Wedding bridal bouquet of roses, roses

The preparation of the bride wedding image leavesa lot of time. It is necessary to consider every detail: choose the perfect dress, choose comfortable shoes, find the corresponding accessories, as well as order a festive bouquet. Flower arrangement for the ceremony of the event should reflect the character of the bride, fit her taste and in harmony with the dress. For gentle, romantic girls who want to emphasize their exquisite beauty, suitable bouquet composed of different color roses.

Tips on how to choose the right rose bush

As a primary or secondary elementgrand bouquet of roses used for a long time, but only in the last century, breeders brought new and unusual variety of this plant - the rose bush. From the classic flower that grows on a long stalk, this rose is characterized by the fact that it grows on the bush, as well as the presence of several small buds on a branch. Thanks to this unusual sight, the plant looks more gentle than elegant, but at the same time rigorous rose garden, known for its large buds.

Wedding accessory culprits celebrations of different color roses

Because of its shape, exquisite bud andsharp spikes, rose is the queen of all flowers. The plant is perfect for a classic celebration where the bride will appear beautiful princess. But do not give up the bouquet with shrub roses the girls who choose a simple or a themed version of the celebration. Due to the fact that the flower is perfectly combined with other plants, and also has a rich color palette for florists culprits celebrations can create a composition to any image.

Girl, think kind of wedding bouquet, it is necessary to pay attention to a few important elements:

  • Marks the selected plants, if the bride wants to talk about the relationship with her fiance in the language of flowers.
  • The color palette of the bouquet, which should be in harmony with the dress.
  • The shape of the flower arrangement. About choosing her need to take care in advance, if the culprit celebration is not willing to settle for what is left of florists in stocks before the wedding.

The bride with a delicate bouquet

Color spectrum

When it defined with the future wife thatthe main decoration of the ceremonial bouquet will shrub rose, you need to think about what color to choose buds. A rich variety of shades of rose bush allows the hero of the occasion to find the most suitable flowers to match the dress. Also, the future wife should decide whether to put a symbolic meaning in the choice of colors because each color has its own meaning:

  • White Rose bush - it is a pure, innocent love between the spouses, light, prosperity, peace and harmony in the future family.
  • Bright red (but not too dark) - a passion, great love between the bride and groom, loyalty, admiration for each other.
  • Pink - soft, good relationships that are built on an infinite trust in each other, caring, faithful.

The gentle tone of the bride wedding flower compositions
  • Orange indicates a cheerful, joyful couple who come together to live life happily and actively.
  • Yellow, according to ancient legends, symbolizes the separation, but in some cultures it is considered the color of joy, rebirth of the sun.
  • Peach - a color that speaks of modesty of the bride, her husband gratitude, joy from the fact that they are together.
  • Green roses combined with a gentle way to tell the wedding that the heroes of the festivities planned to live in abundance, but generously. Such tone flowers alludes to procreation.

The bride can be used for galabouquet of multiple colors to highlight the features of their fundamentals relations with a future spouse. Good will look like a pastel floral arrangement, where there are different shades of roses, and more brilliant accessory. It is advisable to opt for a bouquet of not more than 3 tones, although an experienced florist is able to create a quality and a bunch of more colors.

Bright wedding bouquet bride attribute

The size of flowers and bouquets

The buds of roses and flowers, usually small,but may have different shapes - with smooth or slightly 'shabby' petals, neat tender buds or relief structure. floral interior consultants will offer you options for flower buds, as well as prompt, what type of bouquet to suit your wedding image. Their are several:

  • Classical. It is done by means of stacked close to each other plants, creating the shape of a hemisphere. Suitable for classic celebrations.
  • Threaded. It uses a short or long branches bush roses. Pull-down flower arrangement can be severe drop-shaped, sometimes takes the form of a waterfall or is asymmetrically as if chaotically arranged flowers.

