White wedding bouquets

No wedding is complete without flowers. On this day, beautiful flower arrangements can be seen everywhere: in the motorcade at the groom's suit, on the tables of the banquet hall. But the main colors of the day are in the hands of the bride. Modern women are choosing a wedding composition of different shades, based on the color of the dress, the season or fashion trends, but the white bridal bouquet remains the leader. It is an ideal choice for such an important celebration, because white color symbolizes purity and innocence.

Possible wedding bouquet in white

White wedding bouquets acquire girls, respecting tradition. To create them using florists flowers such as:

  • roses;
  • orchids;
  • chrysanthemum;
  • tulips;
  • callas;
  • cloves;
  • lilies of the valley;
  • snowdrops;
  • lily;
  • orchid.

To the main accessory of the bride is not merged withits snow-white dress, professionals advise to combine the white buds with green plants, using colored decorations (beads, tape) or a beautiful portbuketnitse. Depending on the bride's dress is chosen and the form of the flower arrangement. Popular buds with long stems. With such a simple form does not need an additional decoration - flowers themselves look great, adding elegance image of the bride. Take a look at the video as your own is a charming bouquet of lilies of the valley, peonies, roses, delphinium:

The combination of roses and freesias

Very gentle choice for the wedding - the classicWhite Rose. These royal colors are combined with all kinds of plants, even the most unconventional. Bouquet of roses and freesias looks unusual and original. Freesia symbolizes trust, so it is very appropriate to such a celebration. The combination of white roses and freesias perfect complement cream, pink or other dress the bride, aged in pastel shades.

How to use the router in wedding floristry

Monobuket of white tulips

Tulip - simple but charming flower. Wedding arrangement, which consist exclusively white tulips, girls like to order for spring weddings. These flowers captivate all its sophistication and tight buds, decorated with bright green will complement any outfit. Fortunately look somewhat seasonal varieties of tulips, for example, smooth and terry. Sprig first spring lily of the valley even more beautiful othe refresh.

Bouquet of roses for the bride

Arrangement of peonies and hydrangeas

Peonies - perfect for a summer wedding flowers. Their captivating beauty can collect just gorgeous white wedding bouquets. In combination with a snow-white peony hydrangea not need any more any decor. If a girl wants to move away from the classic ball shape, then to the peonies need to add some green blades of grass sticking up and a sprig eustomy, giving the form of elongation, and flowers - summer mood. So he set off spectacularly bright bride.

Peonies in the image of a bride

A bouquet of roses and orchids

Bouquet, which blends perfectlywhite carnations and orchids, not only decorate the triumph, but points to the bride's status. Mysterious exotic orchid - not a cheap pleasure, she is not only beautiful, but also useful in the preparation of a variety of floral compositions. For example, a seasoned professional of roses and orchids will be able to make the following forms:

  1. Carnations are gathered into a ball, and the orchids hangingcascade. If you choose contrasting accessories, for example, black pearls or purple ribbon, such a composition can satisfy the needs of the most demanding bride.
  2. Several white orchids, lilies, branches Camilla and a pair of lilac anemones will look stylish with white wedding gown.
  3. If the girl wants her wedding to makeon others a strong impression that florists can decorate with orchids carnations high peacock feather. This will be a real boon for the bold and daring bride.

Orchids at the wedding

A photo of beautiful bouquets bride in white

Flower arrangements to decorate the wedding the bride,and their choice of points on the personality of the bride. White roses knowingly remain popular with all the girls of the world, because they are a symbol of love, purity of love. The white lily is selected girls who want to get away from the chosen faithful and gentle lilies symbolize a happy family life. Whatever color you choose on your wedding, add to them any white buds - and you will not regret it!

White flowers at a wedding

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