Fata for a bachelorette party

Before the veil played a role not only weddingaccessory, but also considered a powerful talisman of the bride, symbolizing her chastity and purity. Before the wedding to wear this headgear was prohibited, but for modern bridal such canons are no longer relevant. Fata for a bachelorette party now became a special attribute of the bride, it attracts attention and allocates a girl on the background of her friends. Accessory for the bachelorette party is different from the model of the wedding. In the first case, it decided to wear the classic white model, but for a bachelorette party should choose something more vivid and original.

How to sew a veil on a hen party of organza with their hands?

Fatou, which will put on a young hen,possible to buy or sew their own hands, because it does not take a lot of time and effort. The bride can follow the instructions for the production of accessories and sew the veil or advance quickly make it the easiest option right during the bachelorette party. When planning your holiday and choosing veil should think about topics coming torzhestva6

  • If the bachelorette party will be held at the restaurant, it is best suited delicate trim light veil.
  • For holiday in nature the ideal option would be a model with floral motifs in a light green color.

Fata on a hen party with their own hands

Necessary materials

To sew a small veil of organza, tulle or other aerial fabric, you will need these materials:

  • Piece of fabric length of 2 m, a width of 1m.
  • The needle and thread.
  • Satin ribbon in the color of the base material veils.
  • Scissors.
  • Hairpin or invisible for fixing an accessory on the hair.
  • The sewing machine with a fine needle.
  • Candle.
  • Decorative beads.

Stages of Development

Having prepared all the necessary materials, you can start creating a veil for a bachelorette party. Will help you step by step instructions:

  1. Take otrez selected fabrics and carefully iron it is not very hot iron.
  2. Otrez Fold in half along the long side. If the material is very slippery, it is an iron to smooth over the fold line.
  3. Fabric add up across half.
  4. Use scissors to cut off a corner to the edge enhancement turned round shape. If you like the model with straight ends, this is optional.
  5. Expand the product and begin to sheathe histape, the edges of which were pre-treated with a candle flame. Use a small needle and accurate dense stitches. Make sure that the fiber tape is not damaged in the process of sewing, it can spoil the appearance of a veil.
  6. Using the machine carefully sew the edges of the tape to the accessory. It is better to choose a zigzag stitch or a conventional double line (stitches in two rows: the top and bottom).
  7. Fold the fabric in half, because we do a magnificent two-layer veil. Let the top layer will be slightly shorter than the bottom.
  8. Manually prisobiraem product on top, which should pull back from the edge by 20 cm and a simple stitched seam fine veil.
  9. When finished, lock the veil on the nodules.
  10. To fix the veil can use conventional hairpin-automatic. It is possible to sew by hand material.
  11. To decorate the mini veil is cut out of at least 5 different diameter circles of tulle (or other fabric you have chosen). Handle the edges of the candle flame.
  12. Fold circles in a stack in descending order, that is, leaving the bottom of the largest and the smallest on top, and fix them with a few stitches.
  13. Sewn to the circles smaller beads and fixed with hot glue or stitch the resulting flower pebble to veils.

Step sewing instruction veils at a bachelorette party

Options for mounting a veil for a bachelorette party

When the veil is ready for a bachelorette party, you should consider how to groom it to attach to your hair. The most successful variants of fasteners - is:

  1. Invisible, studs. With their help it is possible to fix the veil hairstyle
  2. Headband. For it is very easy to sew veil.
  3. Scallop. With the wide stitches sew the material to the scallops.
  4. Hairpin-automatic. It will take only if you choose to collect the hair and not leave loose.
  5. Cap or hat. Fatou can sew straight to the headdress.
  6. Diadem. Accessories to it is sewn on the same principle as that of the rim.

Studs and invisible

Miniature light veil on the bride bachelorette party canattach to the hair by conventional pins or invisible. They are convenient to use and are suitable for any hair, but it is best to stick to collect hair. One side of the hairpin bend should face up to his and that it does not fall out of the hair. "Hook" easily threaded into the hair, but does not allow the stud to slide.

Invisible or pins for securing veils


Hairpin-automatic approach when a hen partyyou go with the collected hair. Choosing a small veil, using small clips will only be able to collect the bride of the hair, leaving the rest loose. Regular hairpin can be purchased in stores, but for mounting veils ideal option will be blank - metal latch, which is easily hidden by flowers or lace.

Hairpin-automatic for a veil on her maiden party


Headband - the easiest option to mount a veilhairstyle. Sew it to the product is no more difficult than to sew the veil itself. Ideas to decorate this accessory. There are many - rhinestones, beads, flowers, satin, beads, feathers. You can buy a ready-made a beautiful ring, and not waste time on its decoration. Great for a bachelorette party in a club suit carnival band with ears, horns, or LEDs.

Fasten the veil to the rim for a party, bachelorette party

Video tutorial for making veils on a hen party with their own hands

The veil of the bride at the bachelorette party can not beOnly fun accessory: optional, you can give it a deeper meaning. For example, let it be to symbolize a speedy marriage. Why not come up with an interesting contest on the occasion, in which the winner will receive a gift in a veil bride? Sew accessory for bachelorette party might of colored tulle, organza or tulle. Bride to this day the right to choose any colors: pink, blue, black, blue or other colors. Watch the video, it has everything to learn tailoring veils:

Photos of the original veil for hen party

Modern girls bachelorette party in honor of suitthe whole celebration of a clearly thought-out plan and the careful preparation of the dress, competitions, entertainment. Of particular note is the image of the bride. To make it a truly outstanding and memorable, you need a veil. If you do not want to sew her own, it is worth to buy the finished product, but a special model for bachelorette party meet crane rare. Search for them in the salons is pinned or in adult stores. See a selection of photos and choose from a rich variety of options.

The original model veils at a bachelorette party