the nose. It is ideal for a simple hairstyle. Attach accessories hairpins, invisible in strapped at the back or top of the head hair. Bride it will look feminine. This wedding accessory fit perfectly to all the girls. He will effectively isolate lips that give the bride romance. The main advantage of the English mesh for the bride that she absolutely would not interfere during kissing, which at the ceremony to be done.

English style veil

French style

For romantic brides veils instead of fineFrench suit veil that covers the entire face, or, or comes to the line of the nasal tip. Its fixed pins in the center of hairstyles or clips on both sides of the head and pins to the bandage on his head. Fishnet with a hat - it is also the invention of the French couturier. It will make the image of the bride and mysterious feminine. The cap will be charmingly look if its fix on the side or on top. With such an original headdress good harmony simple hairstyle.

French mesh on the bride's head

Russian style

In tsarist Russia, fashion wear fishnet on his headI came from France. However, the Russian ladies slightly modified the principle of wearing this accessory. They began to fix the mesh on the side so that it subsided on the face diagonal. This accessory will create a retro image of the bride. The second way to wear veils Russian - completely cover the thin fabric of her head and face of a girl. When the bride kissing raises long mesh or transparent fabric, it looks romantic and feminine.

Russian style veil

How to attach the veil to the hair?

The veil in her hair fixed in different ways. Comb, hairpin, ring, hair clips can be attached to the mantle, and using them will hold the accessory on your head. These elements will help to secure the mesh behind the ears on the sides or in the center of hairstyles. Feather, flowers can be used for decorating accessory. Consider the way to secure the cap with a veil on her head.

  1. To fix the accessory using a comb and 2 metal zakolki- "crab."
  2. Select the desired position for fixing the product color. Unveiling tucks and put on the accessory so that the comb and hairpins well entered into the hair roots.
  3. Spreads accessory.

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Ideas wedding hairstyles with veil

Retro curls. This wedding will be perfect styling combined with the mesh. Before its creation should be washed with shampoo for volume. On damp hair, apply a little foam. Dry them hairdryer and comb round brush to create volume. Divide the hair into strands and wind them on medium-sized curling. Curly locks, leave for a while. Then comb the curls with your fingers. Hair lay in deep wave and secure each clip. Sprinkle curls varnish. Wait for a while. Then remove the clips, and again treat wedding hairstyle lacquer.

Create a retro curls to decorate their mesh

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Babette. Bulk wedding styling is perfectly combined with retro accessory. For its creation, the hair is divided into 3 parts. The back - to fix the elastic beam. Slightly below a second tie gum. The resulting tail perekin'te towards forehead. At the base of the hair bundle secure chignon pins on each side. Strand spread over the surface of the applicator roller, tie the tail end of it hide under the hairpiece, kill the pin. Side locks comb, nice lay at the nape hairpins.

Volumetric beam under the veil, fishnet

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Hairstyle with braided pigtails. Under retro accessory perfect wedding styling with a French braid. For its creation, divide hair on the diagonal into 2 parts. The lower part of the mousse and sprinkle of her braid French braid, which fasten to the beam pins. From the top of the hair do curls with the help of forceps. Curls secure so that the beam from the spit to be seen. Some leave for a beautiful curls framing the bride's face. Sprinkle the hair lacquer.

Weave braid wedding hairstyle

Simple curls on long hair. This wedding hairstyle is easy to do the most. To do this, you must make large curls with a curling iron. Begin to curl the strands just above the chin. Straighten curls with your fingers. The locks on the top of a little sprinkle varnish and nacheshite. Brush the top of the head collect hair in a bun, fix her hair pins and hairpins. Hands straighten curls, sprinkle them varnish.

Hairstyle mesh with long hair

Elegant hairstyle

Girls with long straight hair without bangsperfect elegant styling. Its creation is necessary to align the strands, to fix them in a large knot at the nape. Then fasten the mesh color and flower. Laconic hairstyle complemented by beautiful accessories. Such nuances are added the image of the bride's aristocracy, refinement.

Originally styled hair with mesh and a flower

Photo of wedding veils

For brides there is a large selection of veils. They may be without decoration or spectacularly decorated with flowers, lace, ribbons, feathers, hairpins with pearls or sequins. In this exciting wedding accessories the bride will look original, mysteriously. If you want to give a special form of the mantle, just sprinkle it with varnish and make the necessary configuration.

Veils for brides

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