Wedding bouquet of baby's breath

Approaching wedding day and comescrucial moment of choice of the bouquet for the bride. The bride must necessarily take part in the preparation of the composition of the wedding, because only she knows what colors she likes, and what does not. Coming up with a bouquet of options, selecting them for along sometimes undeservedly overlooked tender plants - verdure. If before it was added to the composition for the pomp or contrast, the modern bride are increasingly willing to in a solemn day to keep in the hands of a wedding bouquet of baby's breath.

The meaning and symbolism of baby's breath in a bridal bouquet

Every plant, every flower has itsvalue. Verdure in the explanatory dictionary of flowers represents caution, timidity. In mixed compositions that flower bears no semantic load, and is a kind of accessory. Florists and psychologists argue that this option is more likely to choose a girl with delicate emotional kind, modest in appearance, with a rich inner world. Associate with purity, innocence, chastity means flower in the broadest sense of values. It is more suitable for young girls.

Variants of wedding bouquets of baby's breath

Gypsophila is a gentle, airy and veryfeminine plant. No wedding bouquet can not be imagined without openwork lace of small white flowers. The combination of bright roses or tulips lends stylish composition. If the bride wants to choose a more gentle option, then create monobuket with this plant, adding a base composition decor. The highlight of the jewelry can be a scattering of small white pearls attached to the top edge of the composition.

The combination of roses and freesias

The most traditional is considered a combination of baby's breathwith a rose. Whichever shade may be buds, white flower lace would be appropriate. Fiery red roses speak about love, passion; yellow, radiant sunshine, warmth; delicate pink; unusual color from purple to green - they are diluted with white branches buds will be in perfect harmony in a classic bouquet. Supplement composition try gentle freesia, which will decorate the colorful and betray.

The combination of roses with gypsophila

Composition with orchids

Combining two gentle creatures of nature - and orchidverdure - Easily Get chic wedding composition, which is impossible not to admire. Intentionally shortened stems of orchid, taken as a basis, allow a small bouquet to give a rounded shape. In the hands of the bride look beautiful cascading floral arrangements, in which the height of orchid reaches a minimum of forty centimeters. Small sprigs of small white inflorescences loose discernible between the petals of an orchid, making full perfection in design.

Orchids with roses in wedding accessories

With tulips

Bouquet for spring weddings can be madebased on the buds of tulips that will harmoniously overlap with a scattering of white baby's breath. Tulips - not very resistant flowers, florists so they are treated with a special solution, which will not allow them to wither in the heat of celebration. Against the background of white bride dress red, white, yellow or pink tulips will look delightful with gentle gently green frame.

Wedding arrangement with tulips and roses

Mono bouquet of baby's breath

Although this plant is often used as a supplementto flowers, the trend of recent years show us something else: florists offer monobukety for a wedding, where only the flower is present. The compositions are very similar in appearance to the white fluffy clouds that decorate any wedding ceremony. Graceful small blossoms will add to your festive day a touch of romanticism. Make the wedding bouquet of baby's breath is very simple, this task is easy to manage on their own, collecting plant stems into a bundle and tightened their silk or satin ribbon, decorated with additional décor.

Verdure in monokompozitsii for wedding

How to keep flowers fresh

Since the baby's breath - a flower that is resistant tolong without finding water, especially its preparation for the wedding day is not required. If the weather is too hot, song for celebration decorate portbuketnitse or in a special bowl, which has a damp sponge, but even with a very long-term dehydration or zasushivanii plant does not change its qualities, shape, and therefore, still looks elegant and weightless.

Photo Wedding bouquet with roses

Verdure - amazing flower, asattribute it is suitable for celebrations of different style and level, becoming an elegant decoration. Sometimes, for an air of weightlessness and lightness it is called the "veil of his wife," or "the breath of a child." The big advantage of a bouquet with this plant will be its ability to maintain a good appearance for a long time, low cost. A skilful combination of baby's breath and tulips, roses, orchids make a floral arrangement for a truly luxurious. Wedding bouquet on the basis of the air flower - is a universal solution for the bride.

Examples of wedding bouquets with verdure