Wedding bouquet - how to choose and maintain?

Indispensable attribute of the bride in a responsiblein her life day is wedding bouquet. It is a symbol of happiness, love and romance, which she will keep for many years, occasionally taking it, remembering his triumph. Because such a composition must be original, to meet all the wishes of the bride and fit together and colors of celebration.

How to choose a bouquet

Earlier bouquet choice for the bride was responsiblething for the groom. Currently, as a rule, women choose their own composition, bouquet order, not trusting anyone such a serious matter. And no wonder, because so many things need to take into account that this accessory has turned the original, beautiful, combined with a wedding properly. Also do not forget about the composition according to the groom's boutonniere.

Choose a bridal bouquet is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. If you choose it is important to take into account several important features and highlights:

  • flowers. The original is to determine the plants, their choice today is enormous - the classic rose, orchid gorgeous, charming lily, calla original, delicate lily of the valley.
  • Seasonality. When choosing plants pay attention to,which correspond to a specific period. For a winter wedding suit carnation, gerbera, roses, chrysanthemum. Other plants it is better not to choose, as there is a risk that during the winter frosts, they will not live long. For a summer wedding, choose freesia, calla lilies, hydrangeas, orchids.
  • Colour. Choosing the type of flower, you must decide with their shades.

It is worth to pay attention to several important points:

  1. The color composition should correspond to the total range of colors, which is decorated wedding.
  2. Bouquet should be in harmony with the dress of the bride.

To select the color is given shade of hair of the bride.

So, blondes are not recommendedbright, bright colors in a bouquet, so it does not distract attention from the bride, but white, plain colors - also not an option because the colors will merge with tsvetotip bride. It is best to choose shades of pastel. For brunettes are ideal bright colors (red, purple) or white, cream-colored shades.

  • The form. An important component in the choice because of theproperly chosen form depends on how the bouquet will look in hands of the bride. Selecting the form, consider the style of dress and veil the bride, her figure and growth.
  • Price. Last index, which draws attention to the bride. It is recommended to visit several floristic salons, compare prices, quality of services offered.

How to avoid mistakes when selecting a bouquet, watch the video:

Possible wedding bouquets (PHOTO)

Choosing flowers for a wedding ceremonyhuge. They differ in color design, shape and the type of floral ensemble. Every bride will be able to choose the bouquet - the ultimate dream of transmitting its internal state.

Types of flower arrangements for the wedding

Recently, quite often there are original compositions with beads, satin ribbons, or even candy. They look impressive, but the main thing - keep a long time its original appearance.

Bouquet of peonies

Bride peonies rarely consider as an optioncolors to compose the wedding. Some people think that they look quite simple, but skillful hands florist can transform them into amazing floral ensemble. As a general rule, make out a bouquet of peonies in a circular shape.

Bright bridal bouquet: peonies

Choosing peonies, remember that their season falls onlate spring - early summer. Peonies bloom quickly in the heat and can lose its original appearance. To work with these colors, you must find a professional florist who, moreover, is a little wizard. Striking floral mix - peonies and roses, orchids, irises, chrysanthemums.

Delicate wedding flowers: peonies


The most popular option is considered to be the composition of bouquets of roses. And there are several reasons:

  • Roses available all year round.
  • Roses come in many shapes, colors, sizes.
  • They perfectly match with other colors.
  • Suitable for any image and model of the bride dresses.

Rose is very hardy, able to keep freshview throughout the day - at the registry office, while walking, during the feast. Pay special attention to Kustov rosettes, which are small buds and look great, combined with other colors or larger roses. As a rule, roses look beautiful in the form of a sphere or a hemisphere.

Wedding Bouquets: Roses

Of orchids

Orchids - flowers, which only recentlyIt has been used in wedding floral design, but they have already won the hearts of many girls. Orchids can be a variety of shapes, colors, because you can choose the kind that you like. These flowers are perfectly combined with the others, but still, their generosity deserves a solo part.

Wedding Bouquet: Orchids

Bouquets of orchids, especially the cascading (cascading), always look beautiful. They look aristocratic, but the price is not small.

Cascading Wedding composition

Of callas

Callas - original flowers that despitesimplicity, look quite impressive. Wedding bouquet with calla lilies will long retain its original appearance, because they are resistant to all weather conditions.

Wedding composition based callas

Callas come in different colors, you can choose the shade that best fit your outfit and make-up.

Wedding Bouquet: colorful calla

of roses

Wedding bouquet with gerberas is bright,original. Prefer such flowers creative girls who want to stand out. Gerbera resistant to various weather conditions, they retain their fresh look throughout the day, and the secrets of florists, you can create a bouquet that will not lose shape. Songs made with lilies round or spherical shape.

Wedding bouquet: gerbera

From daisies

Such an option is selected, usuallysentimental girl. Looks bouquet of daisies cute, extremely romantic, despite the simplicity of the plants. Floral ensemble with daisies florists make a hemisphere or a circle, and choose them in late spring or summer.

