Wedding bouquet of toys

Every girl dreams of that greatlook on your wedding day. An important component of the image of the bride is the bridal bouquet that attracts attention, reflects the character of the culprit celebration, talks about her tastes and preferences. For the original, romantic girls perfect wedding bouquet made of toys, which is exactly surprise present. This attribute is perfectly reflect your wedding theme in the style of childhood, carefree nature of a future spouse.

Wedding bouquet of toys - original and cute

In recent years become very popularthemed wedding with a variety of style: sea wedding, gang activities, celebrations in style traditions of different countries. holiday style decor reflect the details and images of the newlyweds and bridal bouquet bride among them. For the event, which is designed to remind guests of the pore of a carefree childhood, that will suit a bouquet of soft toys created by the hands of professional designers and beautiful bride.

Beautiful wedding bouquet with nice toys

This cute accessory will surely enjoy the guests,in a good surprise them. However, the hero of the occasion to remember that he is not fit to every outfit and topics. If the girl chooses elegant lace fish-dress, embroidered with sequins, and a bunch of toys, where plush hares coexist with satin roses, it will look ridiculous. The same applies to the banquet hall - let the image of the bride meet the decor: balloons, toys, decorating the space.

The original bouquet for the bride image

Apart from the obvious adorable bouquet, it hasone important feature: the accessory does not wither, and did not throw in a few days, and will be for years to keep the memory of this stunning event. If the bride will hold the throwing of the bouquet, then an unmarried friend can enjoy them to their wedding, and, perhaps, go down the aisle with him - a great start to the new beautiful tradition.

Bouquet of soft toys and chocolates

As a child, little girls love not onlysoft toys, which filled their rooms. Another maiden joy, remain relevant for years to come - a delicious variety of chocolates. If the bride is a real sweet tooth, do not deny yourself the pleasure - to complement a stylish bouquet toys one more element - sweets. Candy bouquets are popular in themselves, but will also be a wonderful decoration element cute wedding attribute with plush toys.

A tasty version of a celebratory bouquet: candy

This unique kind of jewelry is not only appetizingIt looks, but also has another important function - for example, if the hero of the occasion get into a fuss before the ceremony, you can pick a bouquet of candy: it is known that chocolate soothes and brings joy. Candy can be not only chocolate: fit these types of treats like candies, roasted nuts, oriental sweets. Lozenges are good that deteriorate slowly, so the bouquet will enjoy for a long time in its original form.

Bouquet of teddy bears

Teddy Bears are the favorite types of toysmost girls, it is not strange - because they are cute, soft and touching. No wonder men give their companions huge teddy bears, which are so nice to cuddle at night, but the Bears for a festive bouquet should be small. There are several ways to create this original accessory:

  • With a pair of teddy bears. Reflect the theme of the wedding bouquet created with two teddy bears dressed as bride and groom. This accessory will emphasize the connection pair. there also will plant a small bears in pink and blue clothes that hint at the imminent desire to replenish the newlyweds family. Bouquet with two bears easily complement a variety of items, illustrating that your pair is special: a suitcase, if you plan to travel, a small house, where it will move.

A pair of bears in the bride's bouquet
  • With many small teddy bears. This cute wedding attribute suitable bride who wants to show guests how important their presence in her life. To enhance the effect of the girl in the center of the bouquet can put two more bears, symbolizing her with her husband, surrounded by loved ones in such an important day. If carefully watching and decor of this bouquet will decorate bears the hallmarks of the most important wedding guests - Pope mustache, pink hat mom and others.

Many small cubs in a bouquet

Video Master Class: How to make a bunch of toys

If the bride is a real needlewoman,optionally order a bouquet professionals. Armed with a good video master class, shown below, she can create a funny, sweet song yourself. See how to create a beautiful bouquet with teddy bears:

Wedding bouquet of toys with their own hands: step by step instructions with photos

It will help to create a unique bouquet master class with photos presented below. What is needed for the original, which attracts the attention of holiday attributes:

  • A few soft toys of the same size.
  • Floral wire. The length varies depending on the number of toys in a wedding bouquet. In this case - 2.5 meters.
  • Crepe paper matching each other shades (2 rolls).
  • Satin or paper tape (2.5 meters).
  • Decor: stars, feathers, hearts, satin roses and others.
  • The transparent adhesive moment.
  • Wrapping paper or tight package.
  • Scotch.
  • Scissors.
  • Stapler.

Step by step instructions to create a bridal bouquet:

  1. Firmly "planted" on the wire toys. To do this, selected soft toys wrap the wire in the middle tum, bend, and twist to the short end was not lower than 10 centimeters. When finished with the attachment, combine all the toys, like the image, twisting the free end of the wire:

  1. Next, you will wrap the wire wrapping paper or bags to hide its unsightly appearance and prevent the danger to break the corrugated paper. Top need to tightly fasten with tape.

  1. After creating a bouquet framework should beginto the main decoration. Cut the right amount (60-80 centimeters) of corrugated paper in two colors. Fold along the edges individually, seal it using a stapler. When both pieces of the corrugations are bonded one to another fold to the outer coil was at 7-10 cm above the inner.


Helpful advice: upon application of crepe paper on one another, be careful, because there is always a light shines, it looks ugly. Use a darker shade to the outer circle.

  1. The resulting bonded rolls need to invest foundation bouquet with toys, and then tightly bandage satin ribbon and gently straighten the edges - bridal accessories is almost ready.

  1. To further embellish pleatedpaper, you first need to gently bend the edges of a sheet of light by about two centimeters inside, and then lightly fingers pinch the edges at intervals of 2-4 centimeters, creating a "wave". The same actions must be done with a dark tint, creating a lush lower "skirt".

  1. Stayed finale: decoration bouquet with sparkles, flowers, rhinestones, beads, feathers. Choose decor items according to your imagination and the overall style of the wedding. After the final decoration cute wedding accessory is ready!


Useful tips for creating a bouquet for beginners:

  • Many do not know where to buy a lot of smallidentical toys and children's products in the stores are expensive. There is a solution: pay attention to the charms are easy to find even in the underpass. They are reasonably priced, with trinkets and toys are perfect for bridal bouquet.
  • Best corrugation - Chinese and Italian. However, a cheaper option Chinese worse stretches, unlike better quality paper, produced in Italy. The price difference - about 20 rubles.
  • You can use paper tapedressings corrugated sheets, but should take into account its features: a tape roll of bandage will not work twice due to the fact that it is easily crumpled, washed paint. It is preferable to use a satin version.

Wedding bouquets of toys with their own hands

Wedding bouquet of soft toys - athe original decision against classical flower arrangement. This bouquet will cause a lot of good memories of the audience a happy, carefree childhood, recalling favorite plush toys. In addition, the children will be delighted with the genuine, present at the ceremony. At the end of the holiday to play a beautiful accessory newlyweds can not between unmarried girlfriends, and between small guests.