Wedding bouquets of fabric

Fresh flowers at a wedding in the bride's bouquet - morerecently it was an essential attribute of the celebration. But progress does not stand Mete, women are increasingly resorting to the original solutions in the design of their bouquets. Sometimes the originality of steps so far, that the bouquet does not remain a single living flower. From that it does not get worse, because all the flowers have their place, but they are made of soft, beautiful fabric.

Bouquet of fabric as an alternative to living color

Fabric bouquets recently entered the weddinglife, but soon gained fans around the world. The advantage of such flowers is undeniable, they are beautiful, original. Each song - a masterpiece of applied art, it is unique, created with the soul, the image allows you to give a wedding special features. Tactile items such pleasant, cozy, refined - it conveys the image of the bride.

Classic bouquet of fabric

They can be created in different styles, options, enhancing or diluting the overall surroundings. Style solutions, there are many, the most popular wedding fabric to create the following compositions:

  • Classic - minimalism, romantic, rounded form of homogeneous composition, decorated with silk ribbons, pearls, glitter.
  • Retro - abound with decorative elements (brooches, stones, beads, golden hues of "antique"), a woven fabric flowers.
  • Vintage - Retro romantic, teeming with lace, vintage brooches, muted pastel.

Vintage bouquet
  • Bohemian - textile flowers, combined with natural elements (branches, berries, pine cones, feathers).
  • Marine style - tape stripes, imitating a sailor, soft blue and white colors, free execution.

Sea style
  • Art Deco - stylish products, complemented by brightaccessories (pearls, feathers, brooches), which perfectly match with fabric solutions. They have evolved elements (feathers, decorative branches) or asymmetrical.
  • Country - wedding items by using the denim material in blue, red colors. A motley composition, often decorated with burlap, twine, simulated field plants.

The composition in country style

Popular materials for the creation of textilemasterpieces of the wedding is organza, chiffon, satin, polyester, silk, felted wool, lace, felt, kanzashi flowers. They may appear in all sorts of ribbons, buttons, beads, and other decorative elements, which are difficult to include in full flower composition. Unlike the past, textile wedding bouquets - an endless field for the imagination an application that will make the image of the bride is not the same type and boring, and a unique and interesting.

The composition of felt

The beauty of fabric flowers and their advantage

Fabric wedding bouquets to floral compositions have a distinct advantage:

  • They do not fade, can be a long time after the wedding to remind you of the celebration.
  • Not hurt, do not dry up at the wedding.
  • Light - the bride does not get tired of wearing them the whole ceremony.
  • There may be diverse, because the selected style, appearance, color, shape, colors for imitation jewelry depends entirely on the imagination of the bride.
  • Allows you to combine the properties of various plants, for example, the kind bud gerbera lily with pistils, or create an entirely new, exclusive flower.

Flowers in a bouquet kanzashi
  • Low cost, compared with the compositions of the livingflowers, florists made up, because material leaves little needlewoman can use one that already has a home can use cropping, and they are much cheaper.
  • Such compositions will contain a piece of the bride's feelings if she personally created. Reveal talents, imagination, masterovitost bride before the ceremony and the other members of her future husband.
  • Can be perfectly matched to the dress, be it in the same tone, suitable in form, mind.
  • Universal - given the right option suitable for any image.

fabric orchid
  • Products are beautiful, refined, soft, pleasant to the touch.
  • It can be created before the wedding - it removes the extra excitement to the celebration.
  • With the use of the matter is beneficial to make bouquets-doubles, which the bride will throw unmarried girls, as such compositions are easy and do not hurt anyone.

The original bouquets for groomsmen

Bouquets of tissue doubles

Nowadays, on weddings increasinglyuse bouquets-doubles. Understudy - a bouquet that the bride will throw unmarried girls after the ceremony, "to share with them their happiness." There is a sign that warns girls to throw her bouquet, which gave them the bridegroom, "not to give her happiness." To throw the bridal bouquet - a mandatory part of every wedding, the couple came up with resourceful throwing the bridal bouquet understudy reminiscent basic, but they are not.

Bouquet understudy

Replacements are made of fabric withoutflowers. This gives the bride the opportunity to make it as light as possible, similar to the core, but less intricate; postpone it until the right moment, without fearing for their safety, to make or to book in advance. But most importantly, cloth doubler not smashed, it will not break due to the cast as floral arrangements, which are fragile and are not intended for such an application of force.

Understudy usually made smaller in size. Sometimes these bouquets are replaced by small bridal bouquet for the groomsmen. The need to throw the bridal bouquet there, if every unmarried girl-boyfriend already has your personal flower arrangement. These wedding accessories is better to do in the matter, allowing cronies to feel freer, putting a bouquet or put it in his bag when necessary. Using tissues can produce many of the same composition, as required in this case.

Druzhki and groom with bouquets of fabric

Watch the master class on making a bouquet, a backup of the fabric:

Bouquet of fabric with your hands: the master class

To manufacture the tissue composition of a wedding. With this easy to handle any person, even a stranger with needlework. With tissue may completely make any flowers so that they will differ little from the original. The most difficult to perform fabric lilies and Kala, because for them to do special frames. The easiest way to make roses, violets, chrysanthemums, forget-me-with the help of silk, satin, or any other tissue, as the latter are easily fastened thread, glue or stapler.

Lilies of the fabric

To create a masterpiece of a wedding, as in the photo below, we will need the following tools and materials, the amount of material will depend on the expected value of the product:

Wedding bouquets
  • Polyester;
  • Beautiful wrapping paper;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Ribbon, lace, felt, feathers and other decorations;
  • Floral wire;
  • Thread, needles, scissors;
  • pins;
  • A candle and matches.

Steps of the master class for the production of tissue bouquet:

  1. Take polyester, cut four forms, resembling a flower. The forms should be the same, 4 or 5-lobe does not necessarily perfectly aligned edges.

Preparations for flowers
  1. Light a candle. Hold each form to fire, not close, only edged. Cloth a little wrinkle that will give a natural flower.
  2. Fold the forms together so that the center of the same and there is no edge.
  3. Make a hole in the middle of every shape, threadin her floral wire, bend it, securing it with the inside of the mold. On the reverse side, leave the free end of about 10 cm in length.
  4. Fold the shape in half, make a few stitches with the whole hand, so through all its layer so that the bud acquired form.

formation bud
  1. Make several of these buds (the more, the more elaborate the product).
  2. Manufacture of felt leaves, attach them with tape wire. Prepare decorative feathers. All this is optional.
  3. Cut the foam cone (or buy ready-made). He will perform the function of the plastic bag for flowers.
  4. Plug in the base of his buds, leaves, feathers, and other decorative elements.

Gather a bouquet
  1. Wrap the cone wrapping paper, fasten neatly invisible.
  2. Wrap the floral mass in a circle wide ribbon.
  3. Add sequins, stones or other decorations.

Bouquet of polyester fabric

Beautiful fabric bouquets photo