Wedding bouquets with berries

Beautiful, unusual, exclusively in the hands of the bridelook flowers with berries. The bride with wedding flowers, diluted strawberry, blackberry or cranberry, looks original. Berry note bouquet is particularly relevant at the festival over the wedding, which will take place in nature. Songs with blueberry or rowan add bright colors and the image of the bride will be surprised with the beauty of all the guests. What fruits are suitable for the creation of wedding accessories?

Possible wedding bridal bouquet with berries

Summer nature sometimes gives us a lot of berries, ofThey make original wedding accessories. And their colors, shape and size can be varied. Bouquet can consist entirely of mountain ash, viburnum berries or bright brush can be a part of it. Such compositions are perfect for summer celebrations on the occasion of the marriage.

Creative composition

To create a beautiful element in a weddingthe image of women is used as a ripe and green berries. Unripe blackberries, currants different varieties, rose hips, olives, snegoyagodnika, rowan, kumvata are ideal to decorate the bride. But not every woman dares to hold marriage in the hands of flowers and bushes with ripe strawberry and blackberry, because there is worry about the purity of its snow-white dress.

In this case, a good option would be to add toaccessory bride artificial red raspberries, strawberries or other fruits. The decor of fake berries in colors successfully used in the winter season. Plus, this girl decorating that bunch did not lose its beauty during a frosty walk unlike gentle living plants. Photos newlyweds on the white snow will be original, unusual due to the bright berry bouquet.

Composition with red hypericum berries

Bright red fruit of St. John's wort, which is differentIt called Hypericum can be original decoration wedding floristic composition. Berries on twigs are perfectly combined with different colors, so they are considered universal florists to create the wedding accessories. It is believed that hypericum branches are well suited for a celebration in the "country" style, but St. John's wort will look great in any wedding celebration.

Registration via hypericum

Red hypericum is in harmony withtulips, roses, calla lilies, irises, Camille and chrysanthemums. Sprigs of scarlet wedding flowers St. John's wort will give a unique, stylish, original look. Versatility hypericum attracts florists, so they create a beautiful ornament from plants to create a compelling image of the bride. Well, when there is a bouquet of a single copy is created for the bride, given its image.

Wedding bouquet with snowball

Scarlet Viburnum (viburnum) symbolizefemininity, love and motherhood. The Slavic peoples red fruit is often present at weddings. Kalina used to be the personification of the girl's beauty. A sprig of the plant put on the holiday table, which was a sign of loyalty and familial feelings. In light of this, there is nothing unusual in the fact that some of the bride and groom choose the colors, supplemented by snowball. It goes well with red roses, Eustoma, poppies (red, white, purple).

Bright composition with snowball

Flower arrangements with blackberries

Florists appreciate blackberries for her beauty,versatility. It can give a bouquet of summer mood and freshness. If you want to accessory exuded a pleasant aroma, then supplement it with sprigs of ripe blackberries, but in this case a girl at a party, you must be careful not to stain clothes. A safer option - to use in a bouquet green blackberries. It does not wither, and will for a long time to please the eye.

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Bridal bouquet with rowan berries

Orange rowan bunches may become brightemphasis in the wedding composition. If your wedding is scheduled for the autumn, the fruit will give a ryzhinkoy flower accessories cheerful, original look. Perfectly in tune with rowan twigs gerberas, small rose, creating a spectacular and colorful view of the bride's bouquet. Accessory with rowan fit fun and extraordinary bride. Orange clusters and white or bright colors blend beautifully in the compositions.

Rowan for the bride

With strawberry

If the bride loves strawberries, its fragrantfruit can be the basis for the wedding bouquet. The only drawback of such a composition - the risk to stain festive attire. Originally, it looks spectacular in the hands of the bride accessory of strawberries and figs, but bold and extravagant bride and groom will decide on an experiment to create your wedding image. Combinations of the bushes of strawberries and flowers is perfect for girls of the image on the same celebration.

garnished with strawberries

Photo Wedding bouquet with berries

Creative, fashion will look like a bride inwhose hands are decorated with a composition that combines flowers and berries. When choosing unusual raspberry, strawberry, blackberry bouquet, note that it can quickly lose appearance or crumble. It is best to entrust the execution of accessory florist who knows all the intricacies of this case. The girl whose image will adorn wedding berry fantasy is compelling, mysterious.

Artificial or immature blackberries, strawberries,Kalina is the best choice for decoration accessory the bride because of her wedding dress and groom's suit girls will not suffer from the juice of the plant. The fruits and leaves are well in tune with the field and the precious plants. Such combinations of plants are ideal for autumn and summer celebrations. They look beautiful, appetizing, natural, and their surprising and unusual image will impress all guests.