Blue wedding bouquet

The bride, who chose a wedding bluebouquet can create home comfort and great to get along with others. She is calm, sizes, honest, trusting, and has a very gentle nature. But blue bridal bouquet should not be the only dark spot on the white wedding dress. This choice requires to take into account some of the nuances: a wedding dress, decoration of the banquet hall and other details.

Tips on choosing a wedding bouquet of blue

At the ceremony, the wedding bouquet for the brideIt should be special. The real decoration become blue flowers: cornflowers delicate or pretty violets, fragrant lavender crocus or chic, touching poppies or roses fantastic. Shade a huge amount: extravagant bright blue, unobtrusive white and blue with stems or diluted purple, burgundy, white flowers. Harmoniously will look composition with blue hyacinths and white wedding dress. To supplement their bride to be blue accessories: jewelry, shoes or belt.

For blue accessories need to match

Color spectrum

When choosing a color scheme should be paidattention to the natural shade of color, because sometimes sellers use to have different colors. To the bride has chosen bright wedding flowers, it looked amazing, it is desirable to follow some rules:

  1. Groom boutonniere should be blue.
  2. The bridesmaids have to wear a blue or blue dresses.
  3. Decorating the room, which will host the celebration, must be blue balloons, or other colors of the decor.

color Size

Perfect look blue wedding flowers inthe hands of holders of the eyes of the same color. They emphasize the significance and the beauty of sight. The girl with blue eyes is better to choose small field flowers. They will go well with white dress in the Greek style. For brides with dark eyes is better to choose dark blue flowers of three large buds or large flowers in combination with a small lighter shade. The décor of any chosen, depending on the imagination of the florist and the bride.

Tender Hydrangea - a good choice for wedding

The presence of white

White-blue palette - very expressivea color scheme. White expresses the purity and blue - loyalty and love. Newlyweds often choose these two colors as the main celebration at the wedding. Blue and white floral arrangement is perfect for any wedding theme. Big white roses with small blue cornflowers and violets will be the highlight of the dress of the bride. A good choice would be the registration of the wedding in white - blue tone, according to the porcelain or the sea theme. Take a look at the video below alternative design blue and white wedding:

White and blue for unusual wedding

How to choose flowers for a bouquet?

Often women choose blue flowers for the winterwedding, diluting them with other colorful flowers and green leaves. Popular colors for the wedding day are considered blue irises, hydrangeas, hyacinths, forget-me, lavender, delphiniums, roses and orchids. Moved by its beauty blue cornflowers, anemones, sleep-grass in various combinations. Even some blue flowers in the big white bouquet will transform the entire wedding ceremony.


Roses in any color of brides are hugepopular, and wedding arrangement of roses in the blue range has become a fashionable trend in recent years. These extravagant flowers have long been available for Russian brides. Blue roses were bred artificially, and in Russian steel import them recently. To the bridal bouquet harmoniously complement the image of the bride, florists resemble:

  • Blue roses blends perfectly with the colors blue, yellow, gold, pink, white.
  • Decorating the wedding dress should be blue, purple, blue or white.
  • If the composition is composed entirely of blue roses, it is necessary to dilute the buds, berries, green twigs or decorative ornaments.

Wedding Bouquet: Blue Roses


Hydrangea - perfect for wedding flower. She is loved by florists for resistance to bad weather and the amount of: a sprig of leaves full song for the bride. Hydrangea is perfectly combined with all living plants, without exception, and thanks to the wide palette of shades professionals to easily perform an exclusive flower arrangements. Blue hydrangea has a natural color. The flowers of this large-leaved shrub used not only for landscape compositions, but also as the core of the flower in bouquets.

Blue hydrangea in a natural environment


Elegant Orchids symbolize happiness and familyprosperity. A blue orchid is the symbol of spirituality, fidelity and purity, so it is like newlyweds. Charming flower composition and decorate any bride dress. The beauty of orchids is that it permanently retains the flavor and freshness, so florists are happy to use it in the wedding songs. Blue orchid with green leaves never lost against the background of a wedding dress, making the image of the bride bold, unusual.

Original design composition with blue orchid

Master class for creating a bouquet with their hands

Create a bridal bouquet you can own. This will require:

  • large flowers - 10 pcs .;
  • a narrow strip;
  • Greens for the cuff;
  • fabric for decorating pens;
  • decorative needles.

Getting to the creation of the bouquet:

  1. With colors (we take the classic wedding - rose) Remove the leaves and thorns that the buds were formed into a single circular shape and not sticking. Then attach a few flowers in parallel to each other.
  2. Stems Lay the spiral technique, as shown in the photo. To bouquet was a hemisphere at the same time, create a beautiful hat in a semicircle, not crisscrossing the stems.
  3. Tightly tie ribbon flowers or a special tape in the place where they kept their hand. We make a few turns, and then only for slimming belt unit.
  4. Cut greens, if it is strongly in favor of the bouquet edge. And then complete his creation cuff, which is ligated in the same way as the stems.
  5. At the end of the handle to secure the brooch, and the bride's bouquet is ready!

Photo collection of beautiful flowers in blue

Here is a selection of several photos of weddingblue flowers to suit all tastes. Did you take a mental note of them and will order this to its celebration? Wedding in blue is relevant at any time of the year: in the summer it is associated with the sea, in the autumn - with the air in the winter - with snow, and in the spring - with the sky. No matter what will be the wedding: Scandinavian or pirate, sea, or in the "Avatar" style. Blue bouquet still will be the main element of the celebration. Enjoy watching!

The original and unique muscari

Delicate lavender is ideal for wedding