How to make a bridal bouquet of roses

Lily - the second most popular after the rose flower,that florists use in the preparation of wedding bouquets. But this popularity is absolutely justified, as, with its petals associate everything that should be a true bride - generosity, innocence, purity, tenderness. The pastel colors of this flower are perfectly combined with a wedding dress, so a bouquet of roses for bride for a long time to hold the top of the stamp will be the most sought after wedding bouquets.

The meaning and symbolism of lily in a bouquet of the bride

Lily - Floral ancient symbol,used for centuries in many countries. There are legends that tell of the divine origin of her buds. It is found on the arms of the royal birth, is considered the favorite flower of the French and the representatives of the aristocratic houses of other European states. But mostly white lilies represented the epitome of nobility, aristocracy, charity, chastity, purity of thought, motherhood, others its colors have an additional meaning.

Lilies come in the following colors:

  • Yellow. For fun, edgy, flirty bride suit wedding composition with yellow lily, that does not mean separation or envy, and corresponds to a cheerful disposition, sociability, activity.
  • Tiger. For extraordinary, even controversial personalities ideal tiger beauty. Their bright colors will help you at the wedding to express themselves, show their sexuality, courage, originality.

Tiger Lily - the original bouquet
  • Golden. For brides elegant and refined luxury-loving, wanting to emphasize the wealth and good taste, golden color - an ideal option.
  • Orange. For a proud, strong character, who know his worth brides can be a good choice of orange flowers. This shade is a strong emotion, pride, on the border with pride, curiosity, persistence, and therefore rarely chosen for the wedding songs.
  • Scarlet. Holy, majestic nature, with its vibrant natural beauty can choose red bud. It is a symbol of strong, sensual love, the heart of devotion, the love of the hill.
  • Blue. Noble, aristocratic, spiritually exalted personages are like the petals of a blue color, which demonstrate the sophistication of its owner. This is an unusual color for a wedding, because it has a cool shade.
  • Pink. Suit for young, romantic, delicate bride. Their gentle pastel colors is perfectly suitable for a wedding event, profitable shading dress, as well as moderate highlighting the bridal bouquet.

Pink lilies for special moments

Options for the wedding bouquet of roses

Lilies can be combined with the compositions in the flowerother colors, soloist or performing background function. Field or noble, buds and flowers help bring additional dynamics to the composition, as well as additional symbolism. However, a special tenderness and harmony have the ones that are made up exclusively with lilies of one or more colors.

Mono bouquet of white lilies

The composition, in which there is only white flowers - this is especially festive option. This bouquet perfectly suitable for any wedding dress. Make a mono bouquet with their hands:

  1. Cut the stems (the stem length - 20 cm), fold the flowers in the bouquet (down leaves, flowers top) so that eventually formed a rounded shape. Firmly tie.
  2. If the leaves are too long, trim them - they should be only slightly visible on the background color.
  3. In the final composition a brilliant spray spray.
  4. With the help of transparent glue directly on the petals attach jewelry (beads, butterfly, crystal, decorative stones).
  5. Tie the stem tape with pastel tones, such as beige or pink. Tie a bow on the side.

White composition for the bride

Bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums

Bouquet with woven into it in addition to lilieschrysanthemums also symbolic. These colors represent different nations nobility, profound aesthetic experiences, love. The snow-white composition will be diluted due to inclusions of small flowers that make it more dynamic, sincere, not so pretentious. To add tenderness in the image of the bride, they weave the lower tier, center-left in the possession of the lilies. These bouquets are successful look with different decorations: sequins, ribbons, decorative mesh, crystal, background colors.

Round wedding arrangement: two types of flowers

Wedding bouquet of lilies and roses

Bouquet composed with roses and lilies - this is the most popular combination used at weddings. They are well matched to one another, tender, feminine, have many colors and varieties.

  • Pink roses on a background of snow-white lily graces look particularly advantageous setting off the bouquet by adding to it the missing pastel palette.
  • White roses are perfectly combined with pink lilies, if such a composition decorate a bunch of decorative pearls, apply gloss, this bouquet will look incredibly soft in the hands of the bride.
  • Excellent combination of both types of flowers delicate pink color, if the tone is slightly different, and the bride is wearing a white or cream-colored outfit.

The original combination in a bouquet

How to make a bouquet of roses and gerberas

Lilies and Gerbera in wedding transcription look good together if the composition has a spherical shape. To create such beauty you need the following:

  1. Prepare lily for storage. To the flowers are not wilted, dip them in water with sugar and aspirin, hold there for a while. Aroma after such a procedure will remain, but the buds themselves engorged with water, becomes more elastic.
  2. Prepare the base-portbuketnitse. Its structure is shown in the photo.

Portbuketnitse-in microphone for a bouquet of roses
  1. For this mesh lay it inside a specialgasket ( "Oasis"), fried water - depth in her flowers hold on longer. The upper part of portbuketnitse fasten the lower portion of the wire. The lower part of the double sided tape, wrap, veil aspidistra leaves.
  2. The lower tier attach leaves, sticking them in an oasis on a circle, place the flowers.
  3. Add herbs, fine twigs, little background colors, beads, sequins, crystals - everything that will make your bouquet elegance, gloss. Complete the image of the spray with glitter.
  4. Arrange leg portbuketnitse ribbon or bow. Artificial parts after the decoration should not be visible.

Composition with lilies and gerberas

What are the bouquets of lilies in shape

As for the filling, wedding bouquets of roses and other plants may have different configurations. There are the following options of wedding bouquets:

  • The lush bouquet - a composition in which the woven one or several kinds of colors, which has a rounded shape.
  • Basket-ball - volume spherical shape, made with the buds of lilies and other flowers. The stem is not visible, worn on the hand, as a handbag.

  • One bunch of flowers - a composition where the pivot position is the only one water lily surrounded by buds, herbs, decorations.
  • Lilimelii (glamelii) - composition, made with one great luxuriant bud, florist manually created by parsing the petals on a few roses, bonding them into a large flower.
  • Biedermeier - a lush bouquet created with the participation of several species of plants that are woven into tiers in a circle.

Biedermeier with lilies
  • Long bouquet with rigid frame - weaving flower buds in an artificial long-leg portbuketnitse. On it is fastened the whole composition, she herself masking tape.
  • Bouquet on a long stalk - binding color legs. Available only for flowers, the stem of which is long.

How to make a bouquet of roses with their hands

Fashion trend of the year are considered lilimelii -composition with one big bud, created by gluing the petals lily. This form may seem daunting in the design, but in reality it is easy to do on your own for a few hours before the wedding. For best results, prepare everything you need in advance to time to collect the bouquet is not scattered on the vanity.

The process of bonding the substrate petals
  • For thick-frame cushion sphericalWe take a cotton cloth, cut out, sew. She sheathed cloth, wire attached to it, covered with crepe paper is green, the extra wire ends are neatly removed cutters. Pillow is the middle of the bud, the wire - stems.
  • Buds disassembled into individual petals are covered with lacquer, and then attached to the adhesive pad, starting from the bottom, in a circle.
  • Middle, bud drawn original beads. Wedding bouquet covered with fixing varnish, issued by greenery and other decorations.

Decorations for wedding songs

Beautiful bouquet of lilies Photo