Wedding bridal bouquet of irises

Wedding bouquet - an important componentfestive image of the bride. Each girl is thoroughly suited to the selection of colors for this accessory, studying "language" of the plant, through to attribute to tell about his character and preferences, correct accents. If the hero of the occasion will reveal its delicate, romantic side, show off a refined nature, there is nothing better than to get into the hands of the bouquet composed with the help of gorgeous flowers - irises.

The significance and symbolism of the iris in the bride's bouquet

Strict xiphoides form petals in many countries served interpretation of the values ​​of the iris, a flower as a warrior:

  • Japanese iris symbolizes strength, courage, courage,
  • in Europe, this plant is considered to be an ornament of kings,
  • iris flowers were known in ancient times, theyimages can be often found in the frescoes of ancient Egypt, Babylon: in those days harmless fragile flowers were designed to evoke awe in his subjects.

Magnificent flowers for the wedding bouquet

Now the value of the beautiful flowers changed. Bride in wedding including irises attribute demonstrate their loyalty to the young man, their relationship strong, tender friendship. This bouquet is that the future wife truly love each other. By creating a composition of these plants, the girl did not make a mistake, because irises have several indisputable advantages:

  • Low odor. Due to the thin, subtle flavor, this attribute is suitable even for women with a sensitive sense of smell, can not tolerate harsh, bright aromas.
  • A huge palette of shades. Pale pink, bright blue, purple, white and maroon - it is only a hundredth part of the rich diversity of species of irises. Each hero of the occasion will be able to choose the shade that will blend in perfectly with the holiday decorations, wedding dress.

Some features of the iris, which you need to know to create a wedding attribute:

  • Irises are long. Hardly festive bouquet will last longer than three days, even if you try to extend the life of the plants. Fragile petals quickly wither and lose shape, but during the wedding this attribute will shine in all its glory.
  • Seasonality. In the period from August to February is better to abandon the purchase of irises - the best flowers are brought in later.

Possible wedding bouquet of irises

There are many ways to createbridal bouquet: it all depends on the preferences of the bride, her visions of his image, the combination with dress. Well look monobukety iris white, blue, shades of blue. Long legs of such an accessory will emphasize the harmony of the bride, her finesse. If you appear all in white, not necessarily to choose pastel colors attribute - make a bright blue or soft pink accent, it will look great.

Possible wedding attribute with irises

For bright, bold natures who want to raisethe mood of the guests of the holiday, the ideal option would be a combination of colorful yellow, red, orange irises. Experiment to create unusual compositions. Feel free to combine with other spring flower plants popular for wedding bouquets - roses, hydrangeas, lilies, tulips, etc. Do not decorate the floral bouquet of Iris grids superfluous details of decoration. Ideal satin, lace or other suitable shade tape, tied round the middle of the accessory foot.

Monobuket of white irises

White wedding bouquet with irises tell aboutbride's femininity, her tenderness and purity. The white petals look weightless touching emphasize ease of character and charm culprit celebration. Some types of white irises are yellow pigmentation that will make a bouquet with them really bright and sunny. These options are used for autumn weddings.

White petals with a yellow and green pigment

The combination of iris and chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum symbolizes inner tenderness,longevity, grace - along with strict irises it will look great. With a rich color palette of lush chrysanthemums, along with iris, you'll be able to create a truly unusual, unique composition of these two types of plants.

Beautiful combination of chrysanthemums with irises

Bouquet of irises and tulips

Delicate tulips with smooth, elastic petalswill perfectly contrast with the delicate irises. Tulips are a symbol of perfect love, which does not tarnish with age. You can create a bright spring bouquet composition, or highlight its elegance, preferring discreet deep shades.

Tulips - a great company iris flowers

iris composition with roses, gerberas and chrysanthemums

Due to its versatility iris capablelook great with any selected plants. Remarkably, they look with subtle, beautiful roses: suitable for both small buds and blooming gorgeous large flowers. Often irises are pigments bright hue at the base of the petal - Pick up roses, combined with the pigment color to create a harmonious wedding attribute.

Roses in the iris bouquet bride

Elegant round gerbera means gratitude,symbolizes the respect of partners to each other, so the fit is perfect for a wedding bouquet. Girl picking such a combination - gerbera with irises - at the same time emphasize the carefree, beautiful love and a willingness to take responsibility for another person to live a whole life together, treating each other with respect and love.

Gerberas and irises in the image of a bride

Bright southern alstroemeria suitable for weddingattribute that the bride wants to do other than classical. Exotic plants, reminiscent of lily with delicate iris petals create a unique combination. Such a composition will highlight in the general mood of the bride, pridsat his playfulness, regardless of age.

Irises with gorgeous lilies

How long to retain a fresh bouquet

Girls who want to save a little longerfresh flower arrangement, should take care of the presence of water during the wedding day. When the bouquet is not necessary for a formal appearance, or a beautiful photo shoot, it is better to put it in the water to the end of the evening flowers kept pristine beauty. Irises hygrophilous, so it is necessary to make sure that plants feel good, because the delicate petals wilted look sad.

There are several ways to extend the life of irises:

  • Post a girlfriend, which helps during the wedding, an indication of when the bouquet is not necessary, at least for a short time to put it in a bottle of water or in a vase.
  • To prolong the life of flowers you get when you dissolve in water aspirin tablet or a sugar cube.
  • Ask the florist teypirovat stalks. This will ensure long-term preservation of irises, will allow the bride does not have to worry about how to carry water to feed a wedding attribute.

taping process iswrapping the stems of cotton swab moistened with water or a special solution, and after processing by a moisture-proof tape them tight. However, this option is not suitable for a simple bouquet, where the stems are visible guests: they have to hide under a floral paper.

Iris bouquet attract the attention of the guests will be a memorable part of the image. Watch the video, where an experienced florist create a bridal bouquet with irises and roses:

Beautiful wedding bouquets of irises photo

Beautiful options of wedding bouquets with iris