The unusual veil

If anyone would argue that the veil - isrelic of the past, do not believe. So say people who do not know how to improvise. Fata unusual shape or color attracts the eyes, but for the bride and trying to be the center of attention. A beautiful and gentle image of the bride, this piece toilet has never spoiled. Brides all over the world carefully think through your style, because the wedding day, each of them wants to be irresistible.

Unusual patterns of wedding veils

That just does not come up with the girls to their outfitdifferent from the others! The uniqueness of each model wedding dress in modern conditions is real and feasible. You can make an expensive designer dress to impress everyone, but sometimes it's better financially economical to buy a veil, which is unusual. Bold creative women are choosing this path, it is only up to you - whether headdress fashionable trend or an outdated model. Arm yourself with your imagination, forget about borders. Without abandoning the veil, you can become a fashionable and modern bride has their own style.

Wedding veil with a bandage on his side

The bride, whose veil is attached on the side,associated with a retro style that prevailed at the beginning of the 20th century. This model is suitable veils and short hair, and long tresses. Dress, combined with a veil-dressing should be concise, in the same style. Splendor skirt is out of place, but it will blend in beautifully with the dressing style of the Empire. Soft folds of a long veil, is located on the side of the head, hooking up a bow or ribbon decorated with a flower. accessory length depends on the selected model dresses.

Wedding Veils with side dressing

Fata "Juliet cap"

Widespread use of the name veils "capJuliet "comes from Europe. It has been very popular since the 16th century and ending with 20. Sometimes it is called "pirates" for some resemblance to pirates with a handkerchief, which is also tied down. Over the centuries, "Juliet cap" has evolved from the lightest to the bonnet headdress, often with embroidery and embellishments. In recent years, this kind of wedding attribute has become popular again.

"Pirates" of tender lace mounted on the sideson clips that are masked in the form of decoration of flowers or bows. The length determines the bride herself, depending on the style and the style of dress. Vintage style and matching accessories complement the image of a retro bride. Very fit and dreamy romantic ladies who do not like elaborate hairstyles, and those who wear short hair.

Unusual wedding headpiece cap Juliet


An interesting alternative to the usual veil offereddesigners - cloak-hood, which is ideal for the bride, which will be held wedding ceremony. Hood can go into a bolero with long sleeves, which corresponds to church canons. Hair under a light, weightless hood is not damaged. Transparent fabric on the edges of a lace trim, identical to that used for decoration dress. Apply different in texture fabric creates an overall image of the air. A combination of details gives the bride a wedding dress a unique charm and style.

Fata-hood with a cape or bolero

Fata trail

Train bride in wedding attire raises herin the eyes of others on the same level with monarchs. The solemnity of the event affects the appearance of the bride. Smooth proud posture and long tail - that's what you need if you want to look at your holiday a queen. For such a veil dress should be appropriate, with a train. What should be its length, you need to decide in advance:

  • If you will be a long day trip or evening promises to be agile, better to stay on the average length of the loop.
  • If the wedding is going to be a solemn and power, you can choose a long train.
  • If the celebration will take place in two stages, theVeil selected component to allow time to unfasten pancake part and stay short. In this case, you must carefully choose the material for it to form stayed the whole evening.

Fata trail Suite

Wedding Veils unusual color

Speaking about the unusual headdressfor marriage, one can not forget about the rainbow spectrum. Naughty ladies, becoming brides, continue to surprise others. Increasingly, you can find the bride in a luxury white dress and a veil in a contrasting color. If you come to the decision of the appearance of the question carefully and tastefully decorated, the success of a creative way provided the bride. Do you want the blue or green part of the image? No problem! Just do not forget to buy an accessory of the same color or add trim dress small bright accent.

Wedding Veils unusual bright color

Photo unusual veil to the wedding

There are two main rules in wedding fashion:

  1. The longer the dress, the veil should be longer
  2. Modest Veil - for a luxurious dress.

Adhering to them, immersed in the numerousmaelstrom light lace, tulle, organza, the bride is sure to find your own personal version of the dress for the wedding. Today the couple have in their arsenal a lot of technology, information, decoration for the manufacture of a veil of unusual species. With all these features, you will become the most beautiful, unusual and stylish bride. Headgear bride - that external image, and a tribute to the traditions, symbols.

Stylish wedding veil for the modern bride