The original cascading bridal bouquet
  • Biedermeier. One of the classic versions of the wedding bouquet, where roses roses branch is inserted by means of the rings. Done with portbuketnitse.
  • Spherical. This accessory bride wears on her wrist. Hedge plants are fixed on an ad hoc basis, forming a bouquet ball.
  • Glameliya. When creating this composition roses flower petals glued together to get one big bud.
  • Bouquet-coupling. This option is perfect for the winter season, when the girl wants to hide your hands in warm. Coupling hide delicate fingers from the cold, and decorated with flowers, would look great.
  • Bouquet-fan. Unusual gala wedding attribute shrub roses in a fan surprise guests. It looks interesting, elegant, suitable for oriental themed wedding or antique.

Wedding bouquet of the fan-shaped spray roses

The combination of a dress of the bride

Festive bouquet should ideally be in harmonywedding dress celebrations culprit, come in color, form. A few simple tips will help you choose the right type of beautiful wedding accessories. At what points to look out for when choosing a holiday attribute made of roses roses:

  • wedding fashion experts adviseopt for floral compositions plants that are the same color as the bride's dress. White roses on a white background can "get lost", losing its sophisticated look. Culprit celebrations can pick up a contrasting shade or use additional plant elements - green leaves, small contrasting flowers.
  • If the future wife chose beige, peachor sand color of the dress, the worst case would be a bouquet of white roses shrub. Beautiful accessory is able to "pay off" tone of the wedding decorations, create a sense of "contamination" dress.
  • With bright colors should be handled carefully so as not to make the mix too vulgar and showy. In the rest of the decoration of the culprits celebrations same shades must be present.

Colorful bouquet of roses in bud
  • Red-haired girl is best suited bouquetsorange, blonde - soft pastel, pink tones, brunettes - bright pink and red accessory options. To select the color of plants is necessary on the basis of their tsvetotipa.
  • If present on the board elements such as beads, pearls, rhinestones, then a flower arrangement is also possible to decorate them. The main thing that in the bouquet was retained the overall style of the bride image.

What colors are combined in a rose bouquet bride?

Due to its versatility, shrub roseIt may be not only independent part monobuketa but wonderfully combined with other plants. With this flower look great exotic orchids, eustomy touching, delicate irises, chrysanthemums holiday, lush peonies. Also good with buds of roses roses combines a variety of grass, leaves. For themed wedding bouquet can be decorated with berries, twigs, fruits, cones. Take a look at the video below, how to create a bouquet for the bride with classic shrub roses and calla lilies:

Excellent composition obtained by combiningrepresentatives of different kinds of roses: roses and garden. This may be to combine several types of bush roses and harmonious use of them with garden plants. It will be interesting to look bouquet gradient that creates a smooth transition from the dark, rich shades to lighter.

The composition of bush roses and alstroemeria

Alstroemeria or "Peruvian lily" - abeautiful plant, brought to Europe from South America traveler biologist. His Alstroemeria flowers reminiscent of a small copy of lilies, she looked exotic and at the same time gentle. The plant is perfectly combined with shrub roses because of its inflorescences: alstroemeria on a stalk located just a few flowers, as is the case with buds of roses. Such combination of gentle like romantic girls who want to emphasize touching wedding image.

Alstromerias with roses

The combination of lilies and irises

Chrysanthemums with delicate irises, used indrawing up a bouquet with a rose bush, become part of a truly original, lively composition. The rich color palette of these plants will help culprit celebrations make the image bright, extravagant, or vice versa - gentle and sweet. Look at the photo below, it looks like a bunch of right-set bright accents.

Flower Bride accessory of chrysanthemums and irises

Bouquet of eustomy, garden roses and freesia

With shrub roses will look eustomagreat: its bud is shaped like a rose, but with more brittle and smooth petals. Touching freesia, in turn, beautifully accentuate delicate floral combination of components of the composition. As a rule, the bouquets with these flowers are done in pastel colors to emphasize the romantic image of the bride.

Flower Bride Bouquet of freesia and eustomy

Photo of a beautiful wedding bouquets of roses and lilies

When choosing a bouquet for special occasions,bride to be explored many options of wedding accessories. The future spouses have the opportunity to experiment with shrub roses, creating unusual combinations of bright, particular attribute form. Photo collection of different bouquets will help you choose the appropriate option the flower arrangement.