Cascade bridal bouquet

Every woman, becoming a bride, carefullyapproach to creating your wedding image. A major role is given to the selection of the bouquet, which reflects the bride's taste and attracts the eyes of visitors. There are many variations of this great accessory, but the most festive and solemn looks cascading bridal bouquet. It can be executed in different styles, to be contrasting, bright, with clear contours and gentle air - it all depends on the preferences of the future wife.

Bride's bouquet cascade

Cascading bouquets are extremely popular among brides andfashion Florists - this is due to its elegance, beauty and solemnity. The shape of the bouquet - Cascade, suitable for almost any wedding dress. By choosing such an accessory, consider all the nuances: a reasonable price enhancement, style, a harmonious combination with the image as a whole.

What is a cascade bouquet

The cascade bouquet is a waycomposition of flowers, composed by two geometric shapes: circle and triangle. It can strictly abide by these proportions, causing a feeling of solemnity and peace of mind, or have a more "loose", disheveled and cute appearance. For the first time this attribute wedding appeared in the early twentieth century, gaining wide popularity in the early 30-ies. After the war of cascading attributes for a long time forgotten - until the 80's.

Geometric beautiful bouquet-stage

Then Lady Spencer, Princess Diana, returned to fashionto them, when there was a cascading bouquet at his own wedding to Prince Charles. Previously, the attribute with flowing flowing plants created mainly in red, and included in it, as a rule, roses and carnations. After his return loudly, accessory altered, acquiring a more natural look. Steel used by many types of plants to create the attribute.

The main requirements for modern bouquets - ittheir naturalness, lightness, durability and convenience. With cascaded accessory bride should feel at ease. Flowers in a bouquet can be arranged in groups, lines, or chaotic. Each mode material location is selected based on the requirements and preferences of the bride. An experienced florist will make a great accessory for a wedding, which is ideal for image zakazchitsa.

Magnificent cascade option

suitable for

Choosing a cascading bouquet, it is important to consider a few points:

  • Firstly, it is the bride's growth. Long festive accessories are perfect for tall, slender brides, further emphasizing the interesting features of the figure and the lowest girls can do more "down to earth". Bride with shorter than 160 centimeters is better not to risk it, choosing a type attribute of the wedding. If you certainly want this accessory, it is better to take too long site.
  • Second, be sure to think about the combination ofattribute with the dress. Brides who choose a short dress for the wedding, from the cascade of accessory should be abandoned. Such bouquets look great mostly with long dresses. Fine and harmoniously with a cascade attribute look white outfits, providing for plume Greek dresses, direct style and dresses, providing nepyshnuyu skirt, A-line model.
  • If she chose the image "Princess", shouldprefer concise cascade without unnecessary decorative elements. A discreet, elegant attire options will look beautiful with lush, ornate attribute celebration.

Holding the bouquet

How to keep the attribute

Cascade bouquet looks great whenBride holding it with both hands at waist level. This way of wearing accessory will emphasize the image, draw attention to the colors and enjoy exactly the audience. Keep attribute can be one hand and, most importantly, that the girl was comfortable: the severity of flowing colors may tired arm. In any case, it will emphasize your good taste in choosing the bouquet.

Cascade bouquet of roses

Pink wedding attribute - a classicversion bride's jewelry. These elegant, delicate flowers will emphasize refinement girl, her good taste and dedication to tradition. Basket may consist of nothing but roses or include other wonderful plants, creating an amazing composition. See the photo below how different accessories can be with roses: delicate and airy, bright and contrasting.

Pink accessory culprits celebrations

Bouquet of orchids, lilies

Orchids and lilies - the favorite flowers of manygirls. Their exotic appearance and splendor, wonderful underlined the solemn, magnificent image of the girl. The cascade attribute of this type may be a modest classical composition or to please an unusual form, a combination of orchids and lilies with other interesting plants. Wedding accessories will look great in the photo and video from the wedding.

Attributes with lilies orchids

Surprisingly look bouquets with peonies - a gentle,lush buds can be any color and size, every bride will find a flower to taste. These attributes celebration gained popularity thanks to the naturalness, touching and airiness. With peonies harmonious look not only other colors, but also all sorts of twigs, grass, leaves. For details, see the photo:

Peonies - a great decoration culprits celebrations

How to make a cascading bouquet: Master Class

For girls who do not want to apply forusing a florist, dream show imagination, creating an accessory for your wedding, there is an option to make a bouquet with their hands. Below is a master class, where artificial orchids are involved in the creation of the attribute. High-quality artificial flowers let the girl the whole day not to worry about the safety of the accessory. Brides dreaming of natural plants, artificial flowers can replace these teypirovannymi.

What you will need:

  • artificial orchids;
  • wire;
  • Floral tape or paper;
  • portbuketnitse.

How to do:

  1. Plug the wire (length 10-15 cm) into the ground short of the flower stem. Wrap the plant from the beginning of its petals to mount twist. Top obtyanite stem floral paper.
    Production of color for the enhancement
  2. Have done the same with all the otherplants that will beautify bouquet. When all the flowers are ready, start to form branches plants, wire bonding and winding their floral paper. Use glue, so that it is better to keep. Secure the threads at the edges portbuketnitse.
    Fastening branches to portbuketnitse
  3. The bulk of the flowers and decorate portbuketnitseleaves. Wrap the grip tapes, suitable color. Under Apply the adhesive tape so that they will not fall, not to start during the holiday. Interesting cascading bridal bouquet is ready!
    Fixing color tape

To retrieve your

Video tutorial: cascading bouquet