Yellow bridal bouquet

Some people still believe that the yellow color -separation character. Down with prejudices, as vivid shades of yellow flowers similar to sunlight. Positive attitude to the plants of the shade will bring good luck. Many countries feel that this color brings good luck and prosperity, so you need a newly established young family. Modern couples are increasingly choosing colored wedding, instead of the traditional wedding, so no bright compositions, including yellow, can not do. If your celebration is planned in the near future, consider yellow bridal bouquets.

The value of yellow

Classic Yellow refers to the warm tones. His multiple shades never hold a negative energy. The color of the sun is a tonic, encourage to action, gives joy and the ability to be confident in their future. Yellow palette became the personification of peace and freedom, a positive effect on brain activity. In China, this color is considered sacred because it is - the personification of the woman, its beginning.

Scientists have proved that a light yellow color, the sameas the sun, helping to produce the hormone of joy, and the lack of it leads to a decrease in immunity, and even depression. If before handing a bouquet of yellow flowers was considered a bad omen, the modern florists advised to ignore the prejudices. There are new features: yellow flowers to wealth because gold also has a shade of the palette.

What should be combined bridal bouquet

First of all, the bride's bouquet shouldconsistent with the chosen style of the entire wedding. Stressing flowers personality, unique look beautiful bride, you should not forget about the groom. If you chose the yellow bouquet, a spouse must have accessories in the same color scheme. For example, the boutonniere and tie or small parts of the costume.

The appearance of the bouquet you need to consider in advanceand it is better to consult with an experienced florist. He tells you how to avoid minor discrepancies, because the bouquet must overlap not only with the model and color of the bride's dress. Of great importance is the growth of girls, hairstyle, makeup, and even wedding decorations. Bride low growth will be "hidden" behind a large bouquet, but the girl is more suitable high cascading floral arrangement. Yellow flowers will look great in the hands of the bride, who is wearing a fashionable dress ivory color.

What kind of flowers to choose for yellow wedding bouquet

The main task of wedding bouquet isemphasizing the beauty of the bride and her bridegroom attire. Solar flower arrangement will emit a warm positive energy and joy will cause nice, very light feeling. Many types of flowers are varieties with yellow petals. By selecting the shape of the bouquet and stay at a certain plant species, florist can only find the right shade and sunlight to form a composition.


Bouquet, created on the basis of yellow roses, presentedbride, says that the future husband takes care of her, and she for him as sunlight. Roses can be in the form of a semi-closed buds, then their number should reach twenty or more pieces to floral arrangement looked festive and dignified. Spray rose, having the opened large head, will look great in a round bouquet in a small leg, decorated with silk ribbon. Yellow roses for the young couple could mean regularity of family life.

Wedding floral arrangements with roses


This flower is considered a strict, formal. Thick tubular stem smoothly into the bell with broad petals. Sophistication and brevity flower undeniable. It will go well with the dress of the bride, if the model is not lush, with a minimum of decoration. Restrained style of the bride dress and a bouquet of calla lilies - a perfect match.

Yellow calla lilies are rarer than white, soa bouquet of flowers sun will be even more valuable when the groom will present his bride. Composition with calla lilies is more common form of the cascade with long legs, but sometimes short-cut the stem allows you to build a small round bouquet of flowers with shades of lemon and decorate it with floral tape.

Calla lemon color in the bouquet of the bride


In recent years become very popular weddingbouquets of orchids. These flowers seemed created for the bride hand, repeating all her beauty, tenderness and elegance. Orchids bright yellow or lemon color equally chic will look in a bouquet. Delicious exotic flower is very capricious. To prolong its freshness, the base of the stem is placed in a capsule with a special solution and mask it with tape and other decorations.

Exotic orchids in a composition for the bride


Spring tulip flower is short-lived, so thebouquet should include only those items that have a tight unopened bud, or shedding petals will happen very quickly and may be inappropriate. Tulips, native to the Netherlands, are subject to special treatment in order to prolong the freshness of cut flowers. Yellow fire petals of these fascinating plants bright fire will look in the bouquet the bride on a background of green leaves and a long white dress.

Yellow tulips in a bouquet of the bride


No wonder kraspediyu called the golden dried flowers. Yellow balls on the correct form of thin stems for a long time remain vivid color, thanks to the good tolerability of dehydration. Kraspedii homeland is Australia with its dry climate, so the flower is perfectly adapted to the extreme conditions. As a complement, in flower compositions kraspediya more common than in mono bouquets.

Yellow "hot" balls with a diameter of about threecentimeters zasyhaya keep their shape. Leaving a keepsake wedding bouquet composed of kraspedii, you'll be a long time to be able to enjoy them. Balls do not break or crumble for a long time. To "live" the bride's bouquet will kraspediya exotic accent bright yellow.

Unfading citric kraspediya in flower compositions


Externally similar to the large garden chamomile,flower diameter of 8 to 12 cm, gerbera long ago gained popularity among florists. Bright vivid colors of petals, long lasting freshness give this plant a lot of advantages among the other colors. Gerbera have the nature of a curved stem, so the florist is inserted into the barrel of a soft needle to give it the desired shape. In some cases, use transparencies, tight winding its trunk flower. For elegant bouquet enough even a small amount of bright gerberas.

Flower Bride accessory of roses


An interesting solution florists can offerseekers of unusual flowers. Decorative sunflowers with large caps by nature awarded in yellow. Composition with "little sun" looks original, and for the collection of wedding photos - this is a godsend. Large flowers perfectly obtained in the frame, giving the overall brightness of the background. Sunflowers - very resistant flowers, they will suffer hardships quite wedding day, without losing its appeal. Through thick stems that perform simultaneously handle the bouquet, plant conveniently fixed and do not fall apart.

Small sunflower in a bouquet of the bride


The shape of the bud ranunkulyus resembles somethingbetween a bush rose and peony. Multiple petals of this flower form rozetochki and become similar to the work of art of origami. A variety of color palette helps to choose the color that is more to their liking. Ranunkulyusy yellow hue resemble a water lily. Mono-a bunch of these garden buttercups more suited for elegant and sophisticated bride.

In recent years gained popularity ranunkulyusamongst newlyweds who follow the latest fashion novelties. When choosing flowers for a bouquet of these, pay attention to them midway, it is better that they are tightly closed. This suggests fresh plants, which only recently cut. Fed with moisture, the wedding day will bring ranunkulyus well.

Gentle ranunkulyus for wedding flower compositions

What colors would be appropriate in a yellow bouquet

The highlight will be a bouquet of yellow interspersedhis other shades. A striking contrast with the blue, red will add to the attractiveness of the bride flower arrangement. Beautiful bouquet of winning you get when you add to the yellow tulips dark purple irises. The unusual combination of the composition of pink roses, lilies surrounded by lemon hue is pleasing to the eye. Lush greenery, which is present in almost all the bouquets, looks great with sunny colors of any kind. White color is a little extinguish the brightness of yellow, but will give more tenderness.

yellow tone colors Compatibility with other shades

Photo of yellow flowers Bride

After making sure that the yellow color is solelyPositive warm emotions, embodies love and family happiness, you can safely choose for the bride bouquet in sunny colors. A variety of varieties of flora yellow will enable a unique floral arrangement, which perfectly fit into the style of the wedding. Different in shape and size, yellow flowers are perfectly combined with each other and with contrasting shades of plants. Sunny tone wedding bouquet fit for a wedding in any warm season, from spring to autumn.

The choice of flower arrangements for the bride