Wedding bridal bouquet of roses

More and more brides back fromtraditional canons and the usual parts wedding accessories. In particular, it concerns the bridal bouquet, the groom presents the bride who is a symbol of the consent to go with him to the altar. If you choose a bridal bouquet of roses for the occasion, it means only one thing: you are an outstanding person who used to stand out for its bright view among the common masses. For more information read on a flower.

The meaning and symbolism of chrysanthemums in a bouquet of the bride

Gerber symbolizes modesty of the bride, whichendowed with a mysterious twist. Yet this kind of flowers says that its owner - a very positive person, cheerful, funny and humorous. It is so positive flowers that, looking at them, creates an association with a bright warm sun. Gerbera emphasize the solemn image of the young person, creating an atmosphere of happiness around her.

Meaning of gerbera flowers in the world is a symbolsolar disk surrounded by thick beams petals. This value gives a good gerbera creative energy, so the bride chose her for the wedding of the composition, will receive an excellent guardian. It will help the girl to create a positive aura around his persona, will set the correct direction of the beginning of their married life.

Sun Association bride bouquet with gerberas

Variants of wedding bouquets of roses - Photo

By itself, the gerbera can combine severalcolors and only use it in the creation of wedding composition does not spoil the original and beautiful image of the girl wedding. However, for those who love to compose and mix colors, use more than one species in one bouquet, it is important to know what gerbera flowers will perfectly combined:

  • During the layout of different colors, use the green twigs, decorate the bride's bouquet of irises, add bright decorations.

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  • To the composition looked stylish and not look nalyapisto, use no more than three different types of flowers.
  • Keep an eye on the fact that the combinedcolors wedding song. Do the contrast of bright colors, make a composition using the compound of dark colors with light. If using a bouquet of orange color, then dilute the color palette with the help of a bright blue iris.

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  • You can make a bouquet in Ombre style, using different shades of the same color: from dark - to light or vice versa.
  • Under the rules of flower arranging, during the preparation of the composition, large bright buds placed in the center and smaller flowers with a light shade are in registration, as if framing a bouquet.
  • It looks nice when bride attribute will be executed in the form of a cascade or a round shape.

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The combination with chrysanthemums and carnations

Alstroemeria - is an exotic flower,which has an unusual bright color with a distinctive pattern. This bloom blends perfectly with gerberas, chrysanthemums and other types of flowers at the time of the wedding song. By selecting this option the bride's bouquet, you will become irresistible wedding girl, in whose hands raised beautiful combination of colors in bright colors. You'll be a magnet of attention.

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The composition of lilies and roses

Rose - a traditional wedding flower thatIt symbolizes love, fidelity in love couple. If you combine a red rose in a composition with white roses, it will come out incredibly beautiful bouquet bride who wants to catch the wedding every unmarried girlfriend. Dilute these flowers with a sprig of green leaves, and they will play live colors to attract attention.

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Bouquet of roses and lilies

Making a wedding bouquet of roses and liliesIt would be insanely good option for women who enjoy a memorable fragrance of beautiful flowers. But be careful: lily fragrance capable of so much that you can head ache from such a sharp flavor. On the part of this attribute in the hands of the bride looks very gentle, nice and gives a special charm to the overall image of the culprits of a wedding celebration.

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Monobuket of white or pink gerberas

As everyone already know a long time ago, white color - ita symbol of purity, innocence and sincerity marries the girl. By selecting only the color scheme for the bride's bouquet, you emphasize the feature of your chaste image will show how sincere do you feel about the event. If your choice fell to the side of pink color, it means that the person you are romantic, delicate, your femininity captivates everyone. Delicate pink goes well with a white wedding dress beautiful bride.

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Master class for creating a bouquet with their hands

Gerbera - flower, endowed with the property for a long timeto preserve their freshness after cutting. Therefore, if you choose it for your wedding bouquet, then this option will be extremely correct and flowers do not fade even on the day after the wedding. But to make a beautiful composition with these wonderful colors you can always independently, the main thing - to stock up on some attributes floral tricks. Below you will find a short master class on creating a wedding bouquet with their hands.

  • First step: preparation of color to the design. Before bouquet arrangement, each flower you need to nourish fresh water for 6 hours, so it does not lose its appearance during the celebration. This is done in the following manner:
  1. Go to the flower shop to buy "Chrisal" (special floristic means). It will be necessary to add to the water tank.?
    Chrisal for cut flowers
  2. Take gerbera without removing Veins with buds(If any), and insert them in Cardboard plate, stringing up a stalk of inflorescence. To do this you need to cut a hole in a piece of cardboard so as not to injure the flower stems.
  3. The result will be that the head gerberas comfortably lie on cardboard, as if in limbo. In this position, putting cardboard on the wall of the tank, put the flowers in water.
  • Engorged with water colors, go to the rigorouslaying gerberas in a neat bunch. This is done using a special technique: Lay each stalk close to each other, make sure that all the buds are at the same level. Give flowers round shape. For decoration add sprigs of green inflorescences, different floristry accessories: mesh, beads, lenses, etc...
  • For fastening the stems is important to usenatural fabrics, to bind and you arrange flowers. This is necessary in order to bunch suffocated. An alternative could provide a thin wire.

The principle of binding the stems in a bouquet
  • On top of this natural ties you can already use a bright ribbon to draw beautiful bottom.
  • Bonus tip: you can mix it with other gerbera flowers of different colors, for example, roses, lavender, freesia, tulips, calla lilies, daisies.

Video: How to make a beautiful bouquet of roses

Gerbera - Flowers undemanding, so theyversatility allows to perform original compositions, without resorting to the services of a professional florist. Carefully read the tips and tricks of florists, connect your imagination, use your favorite colors, additional types of colors and have fun with autographic design bouquet for the bride. To the creative process went faster and more fun, check out the video in which you will find useful tips for flower: