Wedding bridal bouquet of wildflowers

Modest bouquet of wild flowers is not sosolemn and pompous, like a big armful of red roses, but not least, cute and charming. Many people underestimate it, but in vain. Wedding bouquets of wild flowers are quite unique, original, ideal for the bride's dress. A variety of size - from large to very small, fine compositions - they concern us deeply, evoke a feeling of comfort, warmth.

Advantages and disadvantages of a bouquet of wildflowers

Choosing for themselves a wedding ordinary fieldbuttercups and daisies, a bride should have a good understanding of their features. Without special care plants quickly wither and wedding composition will lose its original appearance. Therefore, make an effort to keep them fresh longer, and you will please all those present his masterpiece. At the wedding bouquet of simple wild flowers a lot of advantages:

  • It will amaze guests with its originality. Roses and gerberas - frequent guests at weddings and such modest composition as you will be completely unique and remembered by all for a long time.
  • This bouquet is easy to make, because there is notbe sure to pick up a plant colors. It can be colorful, bright, diverse, but still be perfectly in harmony with the wedding dress. Configure the composition as prompts your soul, relying on your good taste.
  • He also does not entail a lot of costs, you will be able to save the wedding budget.

Cheap and beautiful composition of wild flowers

The combination of a bouquet of the bride dresses and wedding styling

For a romantic and gentle bride dreaming ofa modest, without the glamor and pathos feigned wedding, the best choice would be a bunch of field or garden flowers. It is understood that the entire wedding should be maintained in a rustic style. If the bride is a rich fluffy dress, embroidered with sequins and pearls, and a banquet hall will shine a chic décor, the modest flowers in the hands of the bride would look out of place.

Ideal wedding bouquet of modestwildflowers bride, dressed in the style of rustic or country, because these styles themselves suggest unity with nature. Also at the wedding in Russian or Ukrainian folk style of the bride, dressed in simple linen, lace or embroidered dress will look great with a bouquet. Girls do not have to choose the dress is richly decorated with precious stones, it is better to stay in the light, airy white dress simple cut.

Wedding composition in the style of rustic and country

If the wedding is held in the summer, on theNature, then you can not do without the wildflowers. The main thing - to choose a simple design in the design of dresses and flower arrangement. For the expression can complete image of the bride garlands, woven into his plants collected in the field. Putting a bunch, do not pay much attention to the shape or color. The casually you build track, the better it will look.

What are the colors of the field make wedding bouquets

Secured Russian brides tend to choosewedding complex, cumbersome floral arrangement to match the chic dress. In Europe and other trend is seen throughout the world - the world tends to simplicity. European bride pick a small composition, often using a variety of wild plants. For example, Kate Middleton has chosen to your wedding modest bouquet of jasmine, combined with lily of the valley and the same modest dress. This trend is in vogue called "naturel" - well that is given by nature.

Bouquet for the wedding of Kate Middleton

Simple, but very beautiful composition for the brideobtained by the successful combination of cornflowers, buttercups, daisies, irises, sunflowers, hollyhocks, bells, lilies, sweet peas, Solidago. Wild poppies bright spots adorn the composition, but not for long - they soon wither. Along with other plants insert in your wedding bouquet of wheat spikelets, fern or other greens that give it volume. Do not be afraid to decorate a modest creation of beads, lace or satin ribbons, from that, he will only become more lively, more attractive.

Decorated field bouquets for the wedding

How long to save a bunch of wild or garden flowers

  • To plant a long time to maintain the original shape and color, cutting them off in the morning, as soon as the dew has come, or late at night.
  • Do not keep all the flowers in the same boat, alone, arrange them by type in different vases.
  • Water for the flowers should not be hard. If possible, add the Chrisal - fertilizer for plants.
  • It so happens that on the fresh cut plant serves juice, then it must be for a few seconds in boiling water drop.
  • The stems of the daisies, cornflowers, delphinium, marigold should be lightly scratched with a needle.
  • Do not immerse the deep water the flowers with a gun on the stems.

Save freshness to the humble wild flowerwedding is very difficult, so the best option is to seek help from an experienced florist who will make you any favorite song, put the cut stems of plants in a special capsule containing the nutrient. Then the flowers do not wither before the scheduled wedding date and will delight you with the natural beauty of the soul. How does wonders professional look in the video.

Photo Wedding bouquet of wildflowers