Wedding bouquet of lilies of the valley

Fragrant unique flavor, whiteflowers, surrounded by its own bright green, look to the bride's hand gently and nicely, without taking all the attention to himself, but only setting off the beauty of the bride, her dress. Bouquet with lily of the valley looks very stylish and cute. These flowers are chosen for their wedding ceremony of Princess Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly. Floristic composition harmoniously looks like a simple, airy, delicate dress and the royal wedding attire.

The meaning and symbolism of lily of the valley in the bride's bouquet

Lilies of the valley - it is a symbol of joy and happiness. Bouquets made up of these plants look just nevychurno and at the same time stylish. The composition, which includes only the lilies of the valley, - a real exclusive. Fragrant, tremulous, air, though he had just collected in a forest glade, they perfectly complement the classic white wedding dress, wedding dress with a train.

Bridal bouquet with lilies of the valley

Tied with a white ribbon lilies considereda symbol of innocence, touching purity. Such a composition conveniently emphasize the image of a young bride. Additional color in this case is not needed, add a bit of greenery. Besides the traditional snow-white tones, these flowers are a pinkish tinge, double flowers. They are a symbol of spring, awakening of nature, youth. Symbolism, grace flower made it perfect for weddings.

Possible wedding bouquets with lilies of the valley

Florists like to use this flower: its beauty looks great both in the solo version, so in combination with other plants. It can be used in a round bouquet elegant, it fits perfectly in floral cascades appropriate looks in baskets. When using herbs, the composition becomes lush, bohemian. To get as close to nature, naturally, do not use any decorations. As mentioned above, lilies can be combined with other colors, such as freesia, calla lilies, tulips, peonies, lilac and rose wayward.

The combination of lily of the valley with roses

Out of season there is a universal rose,why lilies are combined well with her. It symbolizes nobility, beauty, royal majesty, gentleness, tenderness. It includes all in a special way, as the queen of all flowers. In the bridal bouquet often include cream, white, pink roses. This formulation - unrivaled classic wedding theme. Weight shades, shapes, varieties, good stamina making rose popular flower for bouquets.

Rose and Lily of the Valley - a romance, love, passion,innocence. His charm of this wedding song wins the hearts of many newlyweds. About Rose composed songs, legends, poems, ancient Greeks and Romans, and the marvelous lily became the symbol of purity, fidelity. To supplement this, you can mix other small flowers that bring flavor, variety.

Lilies and roses in a bouquet for the bride

Composition from lilies and peonies

Wealth of colors different peonies. White flowers symbolize the frequency of innocence in a wedding bouquet underlined romantic bride. Pink peonies represent wealth, prosperity, and maroon - the feelings, the passion between the future spouses. This wedding arrangement can be at all unusual if compose different shades, textures, for example, loose, delicate, young buds pions. Accessory will embody the feminine, tender, happy, peaceful family life.

Peony perfectly complement the touching, tenderlilies of the valley, emphasize the grandeur of this flower, give weightlessness, lightness. This bridal bouquet - an unusual solution that will stand out among the other suite. Modern fashion such that competes with peony rose. Bouquet, including the flower, is a stylish, relevant. In the composition of peonies and lilies of the valley beautifully ironed, florists can give it any shape, turning into a masterpiece.

Bride Flower composition with peony and lily of the valley

Wedding bouquet with lilies and freesia

Patron Saint of motivated, hard-workingpeople considered freesia. Bouquets, including the flower, symbolizing the full confidence of the partner, serious. Therefore, these compositions are ideal for weddings. The aroma of this pair is associated with spring, gives pleasure, it helps overcome depression. It is believed that freesia also means confidence in the future, peace of mind. And there is no thing in the life of a married couple?

