Wedding manicure with rhinestones

Well-groomed, graceful hands of a bride does not attractless attention than chic dress or a stylish hairstyle. Neat nails, lacquered pastel shades are all the rage. On this special day bride wants to feel like a fairy princess, around which the whole world shimmers like a rainbow. Wedding manicure with rhinestones will help make the dream a reality. Small sparkling stones decorate the bride's handle, creating a chic image.

Rules perfect manicure with rhinestones

Pre-wedding fuss is time-consuming. Stop! It's time to slow down a little bit: you also want to look at his own wedding the beautiful princess, but not tired "Baba Yaga" with tarnished skin. Highlight a few minutes for the daily care. Hands bride needs constant attention. with rhinestones Elegant wedding manicure begins not only with the selection wizard, buying crystals or varnishing. What are the rules of its creation?

  • Silky skin of hands, neat nails of the same length - the ideal basis for manicure.

Rule perfect manicure №1 - hand care
  • Consider the appearance of the desired result: a design you prefer, any stones color and size you need.
  • Selection of pebbles. They come in crystal, ordinary glass and plastic. The former are more expensive, but the play of light in them creates a special effect.

Types rhinestones for wedding manicure
  • Color crystals. Transparent (white) ideal for any manicure, color should be used very carefully so as not to create a sense of bright 'blobs' on marigold bride.

How to decorate your nails with colored crystals
  • jewelry size. Several large crystals, combined with a small "crumbs" will create a delightful pattern.

The harmonious combination of crystals on the nail plate
  • Select a type. Leaders wedding coverage options are clear, matte varnish pastel shades to be applied to the entire surface of the nail, or a classic jacket.
  • The acquisition of special equipment for manicure with rhinestones. You will need:
  1. plain and thin brush for nail polish,
  2. Tweezers (toothpick) crystals;
  3. special glue for fixing stones;
  4. basis under the lacquer, the main lacquer hardener.
  • Additional decor. Use patterns, unusual patterns in conjunction with crystals should be very careful to overlay techniques did not lead to pretentiousness, vulgarity bride appearance.

Wedding manicure designs with rhinestones

Variants wedding manicure myriad,but it remains the leader of the bride design marigold rhinestones. Large or small, they shimmer with bright colors, playing in the rays of sunlight, artificial light. By themselves, being the amazing decoration, these stones will add a glowing touch to the image of the bride. French manicure or a single color coating nails shine with new faces crystals lined caring hand of a master, or the bride herself.

Design rhinestones wedding coverage: advice of stylists

Try to take the recommendations of professional nail art, and then the wedding manicure with rhinestones decor provides an elegant, stylish addition flawless appearance young:

  • Crystal size is recommended to select up to 5 mm.
  • Prefer transparent white crystals, made of crystal.
  • The combination of large and small crystals help "draw" a delightful radiant pattern on wedding manicure.
  • Excellently look acrylic figurines that adorn the ring finger of the bride: bows, flowers, butterfly.

Ideas wedding manicure with rhinestones

Select the type of wedding coverage nails encrusted with shiny stones can help:

  • your own taste;
  • photos of the most popular nail coverage options with rhinestones;
  • advice professional stylists.

Decorate your nails for a wedding with Swarovski crystals

Pay attention to the basic tone of the varnish; viewcoating. The idea to cover the bride's nails should not be just like you, but also fit in style to the wedding dress and accessories. Excessive use of different techniques: paintings, bright nail polish, rhinestones, modeling - make your pens loudly vulgar, which is desirable to avoid such a solemn day. What are the most popular uses of the crystals by applying a wedding manicure?

Patterns in the form of a chain or a lace

Lacy pattern with rhinestones: Wedding nail coating

Elegant lace trim manicure with loosecrystals in a chain - classic wedding genre. Air, light patterns give the romantic image of the bride, rhinestone chain - in accessories tone - brightness, brightness. Gentle neat pattern with crystals draw attention to the bride handles all present and a couple of stones on the ring finger of a loved one will attract the eye.

