The Red veil

If the image of the bride before the wedding wasa reflection of the strict traditions prevailing in the society, now the hero of the occasion can give free rein to imagination, choosing the elements of their festive attire. Girls are able to fully show individuality, considering their own vision of a wedding decoration or fashion trends of the next season. Over the past year presented many famous designers of the image detail, especially impressive was the red veil - this accessory looks unusual and definitely surprise the audience.

When the veil dress in red?

Fata red - an amazing weddingattribute, whose history is rooted in the deep past. Even in ancient Rome, the beautiful girl she married, her head covered with flowing red cloth, leaving the face uncovered. In this case, the scarlet veil signified their obedience to his wife, unquestioning adherence to the rules of his house. Chinese bride put on the traditional celebration of the metal "crown", decorated with feathers, pom-poms and a red silk cloth.

This unusual headdress is considered an imitationCrown Empress, it is designed to protect the bride from evil forces, ensure happiness in future family. Red China - the color of joy, celebration, grandeur, so many Chinese girls fully clothed in it at the time of the wedding. Scarlet veil covers the head of the Indian girls - it is chosen to match the wedding sari. It has long been the red color symbolizes the richness, consistency, passion and love, so the bride will not be mistaken choosing the wedding attribute in this color scheme.

Red bride attribute on Chinese wedding

At the wedding

Choosing red veil for the wedding, you need toprepare for the surprised and sometimes blankly passers. Despite the gradual expansion of the scope of wedding fashion, all is not accustomed to bold experiments brides. Scarlet shade solemn wedding accessory looks shocking, bright, extravagant suits girls who know exactly what they want. As is the case with the usual veil, hero of the occasion should choose it according to style and a style wedding dress,

For such a church wedding veil is not suitable,even if it corresponds to the canons of style, but a way out of this situation is. Wedding attribute red goes well with white dresses: bride can use a white scarf or other veils during the wedding, and then change out the red version of the accessory. Separately need to think about the hair: it must be strong to headdress can be easily removed and put on the back, for example, is to use a comb.

Beautiful image of a bride with a veil of red

Headdress red is perfecta girl who has chosen the wedding dress of the same shade. Fatou it is imperative to try, along with formal attire, because even a small discrepancy is markedly tones. Scarlet, garnet, burgundy, wine, carmine color - they all belong to the red scale, but there are bad in harmony with each other as parts of wedding image. For the triumph of some of the girls may prefer the original combination of red and black, but it is important not to overdo it, to not make the outfit is too dark.

At the bachelorette party

Many bachelorette party veils became popularaccessory - it symbolizes the imminent marriage of one of the participating parties. That there was no doubt about who is getting married, bride head-dress is different in color from the decoration of girlfriends or future wife only wears a veil. If she chose for celebration classic white dress with a light veil, that's where will show originality - at bachelorette party accessory to wear a bright red color. Bridesmaids in this day can safely decorate their heads with white wedding options attribute.

Scarlet veil during a bachelorette party

Which wedding dress red suit veil?

Fata red color can be spectaculardetail as to the white wedding dress and dresses for more original colors - crimson, black or a combination thereof. If she chose to completely white outfit is supplemented by way of various red parts: to make the appropriate manicure, buy jewelry to match the veil. Fascinating looks with this headdress crisp white dress, belted scarlet ribbon, and more extravagant outfits look black or red - not exactly the image of the bride will leave without attention.

By the red dress in the Gothic style

Gothic style can seem too darkfor the wedding, but no doubt goes some girls. Choosing a similar outfit, hero of the occasion can turn to red and black, red dress with lots of ruffles, bows, with leather inserts and a corset. Scarlet Veil well accentuate the original image: it can be a multi-tiered accessory with great length and stylish veil or veil.

Scarlet Veil with Gothic version of the board

By the fluffy dress in princess style

For girls who want to stand on ceremonyqueens, suited beautiful combination of scarlet veil model dress "Princess". The fluffy skirt this style will blend in perfectly with long accessory options, with the average multi-storey short veil or headdress, without unnecessary adornments. See Pictures of the original wedding images:

The red head-dress of the bride dress with princess

To the white dress with red trim

If the culprit celebrations do not like toovibrant options of wedding dresses, red tint headgear will emphasize the contrast decoration dress. Fine white decoration will look exquisite embroidery, decoration beads, ribbons, sequins shining scarlet, flowers, lace. Examples of beautiful combinations, see the photos:

Scarlet veil with white-red dress

What accessories combined red veil?

Fata scarlet hue looks bright, unusual,therefore it attracts the attention of visitors. If this attribute is also decorated with lace, embroidery and other decorative elements, it is not necessary to look for additional accessories - a headdress enough. If the veil of red color is made without unnecessary decoration, the bride can add to the image of the following decorations:

  • Flower wreath. Live or artificial plants look romantic, stress tenderness future wife. They may be white or red color (depending on the decor of the dress). bride's head perfectly decorate gingerbread wreath, 2-3 plants or one large flower.
    Wreath: red accessory for wedding headdress
  • Diadem. Sweetheart radiant crown will be a wonderful decoration of hairstyle will accentuate the image of the royal bride's veil and original.
    Diadema: extra decor red veil
  • Kokoshnik. If the wedding is held in the Russian style, traditional kokoshnik can continue to bright red veil.

The original kokoshnik - decoration scarlet veil

Pictures of the veil in red

To make a choice in favor of the originalaccessory, future wife must see beautiful examples of wedding images, where the hat is a bright, extravagant crimson veil. Despite the apparent aggressiveness of the shade, many brides in such attire look tenderly touching and romantic. Embellished lace, embroidery, sequins or laconic hats are a perfect complement of white, red, black ceremonial dress.

Beautiful wedding dress with a scarlet veil

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