Wedding bouquet of poppies

With the arrival of summer heat, in May and June on the sidelinesblooming poppies, and eyes run up from passing such a beauty! In the middle of the green expanse of large bright red flowers attract the eye Captivating unusual colors. For brides who have planned wedding on these months, poppy bouquet can be the best solution. Festive composition, composed with the help of these simple, but such lovely heart flowers decorate the wedding, the bride will make the original, compelling, stylish. They are good as a bouquet in a separate or together with other colors.

Possible wedding bouquets with red poppies

You peered at some time in the shape of a poppy? He looks like a lush, elegant ball gown. The advantage of this flower is that it emphasizes the natural beauty of the girl. Poppy bouquet fit any bride, regardless of age, dress, or facial features. Red poppies will look chic in the hands of a brunette with a bright appearance, as well as the red-haired beauty. They give the image of passion, unpredictability. Add to the red shade a little greenery, you'll have a fresh, festive bouquet.

Red poppies in a wedding bouquet

To complete the style decorate the bride's hairred poppies, add a few matching accessories, and then the floral arrangement in the hands of the girl sparkle with new bright colors. To the groom did not feel slighted, decorate his buttonhole a little poppy. These flowers are not only red, their varied colors. Blondes can use to wedding bouquet of poppies cream, white or orange colors - they will create a soft, romantic look. For the interior decoration can make paper poppies with their own hands, this process is shown in the video:

Wedding bouquet for blonde girls

poppies composition with daisies

Think of what it looks like in the summer blossoming fielddaisies - a huge expanse of pure white with yellow spots. Great sight warms the soul, bringing us back to childhood. At first glance, a simple and innocent daisy with bright red poppies creates wonderful elegant composition. White cloud resembles a bride and colored blotches poppy impart elegance and charm. Looking at this piece of summer, we are like a drowning man in the meadow grasses, smile at the sun, inhale the aromas of field crops.

Daisies and poppies - a nice bouquet for a wedding

The combination with wild flowers - cornflowers

Blue-eyed cornflowers, absorbed the blue sky,clear eyes resembling a loved one, often become the focus of the girls when choosing a wedding bouquet. In this beauty is hard not to be tempted. Terry petals huge blue buds decorate any bride's attire. And with scarlet poppies cornflowers create a fresh, rich composition. This wedding bouquet looks elegant, solemn and simple at the same time, elegant. Large poppies burn bright spots on a blue background, shading beneficial natural charm of the bride.

Wedding bouquet on the basis of cornflowers and poppies

Unusual, winning its naturalbeauty, vitality and natural charm, typical of the summer with a bouquet of poppies cornflowers reflects the blue sky, sunshine, uplifting, sweet smell of pets. Breathe in the aroma - and you immediately pleasant memories flooding back. These flowers grow together in the field and miraculously combines together in one bouquet.

Bouquet of poppies and sunflowers

Young dream to make a keepsake of the weddingunusual, colorful pictures, but for this it is necessary to choose the appropriate colors. Wedding bouquet of poppies and sunflowers unwittingly attracts the eyes of visitors, concentrated on the attention. Fireballs in the hands of the bride will be the focal point of any pictures, because a large, bright yellow spot with red patches gives young guests the warmth of the sun and even in the cold day.

Sunflowers and poppies constitute an exclusive bouquet

For a long time for bridal bouquets are notused sunflowers, they remained in the shadows, behind the popularity of other colors. But come, and their time. Sunflowers with red poppies can decorate a traditional wedding, and thematic. Especially suitable for such a bouquet of a wedding in a rustic Ukrainian style. He also beautify and revitalize ethnic, folk, green, yellow, red wedding. Traditionally, the yellow color is a symbol of a strong family, and sunflower seeds are associated with fertility - in young children will be many.

The meaning and symbolism in the bride's bouquet of poppies

Tracks from poppies are beautiful, unique and exclusive. They are easy to buy, except on request. And if you take the time to learn a little history, you will learn about Macs amazing facts:

  • An interesting tradition existed in ancient timesresidents of Provence. The French called the poppy "flower angels," gave him a tremendous value. During the procession small children were thrown under the feet of the priest, crimson petals.
  • The Chinese believe the poppy flower, bringing success, tranquility, peace of mind. They identify it with the charm of the beauty of women.
  • Ancient Greek Maca gave the nickname "the spy of love." Our modern tradition of guessing on a camomile has Greek roots, but in those days the girls were wondering on a flower poppy. Thumb and forefinger of one hand made ring was placed in the middle of the flower, and the palm of the other hand clapping above. If sounded loud bang - the groom loves.
  • Macs are included in the modern wedding song, considered a symbol of youth, purity, eternal beauty.

Maki fascinated by its beauty

Poppy Colour also carries a specific meaning:

  • Red symbolizes true, passionate love.
  • White poppy seeds suitable dreamy beauties, with optimism looking at the future.
  • Yellow or orange flowers will certainly bring a young couple success.
  • Pink will give peace of mind, grace.

The girl has a lot to think about, picking poppies for a wedding song.

The color palette of poppies

Photo of a beautiful bouquet of poppies

Bright and interesting in form and composition, with bouquetspoppies impressive, leaving no one indifferent. They are like the bride and groom, but especially love them photographers. Wedding charm of poppies in a bouquet will decorate a picture, staying focus and wedding extravaganza bringing in a special atmosphere. Take a look at the photo, and choose what you like bouquet.