Wedding Bouquet: chamomile

From pinks

Carnations - autumn colors, because it is thisperiod will spoil you with their variety and large assortment. Due to the variety of colors you can choose the color of the carnation, which would fully meet the color design of the wedding. Bouquet of roses is very hardy, able to maintain excellent appearance throughout the day.

Wedding Bouquet: cloves

From tulips

Tulips are especially popular in the spring, when for themseason. Flower arrangements with tulips is not common among wedding florists, but, nevertheless, this does not prevent them look very elegant and impressive. Combining with roses, bouquets of tulips create a soft romantic floral ensemble.

Flowers for the wedding: the composition with tulips

From lily of the valley

Find lilies of the valley you can only early spring, because if the wedding is planned for October, pointless to dream of such flowers as the most important components of a wedding song.

Looks elegant lilies, often to createbackground for them using bright greens. You can use the lilies of the valley, combining them with other flowers - roses, calla lilies, crocuses. Choosing lilies, pay attention to their particular flavor, which can cause allergies or headaches.

Buketnye ensemble with lilies for wedding

From chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums - wonderful flowers thatcharacterized by endurance, a variety of shapes, colors. The buds of chrysanthemums well with roses, carnations. The ideal time for chrysanthemums - autumn, in this period, they are especially beautiful and accessible.

Buketnye ensemble for a wedding: Chrysanthemum

The shape of the bouquet at wedding

For wedding flowers, you can choosedifferent shape - unlimited imagination is the limit: scope, stage, structure, drop, flower, spider, hemisphere, Biedermeier, glameliya. Alternatively, you can ask to make a floral arrangement for you in the form of bags, fans, couplings. When choosing the form of the composition, it is necessary to take into account style of dress, the bride's physique:

  • For slender, low girls better to use the classic small bouquets elegant form. Not fit them to elongate and massive composition.
  • Tall girls better choose the elongated, hanging and cascading form.
  • Pyshnotelye girls fit round floral ensembles.

Depending on the style and the style of dress, it is worth remembering a few important points:

  • Vertical shape flower arrangements are suitable for long, tight dresses.
  • Round - for any dress, but looks perfect with magnificent models.
  • The composition in the form of a fan or a handbag perfectly suited to the classic dress.

To find out more information about the models dress and bouquet of form, we suggest to pay attention to the submitted photos.

Forms of wedding flower arrangements

Wedding bouquet with their hands

Make a bridal bouquet with their own hands will not make absolutely no difficulty. The most important thing - your desire, and with it, a drop of fantasy.

To create you need:

  • Flowers - flower buds, petals, twigs.
  • Satin ribbon or other decoration handle.
  • Beads, chains, necklaces, ornamental stones, pearls.
  • Holder.

Consider the composition, prepare the holdercolors (if you use it). To bouquet turned out neat, broken off unnecessary branches, leaves from the stem. Next, make a shape, substituting branch plants. Tie the ribbons adorning desired beads or ribbons.

Workshops on making wedding bouquets with your own hands:

Decorative elements

To get the original bouquet, itdecorated with additional accessories. For example, using beads, dry twigs, feathers and used branches with berries or elements of artificial flowers. It all depends on your imagination, preferences. As a rule, decoration and amenable pen-holders: they are decorated with beads, satin ribbons or lace, which were used in sewing the bride's dress.

Bouquet understudy

Often the bride bought a bunch understudy. What is it for? Firstly, the understudy is useful if, during a photo shoot your bouquet by adverse weather conditions (extreme heat, cold or wind) lost their irresistible appearance or wilted. Then come to the aid of an understudy. Secondly, when the bride throws the bouquet by tradition - it is better to use this doubler because it is easier. As a rule, use lighter materials, artificial elements for making a backup. His bear witness as long as he does not need the culprit celebration.

Wedding bouquet understudy

How to keep a bouquet

Most brides want to keep the wedding bouquet for many years, in fact believe that it will provide peace in the house.

  • The first way - to keep the whole bouquet. To this end, immediately after the triumph in the pack bouquet of heavy paper and define it in a dark place for a month and a half. When a bunch of dry, it can be used as a flower arrangement in a vase, enjoying beautiful views for years to come. There is another solution - a bouquet of flower heads hang down in a dry, cool place. The effect will be the same.
  • The second method - partial preservation. For example, you want to leave a memento rosebuds, and removing them from the bouquet. Place the roses in sufficient size nice box and lightly sprinkle perfume that you used in the solemn day. Every time you open the box, you will remember the holiday.
  • A third method - storing in the sand. You will need a box with the work done in its bottom holes, in which you have to carefully insert the stems of flowers (roses). Then pour small quantities of sand buds, completely covering them. Term of drying flowers will be a few months, but the result would be expected if you put the flowers in a box without a single drop of moisture (dew, water, etc.).

How do you want your wedding bouquet? Leave your comments.