Bridal Veil Photo

Fata - one of the most important attributes of the wedding,the wearing of which has a sacred meaning. Girl chooses this accessory underlines its innocence, purity. Some reject it according to the fashion trends, but most should be an ancient tradition.

How to choose a veil

In contrast to the old model of the decoration,modern veil takes different shapes, sizes. Bride, first of all, it should be selected based on the decoration, style and length dresses. Height is also important - short lush veil "down to earth", and makes a long higher slimmer. The model should be in harmony with all the wedding fashion. In normal marriage procedure, you can use any options, but in the church wedding veil should be picked up a long, covering the shoulders and face. Every bride can find furniture to taste, which underline its tenderness and beauty.


Catholic European style islong or medium-length veil trimmed with lace covering his head. It looks elegant, richly. To fit such a veil flowing hair, or hair braided plait. Examples of the photo:

European style


Dreaming of marriage, girls priorityIt represented the classic variant - a long veil bunk, fixed hairstyle. She looks great, pulled back, and the front of the altar will hide the bride's face. Photo classic attire:

The two-storey headdress


Short veil convenient, charming looks. Best of all, this headgear will suit girls with short hair - veil, veil or veils usual volume. Brides with short stature should think about single-tiered thin veil, which is not visually make them below.

Veil for the bride


Luxury long veil that fell to the floor,decorate the high bride in nepyshnyh outfits. With her perfect match for Hollywood styling waves or hair, collected a neat bundle. One of the varieties of ornaments - fata plume extending behind the girl. See photos:

A long veil

The width of the veil

Width enhancement varies withits splendor and the desired density. A narrow approach to veil brightly decorated the front of dresses, and the volume model hides the hands of a bride during a wedding. Options on the photo:

Bride in veil

Colour veils the bride and tsvetotip

Pristine white remains popular, butdesigners produce a collection of wedding jewelry that not only this option to every bride was able to find a suitable shade of her face. "Autumn" Lady would look great in warm peach colors, "winter" cold shades suit, "spring" can draw attention to the pale pink, lemon range, and "summer" will look great in the cool light blue palette.

Fabrics for veils

The materials used for wedding veils are different - this may be the finest tulle, tulle, organza. It is best to look like ornaments made of thin, flying materials. Stock fabrics:

fabrics options

How many layers

Depending on the number of layers variesfluffiness veils. Single-layer veil a narrow lightweight, easy - it will look good with elaborate decorated dresses. The two-layer or three-layer - perfect for a romantic dress, classic styles. The front tier, which will cover the face of the bride during the wedding should not be too long, so as not to catch the bouquet.

Driving accessory assembly


Lush bridal veil looks solemn and festive. It suits slim brides high, and the length will depend on the size of the dress. The decoration of medium length suit fitting dress. A long veil-trail will look great with a narrow dress, a voluminous dress. Her beauty will be accentuated by delicate curls or hair to collect hair. Photos of these models:

curvy model

Finish with pearls, rhinestones, lace

If your dress does not present a lot ofdecorative items, complete the festive image will help elegant finish veils. Minimalist pearls and rhinestones, "scattered" in the fabric of space, delicate lace on the edges of a European-style lace veil or completely will help you to fully express themselves. Remember, decor items must be combined with the dress and the other ornaments - necklaces, bracelets, earrings.

methods decorations

How do I attach to the veil hairstyle

Decoration should firmly stick on the headbride, not to slip and fall down during the holiday. It is more concerned with the long veil-loop, which may inadvertently occur. Mounted on the accessory using ridges and invisible. In order to hide its mounting in the hair and decorate the bride's head, suitable diadem, wreath of flowers, beautiful hairpin-crown.

Methods for attachment to the hair

Fata with your hands

For those who do not trust such an important accessory fashion brands and know how to sew, useful video Pattern veil to make her own hands. Self decoration veil:

Signs and history

History of decoration has its roots in the past. Many centuries ago, the girl was married, fully enclosed tissue veil, the bride should not have to see his beloved wedding. This is due to the fact that the bride, getting married, was considered "dead", while the soul of men and women do not unite with God. Up to this point it was impossible to watch. Bad omen was let wear a veil on the bride to someone else. It was believed that it could "ruin" a new family. It was used as a protection against the evil eye, from the dark forces. World has changed a lot of people, but the veil, along with wedding rings is one of the most important elements of the wedding ceremony. The image of a bride with a veil still symbolizes purity, tenderness and innocence.

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