When the groom gives to his beloved with a bouquet of lilies of the valleyand freesias, he asks her to trust him. This sign is regarded as a favorite entrusting his heart. General mood bouquet of freesia adds fragility, delicacy, tenderness. Interestingly looks floristic composition comprising freesia different colors, such as white, red, orange, that would be the highlight of a bright bride. Wedding bouquet with lilies and freesias tiger, purple will be indispensable on a thematic celebration.

Bridal bouquet with freesia and lily of the valley

Monobuket of lilies of the valley

The symbol corresponding to the lily of the valley - spring. These flowers are impossible not to fall in love, because they are associated with the beginning of something new, tenderness, purity. Lily of the valley - the ideal candidate for the bride's bouquet. He adds the image of lightness, romance, airiness. Monobuket looks refined and elegant, suitable for a romantic bride. Adding greenery tied with a ribbon lace leg, you get a terrific delicate composition.

Lily of the valley like a flower is self-sufficient. Quivering, fragrant air, it fits perfectly into the concept of a wedding. The composition may be a circular that looks chic and elegant, refined and bohemian cascade, fabulous basket. If the little twigs, you get carved, light gossamer, and if a lot - excellent magnificent composition. This plant maintains an aura of lovely, natural, natural beauty that is very important in wedding fashion. Remember that this flower:

Included in the Red Book. When buying flowers in the flower salons, Do not worry, it is grown specifically for this purpose. But in the forest to collect them is not necessary.
It has a bright and at the same time delicate flavor, adds a unique charm in the bouquet.
Quickly fades. Pick a flower remains fresh for 5 hours. Professionally assembled composition can maintain a decent appearance for a day or more.

Monobuket for brides with lilies of the valley

Bouquet with lilies and calla lilies

For the refined natures are calla lilies, and incombined with lily of the valley, they look even more elegant. These South African flowers long ago conquered European discoverers amazing grace, because the meter stalk proudly towered close-bud in a heart shape, which wrapped up inflorescence. The unique shape of glasses of champagne, calla lilies are often found in the bouquet the bride. They come in different colors - yellow, red, pink, maroon. So, you can use not only the usual white color.

According to your taste and imagination combine black,red, pink calla lilies. Minimalist elegance, rigor plants do not require elaborate decoration and design. Callas may have different stem lengths: long form elongated composition, and small - round. Bouquet for the bride with calla lilies and lily of the valley will be in harmony with the dress simple cut.

Calla lilies, and a bouquet for the bride

With lilies and tulips

Due to the simplicity of the forms, the natural grace oftulips and lilies of the valley turn out very beautiful wedding song. Delicate flowers, lush greenery - such bouquets do not need additional decor. The plants look like perfectly monochromatic compositions or combinations of several colors. Romantic bride is better to stay on the white version, and passionate lady suit the composition of the white, red, yellow plant.

Bouquet with lilac and violet flowers looksexpressive, bright, attracts attention, it stands out in the wedding photos. Tulips symbolize innocence, purity. Violet - symbolize fidelity. It is believed that the color of these flowers richer, the stronger the love of the newlyweds. Bright tulips look very interesting and extravagant.

Bouquet for the bride: tulips and lilies of the valley

Video: How to make a bouquet of lilies of the valley with their own hands

If you decide to create your own bouquetbride, premeditated composition, shape and color. Lilies of the valley gather parallel to each other and pinch winding their stems, or the flowers will not be able to do the moisture, leading to death. Take flowers to the reserve, because they are very fragile, can suffer during assembly. For inspiration, look at the video below, which comprise a bridal bouquet of white peonies, calla lilies, and lilies of the valley. This composition symbolizes youth, innocence and purity. The white flowers fill the bouquet in volume and light.

Photo wedding bridal bouquet with lilies of the valley

Wedding spring bouquet can be made insemicircular shape as a cascade in the form of a basket or bowl. A typical composition without accessories, a hint of solemnity looks elegant, modestly. These flowers emit harmful substances that other plants can be disastrous. Make sure that the components such capsules have different compositions with water. This will protect other flowers from premature withering.

Lilies of the valley in the floral composition of the bride