Wedding bouquet made of clay

In our time, it has become fashionable to use in theweddings innovative solutions to make the celebration memorable, original, different from the others. This is reflected not only in the organization of themed weddings, the use of non-traditional images of colorful dresses for the bride, but also in the production of flowers from a very unexpected materials. Another curiosity is a wedding bouquet made of clay. Indistinguishable from the real bouquet, it has many advantages that make it a worthy alternative to living color.

Clay bridal bouquet

A bouquet made of polymer clay as an alternative to living color

Coming up with an alternative to living in the wedding colorscompositions has become some kind of a tradition. All this is done for aesthetic and practical reasons, because manually by flowers, nothing apparently do not concede this alive, but have a number of characteristics that may be useful to the bride. Fresh flowers - it's always a sense of celebration, life, romance, tenderness. But they fade forever, and it's hard to do something, but because even the staunchest supporters of the traditional flowers begin to think about alternatives. Clay also has much to offer.

Wedding clay composition

Benefits bouquet made of polymer clay

Benefits wedding clay compositions are indisputable:

  • Durability. Fresh flowers often fade already in the ceremony, and it is a sad and eerie sight to such an optimistic celebration. Clay will hold the same composition unchanged not only during the wedding, but also for many years after (if you do not drop the song).
  • Beauty. Weaver-needlewoman how to perform the clay colors so masterfully that they not only will be indistinguishable from the real thing, but even more beautiful. Made their buds smooth, curvy, always in better shape with the same desired size, desired tone can not be said about the flowers, which can have natural defects.
  • Ease. Wedding bouquet created with polymer clay - lightweight. By weight, it does not exceed 50 - 250 grams, although at first glance may seem otherwise. This will help the bride does not get tired too quickly, because wearing a heavy thing for a long time is no easy task.
  • Variability. At any time of the year and at all times be able to marry the bride with the wedding colors in the composition, with whom he wants. And snowdrops in mid-August - this is not a fairy tale, but a real reality, available to any girl who will choose a wedding bouquet clay.
  • Related accessories. With clay, you can make not only the wedding song, but also a beautiful boutonniere groom, decorate the glasses, napkins, bridal hair - it will all be in the same style, not wither and lose its original appearance.

Wedding composition of clay and decoration of glasses
  • Save time. The wedding clay composition handmade master can make before the wedding, gently put in a safe place and easy not to think about it before the celebration. The composition of flowers should be collected 20 minutes before the wedding (or take away if it makes florists). This creates even more excitement in such an important day, especially if there are any hitches.
  • Photogenic. Wedding clay compositions have a photogenic appearance throughout the wedding, so you can make great photo at any time of the holiday, and not to rush to a photo shoot in the beginning of the celebration.
  • Symbolism. Bouquet from the wedding, which is stored in the family for many years, may always remain a symbol of love between husband and wife, of a bright holiday reminder. After many years it can be shown to children and grandchildren, spouses, thereby forming in their minds the image of a happy family.

Bouquet understudy clay

But the impossibility of creating with claybouquets doubles is one of the disadvantages of such bouquets. Floral arrangements created with clay - brittle and rigid products. So throw them it is not recommended: in the best case he just broken on the floor, and at worst - injures someone from the groomsmen and guests, trying to catch the bouquet-doubler. It is better to make clay flower bouquets or bracelets for groomsmen - they do not fade, not pomnutsya them without consequences can be put aside to help the bride.

Big round clay composition

Clay understudy justified to do whenbouquet will not throw, and passed from hand to hand, for example, if an unmarried boyfriend or just one guest. Sometimes the crowd rushes the usual small bouquet of fresh flowers, and then handed over a bouquet of clay-doubler that boyfriend was able to keep as a souvenir.

Little clay composition

How to handle the colors of clay

Flowers by using plastic materials (polymerclay) - a reliable product. They are resistant to high temperature, plastic - stronger than some stands and vases in which they can stand. However, there are certain factors which are afraid of colors. If you remember these things and not to such influences bridal bouquet, it is a long time will delight you with its beauty and remind of a happy marriage.

A clay composition in sea style

What scared clay bouquet

  • A fall. Clay products are afraid of falls and bumps. But much depends on the quality of the material. The clay, which acts as material for the creation of these masterpieces of the wedding can be of two types - strong but fragile, and less strong, but flexible. If your wedding bouquet is made of the first type, then it will break if dropped completely or partially. If the second - it can only bend that is reparable: just gently align the slanting part.
  • Damage. If the bridal bouquet in the fall is not much damaged, for example, broke a pair of branches, or petals, you can fix it, so do not rush to throw out a broken part. Take the superglue and carefully glue the item to the place of the fault - if you connect it exactly, no one will notice damage. In the manufacture of such compositions and the master itself uses adhesive for joining many parts.

Clay wedding bouquet at home
  • Moisture. Clay is much afraid of water, so wipe with a damp cloth, rub out, put in a room with high humidity, playing with water near this product, keep it close to the children who are "water" the flowers - absolutely not. Under the influence of moisture, created with the help of plastics can deform or even soften. If the drops still fell on the clay flowers, pat them dry with a cloth, but do not wipe, and then leave the bouquet to dry himself. Use a hairdryer or heater to dry the battery also can not be.

Colorful clay bouquet
  • The sun. Heat the clay is not afraid, but afraid of the paint, which is painted a flower - it may fade, losing its original color. So try not to leave these flowers in direct sunlight.
  • Low temperature. High temperature products of plastics are not afraid, and low - greatly feared. If you place the product in a cool place, the clay will become brittle and damaged at the slightest application of force. If this happened, return the bouquet again in a warm place, and he shall gain the previous state.

How to store

Keep the clay from the wedding bouquet should be drywarm room, not exposed to direct sunlight, away from those who can fill it (including a possible flood neighbor accidentally inverted cup of tea), in places where dust gets weak, for example, on the glass. To whisk with flowers precipitated dust, wipe them with a dry cloth or a synthetic brush, which is sold in every office supply store. You can admire the product, take your hands (but not wet), not to drop - and your wedding bouquet will long to please you!

Synthetic brushes

Video Master Class: Polymer clay roses

Bouquet of polymer clay is easy to doyourself, if you have at least a slight makings artistic talent. The main thing - to learn to make flowers, the rest is much easier! The video below will help you to master the delicate roses manufacturing process of plastics, which are used in compositions for the wedding. By learning to do just only one flower, you can fold yourself wedding bouquet yourself.

Bouquets made of polymer clay Photo

Wedding Bouquet of polymer clay