Veil on the rim

Traditional bride outfit consists of a weddingsnow-white dresses and veils. To transparent white cloth in harmony with the hair, it must be properly secured to the head. For this purpose different methods. The air may be a white cloth attached to the hair with a comb, pins, invisible, tiaras. It looks nice on the bride's hairstyle transparent material with the rim. This accessory is easily attached to the head and does not cause any trouble bride during the ceremony.

What are the styles of veils with the rim

Simplified veil with rim often choosefuture wife, as a decoration on a hen party. But such an accessory will look spectacular and at the wedding. The rim is perfect for a single-layer, two-layer, multi-tiered veil. If this part of the bride dress to decorate with flowers, pearls, rhinestones, satin ribbons or laces, it will look stylish and impressive. The hoop will be an excellent alternative to traditional light fabric fastening to the hair by a comb or pins.

Single Layer

Single tier veil with a rim will make the image of a brideelegant, feminine. It is a solid piece of thin transparent white cloth. Effectively it looks at the bride-layer long veil that descends on the floor. Short and medium model is also perfect for the bride image. Single storey accessory made of transparent material at the edges are decorated with beads, pearls, embroidery and satin ribbon. With the help of the rim well it rests on the head. Accessory suitable for hair, made in the European style.

Types of veils with the rim

The two-layer

Volume two-tier veil with a hoop isoriginal look to the bride in a magnificent dress. It is perfect for a wedding hairstyle with curls. The first tier of the accessory if necessary, is lowered onto the face, and is something like a veil. When choosing a veil pay attention to its combination with a shaped wedding dress. In the two-tier product should not be a large gap between the layers, so that it looked harmoniously in the image of the bride.

Photo: two-layer veil on the rim

Multilayer lush veil

The multi-tier veil the bride to be with the rimto feel like a princess. This part of the bride image contains several layers of thin, transparent nylon tulle or tulle. Its first stage has a length to the tip of the chin girl, the second - to the blades, and the third - to the waist. Lush perfect accessory to her hair, which contains elements of weaving, false hair or hairpieces. Attire Baroque will blend in perfectly with the multi-layered accessory to the bride's head.

Photo: lush layered veil on the rim

Options jewelry bridal veils with rim

Decor wedding veil with rim shouldoverlap with the elements of the decoration of the bride dresses. For example, if the bride's dress embroidered with sequins or pearls, then in accessories for hairstyles of lightweight, transparent material, they must also be present. Decorative elements can be placed on the fabric or wrap. Beautifully decorated with the image of the bride's accessory will add a special charm, sophistication.


Originally, an unusually romantic willlook like a bride in a veil on the hoop, decorated with flowers. This accessory will give a special girl femininity. Decorating can wrap white flowers to match the dress. If there are elements of the bride dress bright colors, rim decoration chosen in the same palette. The combination of the palette dresses and veils elements help to create a harmonious and complete image of the bride.

Wrap with plastic flowers on veil

Pearls and rhinestones

Decorated with rhinestones and veil looks fineIt emphasizes the bright image of the bride. Shining stones will be surrounded by a halo of brilliant bride. The girl in this accessory will be a great queen in a happy wedding day. The bride, whose head is covered by a light fabric with rhinestones will look beautiful and impressive in the photographs. Adorned with pearls or rhinestones bezel emphasize good taste, originality girl. This element of the decor give the image of the bride's special elegance.

Decoration veil with hoop

Satin ribbon and lace

Originally will look like a veil on the hoop withtrim along the edge of the fabric. Especially effective would look wavy edge. They do When sewing line and satin ribbon along the edge of the transparent material. Decorate accessory of a thin, transparent tissue can lace. Harmonious look to him will dress decorated with beads, sequins.

How to fix the veil from the rim with your hands?

Independently make for a bachelorette party or weddingshort or long veil with rim easily at home. To do this, you must define the shaped products. As a base used tulle cut into a circle, an oval, a rectangle. The diagram below shows how to make tissue one form or another. Before starting work on creating a beautiful wedding hair accessories, determine for themselves the future of its width and length. Fluffiness products depends on the number of folds and the distance between waves of the material.

Schemes patterns veils



If your goal - a classic volume veil, thefor its production will need a large piece of cloth. To create a lush products make more folds and several tiers of your chosen material. Single-layer veil to make cheaper and easier than multilayer. To determine what style will suit you, take a long solid piece of transparent fabric and attach it to the head in a single layer, and then a few.

On the basis of such fittings, you will see that youmore to the face. Then proceed to cut and sew liked model. If we approach creatively and use a good, high-quality fabric, you will be able to make a beautiful veil with a rim or other fastening. There are many options for creating one of the most important accessories of the bride image. Try to make it simple way. Make a veil with the rim easily as follows:

  1. Take tulle size of 3 m x 0,5 m, it is cut into 2 equal parts. Leaves 2 length 1.5 meters x 0.5 meters.
  2. The pieces of tulle superimposed on each other, sew.
  3. Then collect the top veils, using gum orthread in the tissue tone. Turn out the folds on the material. If the edges of the product turned out inaccurate, sew them satin ribbon. The thread on the edges of fabric tied to a node, sew the veil to the rim. If desired, wrap decorated with rhinestones, flowers, pearls or ribbons. The resulting product is attached to the hair clips. Accessory suitable for thick hair.