Wedding peonies

Making celebration peonies - a new andThe original trend in wedding fashion. It is interesting and exquisite looks of the holiday design with buds of this gentle and extremely beautiful plants. Peonies wedding perfectly emphasize the solemnity of the event. Their presence at the festival in the language of flowers represents loyalty, love, passion. Therefore, their use is appropriate to the wedding ceremony, because such feelings usually have for each other couple. What are some interesting options to use these colors for the decoration of the celebration?

Ideas pions use in wedding decor

If you love peonies, then consider including themall the accessories of their wedding. Especially it will be important in the spring and summer season, because they bloom during this period. Peony Wedding looks bright, unusual, stylish. For its registration you can invite florists or decorate your own celebration. Peonies exist in a large color palette, but are popular for the decoration of celebrations following shades: white, cream, yellow, pink, purple, red, maroon.

Peonies - symbols of love

Such richness and beauty of colors allowspick them up at any wedding color. To make the holiday try to trim the buds of one or more varieties of the same color. Also, the flowers buds are different form: they can be traditional, double, anemone, spherical, crown, like a rose. Not to mention about the wonderful, easy, pleasant smell them, which is able to create a special atmosphere at the wedding ceremony. What are some interesting ideas for design propionic wedding?

Bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere

bride's special attention to the selection of weddingbouquet. This accessory is extremely important for the bride, because it is part of her image. For the wedding bouquet of peonies usually choose white, pale pink buds. But also look great with white contrasting deep red and maroon flowers. They can be completely open and gentle buds with little leaves.

Originally it looks composition with largeflowers and succulents. Bright will be fashionable look a little bouquet of peonies bloomed in different shades, tied with satin ribbon to match. Aristocratic and exquisite floral composition obtained by combining these colors with roses. Bridal accessories for brides pose, using as some peonies, and their ensembles with :? poppies, roses, iris, bluebells, lilies of the valley, mimosa, freesia, with sprigs of greenery.

Peony bouquet with orchids

To make the wedding in vintage style perfectlyfit bridal bouquet, including a barely the opened buds. Effectively look white peonies in a composition with a little purple. The combination of blossoming and closed buds will look in hands of the bride just amazing. If the bride loves originality, something to create an extravagant bouquet fit her image as propionic handbags on pearl thread or a silk ribbon.

Freesia in propionic composition for the bride

Wedding compositions may be either long,and with short legs, but pions has one drawback: they can not be without water for a long time, so they must be periodically put into a vessel with liquid. Peony in the bride's hair, which combined with its bouquet will look romantic, feminine. Groom boutonniere should be combined with a touch of accessory bride. It is made from small or medium-sized peonies. Particularly impressive on the groom's suit looks peony in combination with herbs.

Propionic boutonniere for the groom

Decoration-site ceremony

Peonies can be a perfect backdrop for an exitceremony. Especially romantic wedding is on the shore of a lake or river. The palette of colors for the ceremony to nature is diverse: it can be blue, pale pink, dairy shades - they will be combined perfectly with the blue lake or river. Flowers this palette are perfect for decoration of wedding ceremony arches for exit. If you want to make the triumph of French vintage style, you can choose to design different shades of peonies.

Arch with peonies on-site ceremony

The decor of the banquet hall

Romantic, extraordinary in the banquet hall wouldlook propionic sea. It is created by filling a glass, ceramic or porcelain container with water and lots of buds. Also good decorate interior room design glasses or wine glasses filled with delicate petals of these flowers. Romantic and pleasant guest will design the chairs are used as the main decorative element vivid peonies. These flowers will create a luxurious atmosphere at a wedding party.

Festive table propionic wedding

Accessories for the holiday table

Table Decoration operate small bouquetspeonies in small jugs. They put in the center of the table, which creates comfort and emphasizes the subtlety of the holiday. To make the seating cards also these colors fit perfectly. Wedding cake will be in harmony with the overall theme of the celebration, if it is to decorate the sweet peony in the style of the holiday. Other sweets can also be an interesting decor in the form of flowers.

Video: clearance peonies country wedding

How to make modern rustic wedding,nice and original? Take as a basis for live wedding design peonies. They emphasize the sophistication of the holiday. The combination of white and pink varieties of plants for the decoration of the arches, tables, tent, chairs and other accessories creates a festive and aristocratic atmosphere. How beautifully and stylishly decorate the triumph of flowers in nature, refer to the video:

Examples of wedding decorations peonies - photo

Wedding celebration, which is decorated with beautifulpeony, necessarily causes delight. Delicate flowers delight the eye and exude a stunning fragrance that adds zest to the wedding. In addition, these flowers are diverse color palette - from a gentle zephyr to lush fuchsia. The season is short of pions, but it opens up bright prospects for the newlyweds: a wedding is sure to become an event that will be remembered for a long time.

Accessories propionic wedding