White green bouquets bride

Wedding bouquet - an important detail imagebride. During the wedding ceremony the girl with green and white flowers look fresh and bright. These colors look great with white dress of the bride. The harmonious combination of white, green, flower arrangement at a wedding the bride make an unusual and spectacular. Choices of bouquets in the palette set. What flowers can be included in green and white composition for the bride?

Choosing the colors depending on the time of year

When choosing a bouquet for the bride is taken into account, inWhat time of year is held a celebration. Seasonal flowers in the hands of the girl will look natural, appropriate and cost - cheap. In summer, the bride a large selection of flowers with different colors. A particularly bright and juicy compositions florists can create a fall, when the bloom bright and colorful plants. The following colors are suitable for autumn wedding:

  • dahlias;
  • gerbera;
  • roses;
  • chrysanthemum;
  • callas;
  • lily;
  • chamomile.

White tulips with sprigs of greenery for the bride

In the spring you can create bouquetsflowering branches of cherry and apple trees, lilac, magnolia, willow "seals", forsythia. Beautiful this time of year will look at the wedding tulips, peonies, lilies, daffodils, anemones, hyacinths. Winter sometimes the most difficult to find a suitable accessory for the bride. During the celebration the bride will have some time to spend on the street, where it will be cold, cold. This should be considered when choosing a bouquet, with an emphasis on cold-resistant colors, otherwise accessory darken and spoil the image of the bride.

Plants with dark petals better toleratedcold than snow-white buds. For a wedding in the green suit composition supplemented with moss, ferns, cacti. It will look even more beautiful, if in beautiful ribbons are used as decoration, beads. Good tolerate frost flowers such as:

  • tulips;
  • callas;
  • gerbera;
  • chrysanthemum;
  • roses;
  • carnation.

Possible wedding bouquets in white and green

Composition with white and green colors - bright,fresh solution for the wedding. This accessory bride is the welfare and life. It is associated with spring, youth. Green flowers underline the connection with nature, so perfect for visiting the wedding ceremony on the banks of a river, lake or the park. Particularly impressive, it looks festive combination of light green and white colors.

If you want to use to createbouquet plants dark green shades, they must not be dominant. This will help avoid the gloomy notes of the image of the bride. For the green pistachio suit wedding dress in the same color palette. White and green plants in the floral composition of the bride in perfect harmony with the different shades of wedding dresses.

The composition of the viburnum and sweet peas

Florists like to create wedding compositionsweet peas. It is desirable to use free bouquets natural shape as it is poorly conserved in tight bundles. Fragrant white flowers of sweet peas with delicate petals resemble butterfly wings and curly stems. They combine perfectly with viburnum, which has a light green tint, the original form.

Viburnum lends the luxury formulation,originality. His umbrellas look elegant. White and Green enhancement of sweet peas and viburnum perfect for brides who love originality, sophistication. With this unusual white and green colors of the bride will look spectacular on the marriage ceremony and the wedding photos. And 10 days after the celebration bouquet will delight newlyweds with its unique views. White and green combination of sweet peas and viburnum looks impressive and emphasizes the freshness of the bride.

Sweet peas with vibirnumom on marriage

The combination of green chrysanthemums and freesias

Florists called freesia plant aristocrats. This flower is perfect, elegant shape of the bud. Freesia are great for drawing up tender wedding bouquets. Such compositions have a pleasant aroma, which can improve mood. Freesia is a symbol of nobility, elegance. Beautiful white and green wedding composition will turn when connecting them with green chrysanthemums.

Recent enhancement give a special flavor,originality. Florists use chrysanthemum greens instead to give the composition of a harmonious and expressive appearance. This white and green bouquet perfect for autumn, winter celebration. He will continue after the holiday even 3 weeks, recalling the happy newlyweds beginning their life together.

The combination of chrysanthemums and freesias for the bride

Bouquet of lilies and roses in a frame of greenery

Lily - a princess among flowers and rose - the queen. Last in the accessory bride underline its tenderness, youth, femininity and purity. White and green composition of these plants looks elegant, incredibly beautiful. Sprigs of green leaves or added to the white lilies and roses, give a special flavor enhancement. If you opted for the roses and lilies, it is desirable to remove the latter the stamens. Otherwise, their pollen during celebrations can stain wedding dress.

White roses, lilies, sprigs of greenery for the bride

Monobuket of green orchids

Wedding accessories with green orchidsIt emphasizes the bride's extravagance, her impeccable taste. The original form of buds, unusual light green tint surprising delights. To create a flower the bride accessories used small size orchid. They are considered to be a symbol of youth, elegance, beauty. Girl with green orchids will look like a queen ..

Green Orchid Suite

Photo examples of bouquets bride in white and green tones

Variants of white-green floral accessoriesa lot of brides. These colors fit perfectly to the wedding, which is linked thematically with nature. White and green plants will be perfectly in harmony with the triumph of fantasy, medieval or fairy tales. Visiting registration of a river, a lake or a holiday decoration in the emerald shade well will be combined with a bouquet in the palette. For the preparation of white-green compositions suitable callas, orchids, tulips, hydrangeas, roses, dendrobium, molutsella, buplerum, viburnum, alstroemeria, eustoma, freesia, chrysanthemum.

white and green composition for the bride