Bouquet understudy to the wedding with his own hands

During the wedding with all unmarried girlfriendeagerly waiting for the bride traditionally would throw the bouquet. According to legend, the one who will catch it, be sure to get married next year. But another belief contradicts the above: for happiness in marriage the bride should keep their flowers. How can that be then? To do this, there are understudies bouquets for the wedding, and we'll show you how to make this accessory with your hands. In this case, it will be original, unique and beautiful.

Why do I need a second bouquet of the bride at the wedding

White bouquet understudy

The tradition of throwing the bouquet originates inAmerica. This accessory is like a baton: woman, caught it, the next to marry. The sign does not always work, but it's such a fun ceremony firmly rooted in our weddings. However, women have recently begun to resort to such tricks, like a bouquet of understudy. Why does he need?

Original floral arrangement on the bridethe wedding is usually very bulky, heavy, so throw it - not the best idea. If it gets the visitor's face or head, the feeling will not very pleasant. Therefore bouquet understudy easily fulfills that role, because it is much lighter, more compact and air its original, as is done usually much smaller. For the preparation of the composition can be used as fresh flowers, as well as synthetic, fabric and others.

While throwing the bride's flowers cancrumble, because it is very gentle composition, is not designed for this kind of test. In addition, sometimes the bride does not want to give flowers donated by the groom reminding about the happiest day of her life. The solution is simple - buy or make your own hands to duplicate wedding song. However, it should be similar, and in harmony with this bouquet. There is also a belief that all the image of accessories and dress the bride must remain in it, it's ward of a young family.

Necessary materials for crafts with their hands

Flowers from corrugated paper

Before you begin to write compositionsdoubler with your hands, you must decide how it will look. It depends on the set of required materials. In addition, it is worth thinking about the color: usually prevail in bouquets white or pastel colors, which diluted the bright spots of purple, red, blue, etc. Do not be forbidden bouquet understudy, based on the language of flowers. For example, the rose is a symbol of passionate and sincere love, white lilies talk about innocence and purity.

In most cases, these materials are required for bouquets:

  • Scissors, needle, thread, glue gun, foam.
  • Portbuketnitse, floral foam - theseMaterials are purchased in the floral shop or on the market. Do not forbidden does not use them, but the flowers will wither before. Floral foam is designed to saturate the moisture bouquet understudy for a long time. Also, the foundation is done with the foam in the shape of a hemisphere.
  • Ribbons to decorate their own hands, dressings.
  • Cuts fabric - organza or other transparent and light material, satin, silk, chiffon. Please note that the edge of the fabric should not be greatly crumble.
  • In drawing up the flower arrangement you can not do without a material such as a wire (or use a floral glue).
  • Decor flower arrangement with his own hands: twigs, beads, butterflies, rhinestones, feathers, green leaves, and other decorative elements.
  • Sami colors: Natural - roses, lilies, Kala, exotic varianty.Krome addition, they can be artificial or made with a cloth, corrugated paper or other materials with their own hands.

Master-class on making a backup of the bouquet

Bouquet understudy their own hands can be made ofartificial flowers. The first option is more preferable, because these flower arrangements durable, reliable, less expensive flowers. Artificial flowers are purchased ready-made or made on their own with the help of tape, lace, fabric, corrugated paper and other materials.

From artificial flowers

Bouquet understudy for the wedding of artificial flowerswith his own hands it looks original. For sale is a thousand variants of artificial flowers, such as magnificent as the living, but without flavor. Bouquet understudy does not wither at the end of the holiday, it does not crumble. In order to make their own hands on wedding flower arrangement, Materials needed:

  • white satin cord;
  • two bunches of fabric rosebuds white-green and cream color;
  • tape;
  • kapron lace green color;
  • gold and pearl beads for decoration;
  • pink tulle and white;
  • Scotch;
  • thin wire;
  • scissors.

