Wedding bridal bouquet of roses - Photo

There is a certain prejudice againstUse cloves for decoration of wedding accessories. Someone thinks that the flowers are given only to men, as in ancient times, they weave into a wreath for the winner. Other girls find carnation simple and uninteresting, why not present them in the form of wedding flowers. And in vain! Bouquet lace flower buds in the hands of the bride looks gorgeous. This accessory to complement the image of the bride, underline its tenderness and originality. How to choose a bouquet for the bride?

Skins wedding bouquets of anthuriums

Bright bouquet of carnations is awesomelook beautiful against the backdrop of the white wedding dress. Especially it will be appropriate if the bride dress red present items or accessories. But the most popular among brides are white, pink, cream-colored buds of the compositions. For young newlyweds ideal option would be a wedding accessory with a little blossoming buds. These delicate flowers will emphasize the purity, the innocence of a young girl.

Brides older is better to choose for the weddingceremony full bloom buds. Depending on the growth of women may have different design options for the wedding bouquet. Miniature bride will look cute with little bud varieties Chabot. A newly married with model looks and tall floral arrangements fit a round shape, as well as pull-down options.

Arrangement with roses

If spray roses and carnations - a favorite flowerbride, they can become the basis for a beautiful and elegant accessories for the bride. Traditionally, roses - his favorite flowers florists to create the wedding songs, they have an amazing beauty and nobility. If they are connected to the studs, you get an original and impressive. Interestingly will look flowers in wedding bouquet in a single tone, and combined with each other in shades.

Roses and Lace flower buds in the hands of the bride

Combination with lisianthus

Gentle and romantic little like lisianthuson the rose. This similarity gave them a second title - Japanese rose. Lisianthus can be different shades. Especially effective with studs combine cream, white, pink, purple Japanese rose. Lisianthus give special beauty of the composition. The combination of Japanese roses and lace clove bud is perfect for young brides, because they emphasize the purity and tenderness.

Red lace bud wedding

Monobuket of white or red carnations

Well it looks classic monophoniccomposition. If it is formed using only the white buds, it will emphasize the romantic image of the bride. And if it is mono color composition red carnations, then playing on the contrast with the snow-white dress, she will emphasize the bright and sensual image of the bride. Make monochrome floral bridal accessories simple: from the flowers for this round bouquet shape, trim the stems, tie base Wrap it in paper, corrugated green or black shade, secure wrap with a satin ribbon to match.

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The meaning and symbolism of carnations in a bouquet of the bride

Is it worth it to pay attention to the prevailingrelated to lace color? Judge for yourself, because these colors are created to give joy to the people for its delightful shades and forms. Does the modern man that the Roman mythology ascribes studs image of sad colors? The answer is obvious - no! So if you love these flowers and want to use them to create a bridal bouquet, it is not necessary to pay attention to prejudices.

In the Western world completely different attitude to thesecolors. It is popular to use cloves for decoration of wedding events and the creation of the bride's bouquet. Interestingly, from Greek into Russian language the word "stud" is translated as "divine flower". Therefore, some consider her the personification of love in the broadest sense of the word. For florists carnation - a symbol of a woman's love, fidelity, freedom, honor.

The bride with a bouquet of carnations in

By selecting the composition buds of different colors, you can express your feelings and mood:

  • White carnation - this wish success to all the guests.
  • Pink flower petals symbolizes the loving care of a mother for her children, so he decided to give moms.
  • Striped buds give to express refusal.
  • One flower in the bouquet denotes consent or answer "yes."
  • it would be appropriate to choose a bouquet of bright red flowers for the bride with leadership qualities.
  • pink buds suitable for charming optimist.

Tips on choosing a wedding bouquet

There are more than 300 varieties of carnations. However, the compositions are widely used for only the Chinese, Turkish and garden variety of the flower. Carnations can be different palette: white, yellow, red, pink, purple, two-tone. For a bridal bouquet is well suited combination of the following colors: red and pink, deep purple and lavender. Especially festive and tenderly looks white bouquet. However, the flowers of this color to quickly fade, especially in winter.

Extremely well blended white, pinkor scarlet buds. Effectively will look these flowers not only in the hands of the bride: they are ideal for the decoration of the banquet, arches and other elements of the wedding hall. Combine them with green sprigs, roses, baby's breath and kraspediey. Often they are used to create a round form of bouquets. To make an interesting composition florists sometimes use only flowers without stems - they are tightly connected to each other. The result leaves the original wedding accessories.

Workshop on design bouquet of roses with their hands

Would you like to have been the original weddingflowers at a wedding? Make your own bouquet. So you create a wedding accessory, which is a piece of your heart, soul. And it will give a special charm to your creation, and give through your festive mood groom and all the guests at the ceremony. Considering their wedding photos years after the wedding, you will be pleased to see them you created floral masterpiece. An interesting story about its design, you can tell your future children.

To create a wedding flower accessoryyou need the following plants: lilies, branches of myrtle, Turkish cloves, white hyacinths. All the flowers cut the stems, and instead insert the wire floristic. This is due to the fact that the stems are thicker and the wire when forming a composition with a large amount of flowers handle it is too thick, uncomfortable. The wire is bent well, allowing the composition to set elements into position. Materials and tools for the creation of the bouquet:

  • Carnations - 11 pcs.
  • Lilies of the valley - 15 pcs.
  • Hyacinths - 10 pcs.
  • Myrtle Greens - 5 pcs.
  • Floral wire - 45 cm on each flower.
  • White satin ribbon - 1.5 m with a width of 1.5 cm.
  • Scissors, glue, floral paper.

The process of creating a flower arrangement:

  1. Making song better in just a few hours before the ceremony. Recently, it is necessary to cut flowers forming the bouquet before put on the water 3 hours.
  2. Take the cloves, cut off her stems bud below 3 cm.
  3. Wire (45 cm) pierce the stem at the base of the flower.
  4. Floral stalk is pulled through the rod so that the ends of it were at the same level.
  5. Winding stem-wire-teip floral tape, starting from the puncture site and down to the end of the rod. Wrapped several times a rod belt. So we make a simulation of the stem.
  6. Take the lilies of the valley, we remove them with leaves. We form them in bunches of 3-4 sht.Obmatyvaem floral rod, and then the special paper. Previous leaves lily of the valley leaving to form the bouquet.
  7. Putting it into a bundle 11 prepared carnations in form of heart. This should be done very gently, because the buds are too fragile. When you collect them together, you'll notice a void in the composition.
  8. Free places fill the prepared bundleslily of the valley, hyacinth, myrtle branches. After that, a bouquet lily of the valley leaves void insert. So we obtain a composition with outward flowers. Stems associate special floral tape.
  9. The base composition wrap spiral satin ribbon (1.5 cm wide). We fasten it with glue, as well as the decor.

A photo of beautiful bridal bouquet of roses for bride

Gentle and romantic, bright and passionate,pastel, original - carnation flowers attract the attention of florists, and are the basis of the set of wedding songs. Becoming popular for a long time, this flower does not lose its qualities now. One of the main advantages of the plant is considered to be the fact that the buds for a long time remain fresh and beautiful appearance. This means that a bouquet in hands of the bride and fade at the end of the celebration.

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