Wedding bouquet of anemones

The final, and an inherent part of attirebride's bouquet is. Performed in the style of dress or theme ceremony, he puts an end to create a common image. His choice - the art of showing taste and reveals the nature of the bride. Tenderness Wedding bouquet of anemones makes them popular among brides with a sense of style. This flower is perfectly linked with the others and exquisite looks in monokompozitsiyah. Wide palette allows you to create the desired colors bouquet.

Possible wedding bouquet bride with anemones

Anemone or Anemone - a beautiful flower atappearance similar to a mixture of poppy, peony and rose. Bud, strung on a thin stalk has several large petals that frame the middle of a dark or light with a lot of stamens. They respond to the slightest breath of wind, from which came the name of the plant. Flowers are incredibly fragile, that should be taken into account when assembling the bouquet for the wedding.

White, pink, cream, peach, blueanemone contrast look at the background black-heart, but retain a certain tenderness. Anemones bright colors - red, blue, purple, perfect for elegant wedding dresses with an emphasis on dark colors. Black-and-white coloring is the most popular. There are two-colored anemones, whose petals from white tones turn into pink or lilac. A variety of textures makes it a favorite plant in the choice of brides.

Composition with ranunkulyusami

Anemones - is the next of kin ranunkulyusov. The latter belong to the family of the buttercup. Ranunkulyusa Homeland - Asia Minor and Southeastern Europe. The plant looks like a peony or rose has its own unique charm. Romantic ranunkulyus combined with freesia, English roses, creating a touching wedding song, and they look very elegant seasoned in one color.

The composition for the bride: anemone with ranunkulyusami

Delicate bouquet of anemones and peonies

Bouquet of anemones always looks elegant. They are not only combined with daffodils. Stylish solution for the bride will blend delicate anemones and lush peonies. Bright midway anemones give fascination and charm of the composition. The frame used lilies, bunches of chokeberry complement orchids and ranunkulyusami. Seasonal plants suitable for the autumn-winter period of weddings.

Attribute for the bride: a combination of anemone with peonies

The combination of contrasting color anemones

Bright two- or three-colored floral arrangementIt focuses on attention during photo shoots and weddings. For the bride this choice will be extravagant, if not dress decorated with dark accessory, such as satin ribbon. Tandem pink and purple anemone is perfect for the wedding ceremony, seasoned in one color. If you do not want a bride of bright colors, the emphasis should be to place in the decoration of the hall, the groom attire, and other details. Thus, a bright bouquet harmoniously fit into the overall concept of the holiday.

Bright floral accessory bride

Wedding bouquet with roses and anemones

Classical rose - this is an absolute favorite anda real trendsetter in the bride's bouquet. She is beautiful in a duet with subtle petals anemones. By connecting these two flowers are born in one composition incredible bouquets, inspirational beauty. Pastel roses and delicate colors of anemones, decorated with leaves of green eye-catching, surprising by its splendor. This is achieved using a pink, peach, white, pale yellow hues.

Bouquet for young: anemones with roses

Monobuket of anemones

Due to its appearance, anemone canused without the addition of other colors, forming monobukety for wedding ceremonies or classic style of Provence. The basis of take-colored flowers or combine several different colors. In any case, they create a colorful composition which is decorated with string of pearls, feathers, blades of grass, or simply tie up verdure vibrant satin ribbon.

Windswept: exquisite monobukety for young

Video: How to make a bouquet of anemones with their own hands

How to learn how to create compositions usinganemone, for interior decoration or celebration, shown in the video below. It reveals the basic tricks to be followed to preserve the freshness of the bouquet, teaches him to give shape to combine colors. This master class is instructive for beginners. After that you will be able to delight its guests with beautiful compositions.

Photos wedding bouquet bride with anemones

Anemones in a bride's bouquet profitable partsemphasize her femininity and fragility. Sam flower evokes tenderness, associating with the bride. Every bride on her wedding day recalls a touching, beautiful bud anemone. Symbol of purity and virginity, he will be the main violin in the bride's bouquet. The newlyweds are choosing these flowers through an extraordinary coloring, wonderful compatibility with other items attire and interior, splendid photogenic.

Delicate wedding bouquets of different colors