Wedding bridal bouquet of roses

Every future bride, carefully suited to thecreating your wedding image. Not less important is his piece bridal bouquet - an accessory that whole evening has attracted the attention of visitors. Task celebrations culprit is not only to collect a beautiful composition suitable for the style, but also to reflect their character, preferences and tastes. In color matching it takes a long time. If a girl wants to emphasize the love for your partner, the ideal option - alstroemeria.

Alstroemeria or Peruvian lily

Alstroemeria - a unique plant, resembling aboth lily and orchid. Sometimes traders take advantage of this similarity, and on price lists indicate that their Alstroemeria hybrid, but it's not true. For the first time this unusual species has been found in Peru. In those days, the Peruvian land belonged to the Indians, which Europeans called by the Incas. The Incas worshiped nature, worshiped the sun, the wind, the sky, they believed in the existence of spirits.

Thanks to the beauty and brightness of flower Indiansconsidered it a symbol of the sun god grew, they believed that it brings luck, protects from dark forces, is able to protect against predators. Due to the unusual color of petals, resembling the skin of a wild beast, the Incas had many legends associated with the ability of this flower to make a man invisible in the jungle, turning it into a tiger or leopard. In connection with the origin, it is also called "Peruvian lily" or "lily of the Incas."

Great Peruvian beauty

Alstroemeria first began to grow the Spaniards andlater she was brought to Sweden Klas Alstremetrom, who was a disciple of the famous botanist Carl Linnaeus. Linnaeus decided to call an unusual plant in honor of his protege. These flowers quickly gained popularity, used as a gift, not only because of exceptional beauty, but also because of the resistance to climatic conditions. It is also revealed that this plant is able to feel good about themselves during extreme heat, cold, high humidity.

Wedding bouquet with Peruvian beauty

Despite its apparent fragility, flowersextremely viable, easy to grow, long standing, their easy to grow and care for them. The bride, who will choose them for your wedding bouquet, emphasize that their love couples can overcome any difficulties.

Exotic alstroemeria make excellentGroup of delicate roses. A rich palette of bright Peruvian lily to create a truly unique compositions with elegant studded beauty. Unexpected color combinations will highlight the main character, creating a magnificent backdrop for her radiance.

Beautiful celebratory bouquet of roses

Other variants of the wedding bouquet of roses

Alstroemeria - a universal flower, because you canmeet a lot of its species, which will be a perfect composition for mono or bouquet will be well combined with any other plants. The classic combination, proved their popularity in the image of the bride, feel free to call:

  • pale pink flowers with white roses decorate a bouquet of romantic girl;
  • bright orange petals with red gerberas underlined hot temper culprits celebrations;
  • delicate white flowers will talk about the innocence and purity of the girl.

Monobuket of white chrysanthemums

Delicate white flowers will be a perfect decorationclassic round mono bouquet. This option will be bridal accessories perfectly combined with white dress of the bride and the green pigment of some types of white roses give a refined natural way. Also great white bouquet looks with color dresses, putting the right emphasis in the image of the bride.

Monobuket white inflorescences

A bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums

bouquet composition with decorative rosesIt may look bright, gentle and air. A rich variety of both species will allow future wife to create a unique festive accessory. She can assemble delicate shades of Peruvian lilies to roses, or make colorful accents other plants.

Great version of a wedding bouquet

Alstroemeria and gerbera

Delicate flowers Peruvian lily perfectlycombined with round fine lilies. This wedding bouquet looks like a king, it is ideally reflect the theme of rich grand celebration. If a girl wants to give loved ones a little bit of good mood, you will need to choose a beautiful palette of many colors: red, orange, bright pink.

Harmonious accessory with gerberas

The combination of alstroemeria with irises, lilies and orchids

Charming irises bright blue and purplecolors look great next to the magnificent fern. The combination of these two plants will shade the other floral species - small roses, lilies. It should be remembered that, in contrast to the persistent Peruvian lilies, irises differ intolerance of cold, lack of water, because of this, their flowers wither quickly, so you need to ask the florist for wedding teypirovat stems attribute.

Irises and Peruvian beauty

Larger lily wonderful combined withlilies because of their external similarity, the part may seem that this species of the same plant. Excellent look cascading wedding bouquets with their combination.

A great combination of two plant species

Orchids - gorgeous plants which emphasize the refined image of the bride, and the magnificent Peruvian lilies to shade them, make a wedding complete attribute composition.

Wedding bouquet of orchids and lilies of the Incas

Beautiful bouquets of roses photo

Options bouquets with roses