Wedding bouquet with apples

Whether visiting a modest ceremonycelebration in a small restaurant, a magnificent reception in a country manor or village festivities in the countryside - a wedding bouquet of apples will admire the invited guests, all around. At the wedding ceremony, every girl wants to be unique, memorable, create an unusual image, to emphasize its special accessories and beautiful flowers in hands.

bouquet of apples suitable for any wedding style

Unusual flowers for the bride, decoratedfruits worthy complement any wedding dress - from the exquisite to the simple rustic. Fruit and flower composition beautiful and original, thanks to the combination of colors, original decorations. Bright juicy colors of bouquets of red and yellow apples are perfect for fall wedding rustic Rustic, characterized by simple and earthy flavor. Pale pink pastel colors dim fruits adorn the simplicity of forms vintage ceremony or celebration chic Chebbi, hinting at discreet luxury.

On the eco-wedding with the desire for anythingnatural and living go from lush, bright, unnatural clothes, try to keep a harmonious natural environment. Apple bursts bridal bouquet will take care of all the attention. Fruits flower composition is interesting and challenging will look at a wedding in retro style, will give a confident softness Greek wedding dress at the ceremony with historical motifs.

Options bouquets bride with apples

Fruit decorations complement floral wedding bands, so varied, refined, they are difficult to be divided into a number of simple variations, but the basic directions are present:

  • Small modest compact bunches of small apples, berries, buds, herbs.
  • Lush composition of exotic flowers, large fruit, textured leaves.
  • Flowing brush with fruit. Color palette of colors for the bride is multifaceted - from pastel, fine to bold, daring.

Composition from apples and berries

Fruit and flower selection of original bride himselfon its own, but the berry filling compositions particularly interesting colors, including shades of soft, rich intense spots of small fragrant fruit. Cranberry, strawberry, cherry, cranberry incredibly bright fragrance, complementing its fragrance apple and flower scent. Berries must be chosen, taking into account their rapid loss of appearance. They can crumble, give juice, which is able to paint a white wedding dress, groom suit, ruin a wedding photo shoot.

The composition for the bride with fruits and berries

Wedding bouquet of red apples and roses

Bright scarlet and maroon fragrant fruit plus gentlefragrant buds - the perfect combination for a flower arrangement in the hands of the bride. Against the background of white or cream-colored wedding dress red apples look particularly advantageous. For fans of its decision and the original images of a bride's bouquet will be the best choice. Gather together the different possible varieties of rose, color. Look beautiful is not only neat little buds, but also opposed to them - large massive flowers in a halo of fine decoration for individual compositions.

Bridal bouquet of roses and red apples

The combination of apples and orchids

Exotic and Provence - an unusual choice. Thin orchid petals striking variety of shapes, sizes, and mature fruit of apples suitable for bridal bouquet bold woman, not afraid to hit, discourage public. Non-standard, originality and difference from others, most ordinary flower arrangements will do the trick. This exclusive bouquet of the bride will be hard to forget, and photo shoot engraved fleeting moment of a wedding celebration, where harmony reigns incongruous.

Orchid Ensemble with apples Suite

Autumn bouquet with apples

The season of weddings - it's September, October. Golden time flowering unimaginable colors fading green. Autumn theme dictates the choice of the style of celebration, bride, groom suit, wedding bouquet. The perfect idea for the overall decor - this apple extravaganza fills the whole environment, including the floral arrangement. During this period it is better to give preference to conquer the hearts of autumn flowers with bright and juicy apple splashes.

Autumn Wedding composition with apples Suite

Bridal bouquet with green apples

Lush greenery in the hands of the bride, supplementedfruity aroma - Beauty in eco-style. Green apples are well in tune with white, pastel floral and fruit sets collected from berries, buds, grasses, leaves. Fruit theme in the style of the whole wedding is original, is available for any newly married couple. Apples green color bride's bouquet perfectly complemented buttonhole on the bridegroom suit. They will form the basis for the overall decor of the event, which will be the main emerald hues herbal fruit ornaments of colors.

Wedding flowers bride with green fruits

Basket with apples and cinnamon

Sweet ecstasy - it is only possibledescription of such a beautiful wedding song. Intense flavor of red sweet apples, spicy aroma of cinnamon contrasts sharply with the usual manner of flower accessory in the hands of the bride. A harmonious complement to such a bouquet - monotype wedding dress, a bright spot on a quiet suit groom in a contrasting tie the selected range.

The composition for the bride ensemble apple with cinnamon

Photo of wedding bouquets with apples

Flower arrangements for the bride on the day of itsholiday often standard, traditional. But why not use the new solution? For example, choose an original wedding band, decorated with apples, berries and even some fruits, decor that goes beyond the ordinary vision of beauty. Try to implement bold ideas like the photos below!