Color veil

Choosing a wedding dress every girl dreams ofunique image. What decorations will help to make a lasting impression, allocate the beauty of the snow-air host of the bride? Bright, stylish accessories will play on the contrast, complementing the traditional image of the bride. The trend of recent seasons has become colored veil. No designer fashion show of wedding dresses can not do without it. You prefer the classics to the wedding? Take advantage of this opportunity, put a bright veil on a hen party.

Options colored veils on a hen party - photo

An interesting detail for pre-wedding dressbachelorette party will be a bright veil any possible shade. If you are going with her friends to farewell bachelor life, choose this accessory for each of them. Agree, it will add charm party, underlining cause for "solemn assembly." In a cafe or restaurant, on a walk - it will be an unusual addition, attracting the eyes of others.

Bright veil on a hen party for the bridesmaids

To have fun bachelorette party, selecttheme party. Offer guests support you. Stylish clothes, food and drink in the spirit of the holiday, the corresponding accessories will add positive emotions. If finances allow, organize a small photo shoot. The original veil of any color for each event participant can order specialty store.

Variants of colored accessories for the bride bridesmaids

If there is a desire and a little free time,Make this piece toilet with his own hands. You will need a bit of tulle and tulle, a needle and thread and a basis for fixing: a comb, a metal barrette-machine studs. Vykroyte on the patterns of a short circular, rectangular or square long model. Treat the edges of the material, attach the barrette or diadem. Imagine the delight and surprise girlfriends when you give them a red, yellow or blue veil before the bachelorette party.

Theme party Moulin Rouge for a bachelorette party

With the crown

Bright colors become fluorescent tulleideal for a stylish outfit for a bachelorette party: skirt- "tutushka" and colored veils attached to the crown, the future bride will allocate among the bridesmaids. "Future Bride" for the pre-wedding parties choose unusual crown diadem with the inscription. It can be trimmed with pink; intricate black with monograms or bright as stone engagement ring. For a pajama party will be a perfect accessory for The Painted Veil color patterns.

Fata with crown for bachelorette party

With hoop and horns

The trend of recent years have been subjecthen parties for young beauties in "hellish" style. The contrasting colors of "hell" dress for the bride, with all the attributes (horns, suit, trident) and the angelic wedding attire stirs the blood, making a "peppercorn" in the life of the bride. Color Veil: red, black, snow-white even complete image of the fatal ladies.

Color Veil with horns

Custom colors for wedding veils

For the wedding ceremony, a traditional whitebold, shocking, extraordinary girl diluted with bright décor. Fashion bridal veil - colored, with embroidery, in harmony with the individual details of the bride's toilet - at the peak of the popularity of recent seasons. This apparel item, especially impressive photos from the wedding will be a photo shoot.

Wedding veils in different colors

Air peach-cream products emphasizesa healthy glow and gives the skin a matte finish; Olive - set off a swarthy complexion, with emphasis on the brown, green eyes of the bride; purple, bright green - will be a delightful décor understated to the shape and style of the same color. Choosing a bright veil, pay attention to some points:

  • Volumetric product requires elegant, figure-fitting outfit.
  • The more decorative elements on the wedding dress, the veil must be concise.
  • To the long approach along the elegant elongated veil.
  • The decoration may be present lace, beads, crystals, repeating pattern bride's attire.
  • If colored veil contrasts with the dress, these bright accents in the dress must be not more than three, to avoid overloading the image.

The Red veil

Snow-white dress with a-line silk scarletbelt amazingly combined with tulle veil of the same color. An elegant necklace on a neck, tiara for mounting accessories are made in the same style, emphasizing the unity and harmony of the bride's style. The image is flawless, elegant and bright: a feeling, as if the marriage has welcomed young princess.

Red Wedding Veil Bride

The attraction, the charm of the bride apparelis based on the game of contrasts of white and red colors: translucent air veil with delicate patterns or unusual trim gives the touch of mystery image of the bride, complementing the white wedding dress. Color color veil "Ombre" the transition from pure white to dark red tones underscores the unusual design, unusual taste holders wedding dress "Gothic" style.

Turquoise veil

Long, simple, incredibly beautiful turquoisefata trail accentuate the graceful lines of the bride's wedding attire. In conjunction with the slipper clutch of the same color, these accessories give the bride aristocratic elegance. Short veils to shoulder length is ideal for snow-white dress lace sheath in the style of 70-ies of the last century.

Aqua for veils

Marine theme wedding ceremony involvesveil for a charming mermaid aqua. "Water theme" - the leader of ideas for young girls to opt for colored decoration of the wedding dress. Effectively, and suddenly, a bright and contrast the bride looks at the winter photo shoot: Russian beauty in a white dress, a veil furs with turquoise attracts admiring glances of others.


Bright blue veil will add charm, emphasizeblue eyes bride. A unique combination of decoration sky-blue hue, the color belt dress emphasizes a slim waist bride and veil creates a spectacular, unique image. Single-colored wedding gown and headdress, sewn from the air with colored guipure lace handmade, reincarnated in a delightful young beauty fairy-princess.

Blue Bridal Veil


Apparel Bride in pink makes a gentle,delicious notes of innocence, purity. Fata-hat is reminiscent of the times of the beautiful ladies, gentlemen brave and magnificent balls. Peach pink veil as the finest cobweb shrouds the face, the shoulders, the graceful figure of the bride lace easy. Superb diadem complements the image, giving the charm. Color volume bright veil color «wild pink» will help to create an extravagant, daring outfit of the bride.

Pink veil at the wedding