Wedding bridal bouquet of sunflowers - photo

Common sunflower have seen everything. It grows where the seed will fall - in the fields, in the garden with my grandmother, just along the road. Yellow fire head, framed by large petals pleases his view of passers-by, gives heat, light mood. But the fact that these hardy flowers can be the basis for the composition of the wedding, guess not all. Bouquet of sunflowers seemed to absorb the hot rays, and then good-naturedly handing them around. Bride with a cheerful song in the hands will attract the eyes of guests and the attention of photographers.

The meaning and symbolism of sunflowers in a wedding bouquet

The history of this ancient plant rootsin ancient North America. Watching the big flower turns his head after the sun, the local Indians worshiped him, considering the sacred. No wonder the people of Peru, elected him an emblem for its chief deity - the sun god. Over time, the country travelers brought flowers to Europe.

Lovely sun flowers - the basis of a wedding bouquet

There are many legends associated with sunflowers.

  • The first says that people have asked God nottake they never sun. Then God gave them a sunflower. No wonder, even when overcast, he turns his head and looks in the direction of the heavenly body. This plant symbolizes the sun, joy.
  • Lovely Greek myth tells how daughterBabylonian king threw beloved Apollo, giving her the love of her sister. Jealous woman killed her sister, she turned into a big yellow flower, it is constantly caught in the sky trace of his beloved. Therefore, sunflower is a symbol of fidelity, constancy.

The inhabitants of our country call this plantgift of the sun, bearing peace, good health, prosperity in the house, the beauty of the owners. Gold delicate petals will certainly give you wealth. Sunflower is considered a guardian of home and family, able to ward off the evil forces of the people. Growing in the yard solar flower will bring success in your endeavors will contribute to career development, improve the well-being of the host. Wedding bouquet of sunflowers recommend cheerful, energetic girl, warming warmth all around.

Tradition planted sunflowers near the house

Variants of wedding bouquets of sunflowers

Do you want to be stylish, unusual bride? Or do you have planned to "folklore" wedding with the wedding ceremony on-site? Then you just need a wedding bouquet, characterized by all as close as possible to the field. Unique works of floral art, absolutely suitable for a wedding bouquet will be sunny colors. It has many advantages:

  • He's nice, neat look, because forFormulation taken not large field flowers, and small breeds, the size of a gerbera. BREEDER displayed several varieties of ornamental sunflowers are not similar to each other.
  • The plant is able to maintain a fresh appearance for a long time, youYou can not fear that during the day your bouquet will wither or collapse. This just does not happen, the composition is fresh until the end of the celebration, and a few days later.
  • These flowers do not have the sharp smell of heavy, so the audience will not happen allergies or other unpleasant conditions.

Sunflowers in a wedding arrangement

Extremely bright, throw in the eye colors,large size makes sunflower the clear leader in any bouquet. Compared to other plants, he will stand, placing their golden accents. Therefore, there are three main options for the composition:

  • The first - to dilute the basic yellow color moresmall asterisks blue, lilac, pink or white colors. Suit anemones, hydrangeas, orchids, white chrysanthemums. Yellow and blue - a combination of the hot sun and the clear summer sky looks wonderful in a bouquet.
  • Second - add to the little sun as bright large flowers - roses, calla lilies, lily. It will turn fragrant, vibrant bouquet, ideal bride.
  • Third - monobuket sunflowers looking like a great sun. They successfully replace another yellow gerberas or mini sunflowers, then the composition looks a little sleeker.

Options bouquets for the bride

Monobuket of solar sunflowers

For summer and autumn weddings safely choose a bouquetsunflowers, you will not regret their choice. Monobukety come on a long stalk and round - in the shape of a ball. For a composition selected plants of one species and about the same size. If it is made correctly, it will look no worse than difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Going to the florist for the wedding bouquet, you should pre-determine the size and number of flowers. To make monobuketu ease, grace, the main color is diluted with asparagus, hypericum.

Golden sunflowers in monobukete

Composition with irises and greens

Sunflowers are perfectly combined with a blue orlilac flowers such as irises. Bouquet is built on the contrast, catches the eye warmth of the sun and the blue of heaven, diluted light green. Irises in Japan are considered flowers guardian of their respective owners. If you look at the shape of the petals of the iris, they resemble arms brave samurai. This kind of amulet will bring only good for young, protect against any trouble. Tie the stems of the beautiful ribbon and a bouquet of not tear my eyes!

sunflowers Composition with irises

The combination with daisies and orchids

Yellow sun in a white cloud of air daisies andamong them like lanterns, blue orchid - what could be more beautiful than this refreshing mix! Basket overflowing feeling of sultry summer day, when the sun is at its zenith. It symbolizes the cloudless sky above, warm and well-being in the house. Aroma wedding bouquet will cheer up, and its bright yellow-blue color is sure to become a bright central spot in your photos.

Daisies and orchids are well in tune with sunflowers

Photo of a beautiful wedding bouquet of sunflowers