Manicure with rhinestones combined with modeling

Volume figures with stones for nail on the wedding

Fine, neat acrylic figurines - flowersor bows - will be beautifully decorated wedding manicure. Nail, coating transparent varnish light pastel shades with tunic technology, a variety of modeling. Small crystals at the heart of a flower, on a bow; small - scattered like stars, for the nail plate will make the coating nails into a masterpiece.

The decor in the form of a snake or picture

Snake crystal - coated nail bride

Amazing look at the bride MarigoldSwarovski crystals, laid on the base coat snake. Large middle rhinestones, fringed smaller ones create a unique, original pattern. Visually lengthen nails, focus on an unusual figure might extend if the snake on the phalanges. The elegant crescent revive monotonous coated with varnish nails.

French manicure with lots of rhinestones

Wedding jacket: lots of decoration stones

Arrange colorful accents draw attentionshiny nails will help wedding decorations French manicure loose rhinestones. Large, small, very tiny, they will give a magical shimmer, recalling the tale. When choosing a cover, take care of the harmonious combination of crystals, "huge" amount hide your nail with a service jacket, create disharmony appearance.

Spangled rhinestones ring finger

Elegant decor crystal ring finger

Elegant, classic wedding manicureDilute two-three crystals attached on the ring fingers. Dedicated different tone paint and sequins, it will attract the attention of the groom. Plain pale pink "shellac" technique and decorate the moon crystals on her finger for the engagement ring. Emphasis will be painted and rhinestones elegant decor element.

Manicure with colored or golden sequins

Colored crystals on your nails for a wedding

Golden rhinestones are perfect for the weddingdress, accessories bride style "Princess". A variety of patterns, figures such crystals will suffer in times of great empresses and royal weddings. Colored stones beautifully accentuate wedding manicure. Topical such coverage will be for summer weddings on the beach, theme ceremonies.

Technique create the wedding manicure with rhinestones

If you prefer a salon treatment personally made wedding manicure, pay attention to some of the subtleties of the art of its creation:

How to create a manicure with rhinestones with their hands

  1. Perfect view of marigolds will give a relaxing warm bath.
  2. Decide on the length of the nail plate. Correct form should be unsuccessful in advance with the help of artificial nails. Trend of the season 2016 will be a short, natural nails.
  3. With an orange stick or cuticle scissors take care of, or rather, its absence.
  4. Sand the nail plate, conducting pre-correction claw length.
  5. Apply a thin layer of basecoat. You chose jacket or the moon? Use special strips.
  6. Pre-prepare tools for printing (optional) and rhinestones. Glue for the past is better to buy in a specialty store.
  7. Small rhinestones using tweezers great mounted on the coating is not completely dried. Large crystals, it is desirable to fix with glue.
  8. Cover decorated surroundings, and nails in general, a fixer. Your wedding manicure is ready!

Video - review Fashion Nails with rhinestones for wedding

Choosing a manicure for a wedding ceremony, in front ofthe bride gets a choice: nail length, type of coverage, especially the decor. And only one in most cases remains the same - stones decor adds flavor, so headed nails top jewelry bride. Colored and transparent, small "crumbs" and large crystals - they create a sense of celebration. What are the trends in the world of wedding nail-art in 2016? Do not get lost in the variety of proposals, pick up blending in with the appearance of the bride manicure will help our video.

Photo Wedding manicure with rhinestones 2016

Does not decide coated and decorated formarigolds? Air, elegant patterns, fringed with shining crystals, emphasize the striking image of the young. It does not play a significant role, and who will do a manicure - Professional handyman or own a bride - the main question remains successful choice. Remember the combination of harmony and each part of your image style wedding. The latest trends, unusual jewelry marigold shown in the photo, will help you choose the best manicure that will make you the queen.

Photo coverage nail crystals on wedding