Wedding bridal bouquet of tulips

Gentle harbingers of heat - bright, colorful,very elegant tulips attract buyers look at the flower market. And not in vain, among the first to bloom in the spring, these beautiful plants fascinate his appearance, odor, give us joy, cheer up. Bride choosing wedding bouquet of roses will look amazing, because they have an amazing ability to emphasize the elegance and beautiful figure girl.

Options bouquets of tulips

The natural elegance, simplicity of formPlants allow you to create very beautiful composition. Juicy leaves, bright flowers - bouquets of them do not need the extra decorations. Plants look great in a one-color composition, or a combination of several colors. Romantic bride is better to stop the choice on white wedding bouquet and passionate girl can come up version of the red and yellow colors. Someone chooses monobukety, others prefer tulips surrounded by other plants - roses, orchids, lilies of the valley.

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Monobuket of white and purple tulips

Even inexperienced florist to create a forcecomposition, using monochromatic tulips. Monobukety perfectly express their divinely beautiful shape and color. White flowers - a symbol of purity, innocence of the bride. They will perfectly blend in with her white dress and give soft image. To make the composition, do not need any floral accessories.

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Violet tulips - a symbol of fidelity. Some people believe that the deeper the color, the stronger the love the young. Bouquet composed with the help of purple or lilac flowers, looks bright, expressive, attracts attention, stands out on the wedding photos, perfectly fits into the pictures. Honeymoon Photos are beautiful, lively, pleasing the eye.

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To create the composition you need an oddnumber of tulips. Choose flowers with large, tightly closed buds of the correct form, with long elastic stems and fresh leaves. To get a beautiful bouquet, they should be not less than twenty pieces. Fold the flowers so that located in the heart protrudes slightly. On the outer edge you can insert leaves Beargrass composition. Tie the bottom of your masterpiece wide colored ribbon or lace, then align the stems with a knife.

Bouquet of tulips and roses

In the market, these flowers are sold separately, butyou can successfully combine them if you wish. Tulips become particularly solemn in combination with roses. Among the brides demand pink flowers. Take a pale pink tulips and add to them a dark red roses, greenery dilute paint. Against the background of white roses will look gorgeous red-orange or pale pink tulips. The use roses, tulips and even act as accents (they should be evenly distributed among the roses) as the basis of the composition.

Tulips and roses

The combination of tulips and irises

Simple, but original and elegant bouquetobtained by combining not more than three different colors. Forming the composition, keep in mind that plants with smaller corolla and pale shades should be placed closer to the edge, and in the center to leave the large and bright flowers. In this case, the center will irises, and the edges - tulips pale shades. Perfectly complement a composition of tropical orchids, ornamental sunflowers.

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Bouquets of tulips with their hands

Tulip stems have long, it allowsto create their own beautiful wedding bouquets of any shape - round, cascade, linear. Striking in its beauty of these plants in monobuketah that are made as a self-colored and multi-colored. The good news is that the range of colors is huge, you can create all sorts of color combinations.

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In addition to flowers familiar to us form the corollathere are many varieties, affecting its elegance. Lilies colored tulips form the petals resemble lilies, Terry - like the lush fragrant peony, fringed - the edges are decorated like a fluffy tape. There are parrot that their colorful petals, feathers are similar to small parrots. With all this variety of shapes and colors, you will create an eye pleasing bridal bouquet for the bride.

Species tulips

Flawless appearance will be a combination of tulipsroses, calla lilies, lisianthus. Tasteful color scheme, you build up a bouquet worthy of attention. Decorate it with greenery, for this purpose is quite suitable baby's breath. In its absence do not worry, your creation will be a delightful unadorned. The only condition: if you want a bouquet lasted longer, avoid combination with strong-smelling plants (hyacinths, daffodils, lilacs).

combinations of tulips

How to keep fresh bouquet

Tulips are resistant to bad weather. In cold conditions, they will not freeze, but more will close their petals and warm them slightly open again.

  • Choosing flowers in the market, pay attention to the fact that their stems are cut obliquely, and the buds are not disclosed.
  • If the selected bouquet you want to save for a while, wrap it in paper and put in a conventional refrigerator.
  • To return tulips fresh appearance, trim the ends, tighten the flowers in paper, pressing them together, and put into the water. They quickly come to life and acquire the necessary form.

The meaning and symbolism of a tulip in a bouquet of the bride

Bright bouquets of tulips

An ancient legend says that once the humanhappiness penetrated the tulip bud and hid there. Many dream to see him, but happiness does not show people. Only when all loving hearts to each other bride and groom asked to open a flower, he parted the petals and released for young happiness. That is why this flower is considered the wedding, all over the world it is treated with a special thrill. In Turkey, this beautiful plant symbolizes fidelity, in the east it equate to the royal flower.

Beautiful bouquets of tulips photo

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