Wedding bouquet of chrysanthemums

No wonder the bride to spend a lot of time on selectionaccessories for the wedding together, because all of its elements must be in harmony with each other. Particular attention should be given to the future wife of drawing a flower arrangement: a plant that will choose a girl can tell a lot about her character, the relationship with the future spouses. Wedding bouquet of roses is suitable soft, romantic nature, this accessory will make the image of the bride touching and sweet. Embodiments using different flowers of this plant, see below.

Possible wedding bouquet of chrysanthemums

In the world still debates about what has comein Japan or China, but there is no doubt that they were brought from the East - the country's first chrysanthemum appeared. On the territory of both countries, this plant is respected, loved and used in the architectural design, decoration of clothes, and the Japanese Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum is the most honorable among all other awards. For a long time in Japan to embroider the flower in national attire is authorized only to the imperial family and ordinary people could be convicted of abuse of this kind.

Chrysanthemums for wedding bouquets

In the East is inextricably linked with chrysanthemumthe sun, it has become a tradition since ancient times, when there was a flower in a single color - yellow. Breeders have long been able to bring hundreds of species of plants and a different shade of the original forms of the petals, which are about 10 000. There are at present once this flower was considered a gift from the gods, so the bride who chooses him as a member for the festive bouquet, receive God's grace, heaven's blessing. Once this plant could mean power, a strong spirit, the ability to go through many difficulties.

Meaning chrysanthemums in a bouquet celebration culprits may vary depending on the color:

  • Composition with white flowers symbolize the tenderness of the bride, her vulnerability, innocence and purity.
  • Blue bouquet is fun, easy, carefree relationship with your loved ones, and yellow - cheerful mood that is always present between the future spouses.
  • Red speaks of passion, romance and well-being.
  • Pink is tender, girlhood, easy temper.
  • Lilac or purple underline the originality of the bride, her unique style.

Colorful chrysanthemum bouquet for the bride

It is necessary to select data for the composition of flowers,relying on their appearance: there are bush and disbud flowers. The first version is a more open inflorescence buds, which are perfect for a natural style of the bouquet and flower stalks with a single can decorate an elegant, low-key composition. Disbud chrysanthemum larger, they are rarely seen yellow core. There are many types, and those and other plants, their petals are different in shape - double, semi-double, resembling a spoon or rolled into a tube, short or long.

A large number of interesting species of plantsIt allows the bride to make a bouquet for a wedding any way - touching, romantic, or daring. The culprit celebration should choose a flower, depending on the style dresses, accessories, make-up and hairstyles, suggestions on restraint, or, on the contrary, the brightness of the flower arrangement. Anemone or pompons chrysanthemum fantasy or pinnate - every kind can become a beautiful bouquet detail, emphasizing the individuality of the bride.

Variety of chrysanthemums for the wedding bouquet

popular variety on the territory of Russia KoreanChrysanthemum (oaks) with small inflorescence buds that look great and are able to survive the winter in the open field. In general, almost any kind of this unique flower is easy to cope with the cold weather, so the bride can safely use it in a composition for winter or autumn wedding. At temperatures up to 20 degrees the plant up to two weeks may retain freshness, standing in water, so the newly-wife obtained long after the festive event to admire the beautiful bouquet.

The combination of roses and chrysanthemums

If a girl wants to create an original image,as a wedding accessory will look beautiful flower arrangement that includes roses, gerberas and chrysanthemums. This option means bouquet cheerful girl, her energetic character, activity and initiative. Alstromerias are inflorescences with several buds, resembling lilies, and with Kustov option roses and chrysanthemums bouquet they will make a lush, airy. Rose Garden is also suitable for accessories, with their help florists will put delicate or bright accents.

Chrysanthemums in a bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums

Arrangement of chrysanthemums and gerberas

Homeland bright gerbera - South Africa, although itfound in other countries in the south. This cheerful flower seemed absorbed the heat of the tropical sun - the plant is always uplifting, makes even the normal day holiday. Gerbera in a wedding bouquet symbolizes joy, good humor, kindness future wife. A huge range of flower colors makes it a great part of the composition with chrysanthemums: pink gerbera bouquet will make even more delicate, yellow, give it sunshine, cheerful, red will make a bright accent.

Wedding composition with chrysanthemums and gerberas

Delicate bouquet of chrysanthemums and carnations

Carnation is perfect as an addition toChrysanthemum flowers believing the bride, because this flower symbolizes the Christian understanding of love: the legend it first blossomed on the day of Jesus' birth. Since ancient times, this plant symbolizes the marriage bond, and was previously used during weddings, but many modern girls somehow unfair rarely pay attention to it at the time of selection of items for the festive flower arrangement. Bouquet with carnations and chrysanthemums accentuate touching, innocent image of the bride.

Bridal bouquet with chrysanthemums and carnations

Wedding bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums

Rose - the queen of flowers, can become an ornamentany bridal bouquet, including a bouquet of lilies. Sectional variety of this plant will be excellent complement inflorescences of small plants and large garden roses emphasize lightness, ease of flower arrangement. Culprit celebrations can safely choose contrasting roses for decoration accessory, or combine the colors of similar shades.

A bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums

Monobuket of chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums have the ability to createcompletely different mood festive accessories, make it soft, air, or strict natural. Well, these plants look, decorated in a spherical or semi-circular composition. Future spouses may choose the colors for the decoration of one shade or a composition combining several colors. It is interesting to look beautiful and white-pink, white-green, yellow-orange accessory options for the bride.

Chrysanthemum bouquet on wedding for the bride

Video: How to make a bouquet of roses with their hands

If the bride does not want to trust the floristcreation of the festive accessories, it can try to create your own composition. You will need two kinds of chrysanthemum - yellow and white, and in addition, a few sprigs of fern for the external design, baby's breath for visual volume and special floral tool - an oasis. With these materials and detailed step by step instructions to easily make a girl beautiful attribute. Watch the video:

Photos wedding bouquet of chrysanthemums

Touching chrysanthemum with a delicate aroma inaccessory bride perfectly combined with other plants - roses, lilies, carnations, peonies, hydrangeas, Eustoma, gerberas and carnations. Bouquet can decorate and decorative details - for example, artificial berries, butterflies, beads, dry twigs. Ideas for creating Chrysanthemum flower arrangement in a spoon photo collection presented below:

Chrysanthemum composition bouquet for the bride