Peach bridal bouquet

Wedding day - one of the most significant inhuman life. It is only natural that I want to do everything at the highest level. Well, what kind of a wedding without flowers? Bouquet of the bride - the main accessory of the day. He must not only perfectly suited to the addition, but also to emphasize the solemnity of the moment. A good solution would be a classic peach bridal bouquet - it is ideal for any color dress, emphasize the soft, romantic moments.

Tips on choosing a wedding bouquet in peach tones

Peach color is very beautiful, but it hasspecial meaning. The Chinese believe that this color - a symbol of immortality, longevity, prosperity, and the sacrament of marriage. In ancient Rome, it symbolizes many children married. And modern psychologists believe that such an accent color can give a sense of joy and happiness, cheer up. Should there be any doubt that it is ideal for the decoration of the wedding party?

Harmonious bouquet

The combination of colors and shades

Wedding, decorated in the same color, is foundrarely. More often, the celebration decor combines two or three colors, in harmony with each other. Style wedding design plays a significant role in the selection of colors. For example, shades of the classic wedding day will be different from the colors of country festivities and ethnic wedding it will be decorated in colors not typical retro decor. its combination of colors suitable for each particular style:

  • Classical wedding. Beige, white colors, plus peach perfectly fit into the overall image, underlined this romantic day.
  • Shabby chic or retro. Combining peach with green, you emphasize the attrition style and sophistication.
  • Fairytale wedding. For such celebrations is well suited clearance peach-blue shades.
  • Provence, or country. Wedding in such style perfectly connect with peach pink, the color will emphasize the simplicity, comfort.
  • Ethnic wedding day. A win-win solution is to use the design in celebration combination of peach with deep yellow or gold color.
  • Bright wedding - to play on the contrast, the brightness of the image will help make plum, terracotta, sapphire or rich red tones.

After selecting the style and color scheme, it is very importantmake sure that not only the room was decorated accordingly. All items must conform to emphasize this style: the invitation, registration desks, premises, young outfits, bridal bouquet, the other accessories. It's wise to warn all visitors about what style is selected, asking them to look under it.

The shape and size of flowers

For the day of the wedding to buy the first availablebouquet impossible. The shape and size of the bride's bouquet plays a significant role. Well it will look the composition, the amount of which is in harmony with the growth and shape - with a dress of the bride. Distributed form of a hemisphere and a cascade. This is due to the fact that these bouquets is easy to hold in your hands, wear, transmit. The composition of the cascade shaped flowers can be placed close to each other or unloaded, visually resembles a bouquet of inverted drop. The hemisphere all the flowers are arranged side by side, but in general, it resembles a ball.

Forms of wedding bouquets for the bride

Forms of wedding bouquets for the bride

Bouquet will look beautiful if its sizenot more than 70 cm It is important that it was not difficult -. it will be uncomfortable for the bride, because she will have to wear it for almost the entire day. The ideal size of the cascade bouquet is the distance from the thumb to the knee (hand pointing down), and for the hemisphere - 2/3 the width of the waist young. The diameter depends on the owner and the growth is about 20-25 cm. The density and structure of the bouquet selected in harmony with the bride dress pattern and all of its image.

Accessories for jewelry

To create bouquets are not onlyflowers, and various accessories. Some are necessary to give appropriate form flowers, the other - the flowers are not wilted for a long time, and the third - to decorate and complete the whole look. Without any accessories not complete the creation of a single wedding bouquet. Even the most ordinary flower decorated ribbon or wrapped in packing.

For registration compositions often usedtape. It can be self-colored, with a strip in the middle or on the edges, as well as drawings. Well in the bouquet will look bows butterfly shape, ball. They are also complementary pegs or plugs with birds or a dragonfly. Finishing bouquet will add beads, sequins and other interesting stuff. It is important when creating and decorating the bouquet to consider what will boutonniere on the groom's suit. They should be in harmony, complement each other.

What kind of flowers to choose for the bride's bouquet?

The originality and beauty of the bouquet is not inchoosing unusual colors and how they blend in the composition. Professionals seeking to look bouquet combined with its aroma. Strong pungent smells are often the cause of headaches or allergy. When choosing colors do not forget about the age of the bride. For a young girl suit romantic flowers in pastel shades. If the woman is older, to the choice of colors suited individually.


Particularly popular in wedding bouquets haveroses. Since ancient times, these flowers were considered a symbol of love, bliss, perfection, wisdom and beauty. Of particular importance is the shape of a bud, the number of petals and color. So half-opened or unopened buds emphasize the innocence and youth of the bride, and peach color says about modesty, warm attitude, gratitude and joy. Bouquet of roses, a perfect match with different styles of dresses and suits for women of any age.

Many florists preferPeony- roses or, as they are called, English roses David Austin. This kind of flowers has become very popular in Europe. From traditional roses they differ form inflorescence, bud size. The petals from this flower on the edge of the rough, cut like a peony. This rose expresses tenderness, but at the same time elegance, so it has become so popular in the manufacture of wedding bouquets.

Wedding bouquet of roses


Peach bouquet of peonies perfectlylooks. This flower is a symbol of love. In China, aware of all its properties and symbolism, so no event is complete without a peony. There, he is considered the "king of all flowers". Peony - spring flower, and peach color only emphasize its warmth and tenderness, will become a symbol of spring, a new beginning in this solemn day. Even Feng Shui experts recommend peonies decorating the room to find a partner or make a relationship strong.

Wedding bouquet of peonies


Preferring a luxury, magnificent,gentle and delicate orchid flowers on the wedding day, it is necessary to take into account that it is not only beautiful, but also carries a special meaning. Orchids symbolize love, wisdom, spring, elegance, harmony and family comfort. The bouquet flower symbolizes not only the quality, as well as many children. These colors are gathered all the characters, which will favorably affect family life. But orchids are not only a positive effect on the environment, but also is able to absorb the energy.

Wedding bouquet of orchids

Photography - selection of beautiful bouquets peach

Harmonious bouquet