Step Master Class:

  • Purchased floral arrangements for parseindividual florets. Three roses fastening tape of the stems, they will be the center of our composition. Beads strung on a thin wire with bows gold ribbon and satin cord. Wire rods are wound on the flowers.
  • Pivot add the remaining flowers. Add a loop of tape, duct tape holds everything together.
  • With tulle skirt to form a bouquet understudy.
  • Under the skirts wrapped bouquet of tulle, to attach the stems of its threads.
  • Stems over tulle wrapped with beautiful ribbon.

From fresh flowers

Before you begin to build a bouquetdoubler with their hands on the wedding, consider it this well. See photos in magazines, on the Internet, read the works of floristic salons. Rigid restriction is not here, but it is better to copy the flower arrangement, use the same color as the original. Not forbidden to do such a trick to please all her friends - a bunch understudy, is divided into several smaller ones. The secret is simple: you need to untie a ribbon that holds everything together and fly into the air a few bouquets.

Bouquet with fresh flowers understudy

For bouquets understudy their hands on the wedding will need these materials:

  • Floral green thread, wire;
  • 7 tulips pastel;
  • 5 panikumov;
  • light string for the bouquet bunch;
  • scissors;
  • pruner;
  • 15 white beads of 1 cm in diameter;
  • pale pink organza.

Step Master Class:

  • Take a strip of width 30 cm organza, folded in half, cut into two equal parts. So do 4 blanks.
  • Fold rectangle in half, cut into parallel strips, short of the crease line, 2-3 cm wide.
  • We are putting a decorative bow, anchoring its base with a wire.
  • Tulips collect on one level, place panikuma stems. Inside, on the sides of understudy bouquet paste decorative flowers fabric. Tying stalks cord.
  • Shears shortens stalks. Cut away with their foliage.
  • Adding the cut foliage for the bouquet circle, tied their floral thread. Over tying decorative cord.
  • By the end of the cord strung a couple of beads, make a knot at the tip of the cord to the beads will not fall.

Bouquet of flowers made of fabric

Fabric flowers recently entered the wedding fashion andimmediately gained great popularity. They are beautiful, unusual, original. It is a true masterpiece of applied art. These bouquets are doubles with a soul. The composition may be performed in different styles:

  • Retro - flower arrangements abound decor items, fabric flowers.
  • Classic - romanticism, minimalism, decoration pearls, silk ribbons.
  • Vintage - Retro, which contains vintage brooches, lace, muted colors.
  • Marine style - white and blue colors, tape stripes.
  • Bohemian - textile flowers, which are combined with elements of nature, such as pine cones, berries, twigs, feathers.
  • Art Deco - stylish products decorated with bright accessories such as brooches, feathers, pearls. In most cases, asymmetric, have evolved elements, such as fine threads, feathers.
  • Country - the use of red and blue tones, denim, decorative twine, burlap, simulation wildflowers.

Wedding bouquet understudy with fabric flowers

Below we present a step by step creation of a stand-bouquet with their hands on the wedding. Materials needed:

  • glue gun;
  • foam ball;
  • holder for flowers;
  • a pen;
  • organza;
  • tape knobs;
  • beads for decoration;
  • fabric for processing by a framework;
  • lace for the skirt.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • For cut flowers on organza circles of different diameter, they make no cuts, Opal edge over a candle.
  • Circles add up to one another to a larger diameter blanks were at the bottom. In the middle of a glue bead.
  • Seals holder for flowers with a pen.
  • Half of the foam ball tight fitting cloth, glue gun attach to the holder.
  • Pistol sticking flowers, the intervals between them is filled with beads, sequins, brooches. Handle tied the beautiful ribbon.

A photo of beautiful flowers alternates with his own hands

Stylish elegant bouquet understudy - partWedding image of the bride. Make it yourself or order a florist - solution pairs. The important point is the weight of the composition and its harmonious imitation of the main accessory. In the compilation of the photos you can see the original ideas that you come across on the thought of the same bouquet for your own wedding.

Pictures of the doubles bouquets