Wedding bouquet of orchids

To image of the bride has been completed, should be wellwork out the details. If you want to be the charming effect, take the time not only in the choice of dress, but also to the wedding bouquet. Having made major in phalaenopsis floristic composition, the bride becomes overwhelming and amazing. You do not know what flower bouquet will complement your wedding image - tender, passionate or graceful? Try orchids.

The meaning and symbolism of orchids in a bouquet of the bride

Impersonation of passion, love, family comfort,fertility - all about orchids. Brides who prefer phalaenopsis have luxury taste, sense of style, charisma and sexuality. "Anyone who knows how to wait, always gets better." This phrase reflects the essence of the right composition that uses these wonderful flowers, because each is grown about 2 years. There are more than thirty thousand of their species, so even monobuket will look elegant, extraordinary.

If the groom gives you a wedding bouquetcomposition headed by Phalaenopsis, you can be sure that it is "your" people. In China, presenting orchids, men emphasize the feminine charm, refinement of his chosen ones, in the East - showed the harmony of two souls in Vietnam such a gift symbolizes youth, spring, innocence of the bride, and in New Zealand there is a legend that is fragments of the rainbow, after on the ground, give rise to such natural beauty.

The symbolism of these colors is wealth,beauty, sophistication, game of contrasts. Combining different types of Phalaenopsis, you will get excellent results, which will charge you emotionally. White orchids symbolize wisdom, pride, strong will; pink - tenderness, affection, purity; red - love, passionate feelings; blue - loyalty, nobility. Tiger's view of these colors in the wedding bouquet promises young people a long, strong, passionate union.

Bouquet of orchids for bride

Variants of wedding bouquets of orchids

Choose this luxurious design weddingaccessory is not required, phalaenopsis look delicious even without eyeglasses. For advice is better to turn to a professional florist who will tell you the correct version of the color combinations with a common way, including a dress, accessories and other components of the floristic composition at the ceremony. Wedding bouquet of orchids decorate differently. Here are the basic types of tracks:

  1. Classical. Top looks gathered in a circle, and the side - the volume.
  2. Biedermeier. Phalaenopsis combination with other colors creates a sphere. Keep a bowl handy, with long legs and plant availability Port buketnitsy.
  3. Bundle. Casually folded flowers look easy, elegant, unobtrusive.
  4. Cascade. Luxury, a drop-down option, which is formed by a wire. You can use the Mono composition or combine different colors.

From orchids and freesias

Bright, colorful Union colors or a combination of gentleshades - that you choose? For bold brides fit bridal bouquet with tiger orchid and freesia cream for delicate, romantic - completely white palette. You can experiment by adding a wedding song eustomy, tulips, mini roses. Symbols of freesias is refined aristocracy, confidence, perfection. Choosing large flowers with long stems, you will complete successfully the delicate, refined phalaenopsis.

Phalaenopsis and freesia in a wedding bouquet

The combination of white orchids with roses

Grace, grandeur, luxury - thesecharacteristics will have a bride, if he chooses white phalaenopsis and roses. Both the flower looks like a king gracefully. Walking down the aisle with a bouquet, she contributes to the family wisdom, strong spirit, purity, innocence. With white base range combines pale pink, pale yellow, light blue shades. Do not forget Peony- and mini roses.

Arrangement with roses and orchids

Composition with peonies

Gentle, body, a round shape of peonies compositionto Phalenopsis complement the image of the bride has chosen a magnificent princess. Make up a bouquet, drawing on the main wedding color. For white orchids fit gently and bright pink peonies, which perfectly fit into the classic ceremony neutral shades. And vice versa - raspberry phalaenopsis contrast will look at the background of white, air bud, completing the image of the bride at a wedding in the berry, juicy colors.

Peonies and orchids in wedding bouquet

Bouquet of orchids and callas

Protective Ward - calle principal value. By selecting such a noble, an unusual composition starts to protect his family from the moment the words: "Do you agree?". Selection of white flowers symbolize purity, innocence. But if you add to the orchids and Calle bright, miniature Wanda image of the bride will be bolder, playful, gorgeous. After experimenting with pink buds, white phalaenopsis, green hydrangea, you get a bright, spring, fresh bridal bouquet.

Bouquet bride with calla lilies and phalaenopsis

Wedding bouquet of orchids and lilies

Your wedding in the winter? Then you are exactly suitable composition Phalaenopsis and Alstroemeria. These flowers are resistant cold. Whatever style you choose to celebrate, bouquet perfectly fit into it, thanks to the wide choice of colors both plants. Bicolor Alstroemeria create a vivid contrast delicate, white phalaenopsis. These colors are suitable for brides who are not afraid of the new, have an active life position, always strong spirit.

Bouquet of the bride from orchids and chrysanthemums

Monobuket of orchids

If you do not want to go on about fashiontrends, opting for a simple wedding, nevychurny, white dress, let the colors add originality to your image. Monobuket with orchids does not mean that the flower arrangement can not be supplemented. Use ribbons, rhinestones, beads, then even a simple jacket and pencil skirt combined with Phalaenopsis will look rich, extraordinary. If you are opposed to additional accessories on the bouquet, play with colors: combine white, crimson, blue or tiger orchid. The effect will surprise you!

Wedding monobuket with orchids

The cascade bouquet of orchids

The main criterion for selecting the drop-down bouquet -fitting dress to the floor, or in the style of "Mermaid". Also important growth - high cascading compositions suitable girl, but they will make lower brides even lower. For standard-cascade bouquet, you will need flowers, wire, tape, portbuketnitse. Cascade composition often complementary lilies gentle shade, pink roses, Eustoma, single blue hydrangeas.

Bouquet-stage with orchids for bride

Photo of a beautiful bouquet of orchids

Variations of performance flowers so much thatchoose "the one most" highly problematic. See a selection of photos of floral compositions below, where you can meet the original choice for their wedding. Complement phalaenopsis delicate calla lilies, roses, Eustoma, lilies, hydrangeas, peonies carnations, lilies, tulips and freesias. Whatever you choose, the bouquet will reflect your image, personality, character and aspirations.

Wedding Bouquet of orchids