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Without bright flower arrangements hard to imaginecurrently any event, especially a wedding. For this holiday matched the most tender, delicate flowers. Among other varieties Peony- roses have become a real masterpiece. These unusual flowers, apparently resembling peonies were withdrawn at the end of the last century English breeder David Austin. Until now, the wedding bouquet of roses Peony- is the best option for the wedding day, it is chosen by people of all ages in many countries. And no wonder! Fine buds fascinated by its beauty.

Advantages over conventional Peony- roses

It is no secret that the fragrant peonies and roses nobleit is best to emphasize the romantic image of the bride. With a bunch of girl will look fantastically feminine, charming, tender. Nobody does not allow himself to doubt its delicate taste. Therefore, modern brides who want to pass for original and stylish, choosing for her wedding composition peonies or roses.

If you are interested in the floral symbolism, thecertainly know that from ancient times peonies symbolize love and prosperity. With this in mind, the wedding bouquet of roses Peony- is a good sign of the inviolability of a new family, a long and strong relationship. And if you decorate your composition is also peonies, then no one will be no doubt - your union established a good long time.

Peony- Peonies and roses in wedding bouquets

By creating a new sort of gorgeous, DavidAustin argued that a truly beautiful rose has to be a lush, big and a little like a woman's ball gown. Guided by these criteria, he has created a stunning flowers, still called ostinkami. They are similar to the peony flower, have the same shape bud, many large, beautiful, jagged at the edges of the petals and a wonderful heady aroma, but look much more feminine, more elegant. Wedding composition of these lovely flowers are very popular among today's brides.

Peony- roses for wedding bouquets

Ostinki different from other varieties of the hugestpalette of colors. They are all different, but each flower is beautiful in its own way. Hue petals, pastel at the edges, it becomes more saturated in the center of the bud. The most popular shades are:

  • pale peach,
  • white,
  • dark crimson,
  • pale pink.

Dreamy, romantic girls suitbright rose pastel shades. They give the image of sensuality, fragile beauty. Young adventurer advised to opt for bright colors, emphasizing the originality of their nature. Learn more about Peony- roses and the famous breeder David Austin, viewing our video:

What colors combined Peony- rose bouquet

Austin Roses elegant look in a separatebouquet, making their own classic wedding song. Europeans they consider the most appropriate for the ceremony. So if you do a wedding in a European way, these colors will be appropriate. Also, these roses are well combined with sprigs Mattioli, giving bouquet of playfulness and charm. Mattioli Astilbe can be replaced. The composition will look fresher and brighter if to add blackberries.

Eye-catching bright and unusual combinationostinok with lilies of the valley, ranunkulyusami, hydrangea, freesia, Eustoma, stephanotis, roses, sweet peas, buvardiey, white violets, jasmine, muscari, cotton, hypericum berries, and even with wild flowers. Small inflorescences successfully fill the space between the large buds, give ease of composition, airiness.

Austin Roses in combination with other colors



Following the style of the bride's bouquet, a good solutionwill decorate Peony- rose boutonniere groom, bridesmaids hairstyles, enrich their wedding hall decor elements. Then the whole wedding will be permeated by the spirit of this magical romantic flower. Very convenient that ostinki available at any time of the year, and if you want to liven up the fall or winter wedding gentle spring peonies, roses Austin profitable they will be replaced.

How to keep fresh bridal bouquet

Unfortunately Peony- rose as othercommercial varieties, have a short life span after cutting. To save a beautiful bridal bouquet before the wedding and during it, it is very important prior to the preparation of the composition well water flowers. They should be insisted in water from 4 to 12 hours, it will allow them to stay fresh all day. Prior to the triumph of the flowers should be stored in the refrigerator and change the water twice a day. Do not leave them in the sun.

At a florist, you can order a bouquet in a specialportbuketnitse. It contains the necessary amount of water to plants. Place the bouquet in a vase simply that it is not deformed. Well, if portbuketnitse is missing, then the flowers must be immersed in water up to the level of the tape, decorating composition. To extend the life of the plants, the water is added a special substance - hrizal. In good floristic salons will give it to you as a free app to purchase.

It looks like a bunch of roses in portbuketnitse

Most likely, the florist will pack in your bouquetcellophane. Therefore, first of all the house remove its cellophane packaging. Before the start of refresh wedding flowers, sprinkle them with water. During the day plants periodically spray. Open stems desirable to moisten and wrap a plastic bag. After listening to our uncomplicated tips, you can keep your bridal bouquet fresh all day.

A photo of beautiful flowers with rose Peony-