short Veils

Veil - a symbol of maiden purity and youth. According to old folk customs, it is considered a talisman for the bride, who keeps her future family lives in harmony, happiness, mutual love and well-being, as well as protection against the evil eye. Modern woman is no longer so deep into the old beliefs and chooses a headdress for the wedding according to his own image. Short veil has won a special place in the selection of wedding dress for a future wife. In this respect there is a huge choice among the options that are worth considering carefully.

The main types of short veil - photo

According to the latest fashion trends, headpiecethe bride can be a very short in length, being limited laconic veil and veil, the length of which comes the girl to the elbow. Everything depends on the style of the wedding dress, the preferences of the future spouses. Variety rather short veil is so diverse that even the most finicky bride chosen a wedding an option attribute.

Different length shorter veil for the bride

Considering the huge selection of wedding accessories, youYou can pick up a single-layer semi-transparent, and multi-layer veil lush. There is also a lot of interesting hairstyles, thanks to which you have the luxury of beautifully beat even the most unusual veil. However, there are some rules that should be considered:

  • Short headdress bride is not for all the girls. If you are not an owner of a miniature figures with delicate forms, the veils of such an option should be abandoned.
  • Pick a dress with an open top, beautifully accentuate your shoulders, so that the whole image looked harmoniously.
  • For rather short veil, the perfect outfit for this is considered a wedding dress in the style of 60-70-ies, which has a full skirt to the knees.

Retro image of a rather short headdress bride
  • Avoid the combination of a short headdress wedding dress flowing silhouette. It looks awkward.

Single Layer

Fata, sewn into one layer of high-qualitydense or chiffon exquisite French lace, looks insanely beautiful bride's head. It fully reveals the soft image of the girl, adding to its barely noticeable hints of mystery. This wedding veil attached to her hair gathered up in a bun, in the center of hairstyles or clinging by means of pins in the bottom of the neck. The image of the girl, marries in a veil, is in its simplicity and elegance, so this attribute will be well with the classic wedding dress modest nepyshnogo silhouette.

Single-layer veil bride shortened

The two-layer

If you choose to own wedding hairstylea stranded loose curls, you will approach two-layer veil. She will give an additional amount of its curvy shape. This option is considered to be a universal classic that is suitable for any style of dress. You can even not particularly worried about the pomp of the wedding dress. Just attach the hair on top of the two-tiered embroidered tulle lace with a large grid -and you will be the most charming bride in their own holiday.

A shorter veil in two layers

Multilayer lush veil

Now at the peak of its popularity luxuriantmulti-layer veil. This is a universal model, which consists of several layers of very thin fabric (tulle, nylon). The first layer is usually lowered onto the bride's face and has a short length to the chin, and the remaining two blades reach the elbow or girl. In this embodiment, it is important not to overload the gentle image of the bride, so try to trim the most concise model, no different decorations, crystals, lace, stuffed. The hair also follow aristocratic simplicity and gather hair into a smooth beam or a classic shell.

Lush bridal bride attribute


Veil - this is one of the mysterious and sexyparts of the female image. If your wedding theme - retro style, the veil with a small hat fit well for the wedding dress of the bride. For a classic wedding veils such an option as appropriate, depending on the style of dress. Also, be certain rules in her hair. Since the veil as much as possible contact with the scalp, the styling should be simple, classic version (Babette, in the style of Tiffany, French sink, etc.). And to determine the beautiful hair under her veil, watch this video:

How to choose a short veil under the style of dress?

Fata, usually selected at the same timefitting dress, or after buying a wedding dress, but not vice versa. This is due to the fact that this accessory wedding image should only complement and emphasize the accents, not to attract attention to himself. On this account, there are many important nuances that must be taken into account, for example:

  1. Choosing the right accent wedding veils. If the dress has a rich embroidery of lace, rhinestones, the veil needs to be more clear and concise. Conversely, if the dress has strict lines, without any decoration, the headpiece may be some tiny bright parts (rhinestones, flowers, lace, etc.)
  2. In choosing a veil, match colors dresses. Everything should be in tone, ie, correspond to one color.
    Not long wedding veil under the color of the dress
  3. fabric veils. The head of the bride dress can be made of different density tulle, fine lace, nylon, etc. The main condition - consistent with the overall image:. Thick rigid mesh creates a lush and pompous way, it would fit under the same fluffy dress. Another option is the headdress of the bride - is a gentle flowing tulle, which is worn under the lace dress to the floor of the figure.

Possible wedding hairstyles with short veil

Hair - an important attribute of perfectimage of the bride. Modern possibilities stylists give a huge variety of wedding hair styling to suit all tastes. Pick it not only according to their own preferences, but also the option to select a headdress. Consult your stylist, who will advise you the ideal hairstyle according to the way a wedding dress. Check out some tips below that will be useful to you in this matter:

Wedding Hairstyles for a shorter veil
  1. Short wedding dress color may strengthen at every level hairstyles so that it will not further burden the hair, slowly sliding down.
  2. You can afford a pony on the top, for example, in the style of Tiffany, decorating it with a small bow in the middle. And behind secure with pins or studs veil in a large grid.
  3. If you have short hair, then follow the magnificent styling, and attach a small multi-layer veil length.

How to fix a short veil with your own hands?

Securing wedding headdress - itthe final phase of the hair and the bride's image as a whole. Stock up in advance a large number of pins, hairpins, combs to this process was the most efficient and reliable result left. As a rule, it does not take much time, and so is left to the last moment, as the finishing touch. Look at the photo below, which describes the process of attaching a simple veil.

Fixing hair to veil

Some hats feature a bridespecial comb through which secure them on any hair much easier. However, not all models found this detail, so you can always add it to sew their own hands. You will see that it is not difficult, looking at the photo below with a clear description of creating a veil with a comb.

How to adjust the veil with his own hands

The ideal image of the bride - is one in whichit feels a hundred percent. It does not matter, her short veil or a simple evening hairstyle. This day deserves to look perfect. Therefore advance try to trim chic outfits, try on different images of themselves, then eventually you get to choose the one and only. Listen to all the advice that will help you decide on the right choice of wedding dress, suitable to his veil and beautiful hairstyle.